Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 16th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 16th January 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 16th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Suhnaina keeps thinking of how Sona answered Suhnaina right from the time Sona wanted to cook to fulfill her tradition to the dinner and Suhnaina says to herself that Sona is smart and from where did she got this idea to be a housewife? I realized she keeps going against me again and again and looks like she didn’t had a good upbringing. Looks like i have to call her dadi over here. In Neelam’s room, her husband is doing push-ups and Neelam asks why didn’t he said anything just now and he says some military terms. Neelam says but because of the gas, there was so much of problems in the house. Her husband says but she had to do it. Neelam says but Sona is new to the house and how would she do all this? Her husband asks her back that when she was a housewife, how did she managed it? Since Sona had taken up this responsibility, she have to think of it. Neelam says but it was not right for mummy ji to anyone who wants to help Sona right? Her husband raises his voice saying Neelam! You are going against mummy ji? What mummy ji says its right and she always is. Don’t go against her and he leaves. Julie is shown joining Facebook and Dimple comes and sees what is Julie doing and Julie asks Dimple not to disturb her and Dimple leaves outside and Dimple sends Avinash a friend request saying that once he becomes my friend, then just see what i do. Its the next day morning and Sona is cleaning the kitchen, sweeping and mopping the house. She also keeps the house tidy and Neelam comes to Sona asking what is she doing? I have nothing to do now. I’m a housewife and what would a housewife do if she has no work? Sona says you really need rest, don’t worry and you just tell me now that once the gas is empty, how do you prepare food? Neelam says they would make food using electric heater but it would take some time and Sona says that was smart. Now tell me where is it and Neelam says that is in the store room and Sona says i will go and get it and Neelam stops Sona says Mummy ji used the gas as a reason and you better go back to your work. I will do all the work and Sona says if you can do all the work, why can’t i? Neelam says you are here to be as my competition and Sona laughs saying i have so much of work to do, you go and rest and Neelam is sad that no one had called her name to do work. Sona’s dadi comes to the house and Suhnaina says i had to call you because the issue is such. Sona bahu is insisting to be a housewife and what have you taught her? She wants to leave her $40,000 job and stay home doing all the housework. Do you understand what am i saying and Dadi ji says that since small i been telling Sona that a women have to work. And i don’t understand why she did this and i will make Sona understand and Dadi ji leaves to meet Sona. Dadi ji comes to Sona’s room door and calls Sona and Sona looks back saying but you aren’t really here. Dadi says Sona and Sona realize that Dadi ji is really standing before her. Sona and Dadiji hug each another and Sona says such a surprise? Dadi says i want to tell you something. I can’t understand why would a women who have studied well and earning high salary would want to remain at home and be a housewife. Sona just smiles and Dadi ji an identitiy for a women is her career and why are you leaving it? Sona says i want to prove that being a housewife is not easy and Dadi ji you want to be like your mother by being a housewife? Have you forgotten everything i had taught you? Sona says i want to bring changes in this house and that is why i took this decision. Suhnaina thinks to herself that Sona would need to change her decision. Dadi ji says it only sounds good but its very hard to do all this. How can you do this? Sona says i have thought a lot about this and i realized that only a housewife can take care of everyone in this house.

Part 2

Suhnaina keeps waiting and Dadi ji comes down where Suhnaina asks have you made Sona understand? Dadi ji says i went to make her understand but she made me understand instead. Any decision she takes is final and she would not change it as she only listens to her heart. If there is anything that could change her mind would be time. Dadi ji leaves and Suhnaina says to herself not time but i will make sure she goes back to work. Julie is walking and her phone rings and answers the phone where a guy says you asked me to wait for me at the Library and you didn’t come? Julie says my grandmother was not feeling well and my father didn’t re-charge my phone and the guy says don’t worry, i would do it for you and Julie ends the call saying her mother is coming. Julie thinks to herself how free these guys are. Suhnaina is counting cash and keeps in her money locker and thinking she is not able to have Sona’s salary now and she can’t afford to lose it. Suhnaina looks for Pappu wondering why he have not arrived and two people come saying they had came to meet Suhnaina Devi and Bindiya’s husband calls them in and calls Suhnaina. Suhnaina comes and calls Neelam and asks Neelam to take out all the gifts from the Store room and everyone gather in the living hall as Neelam brings out all the gifts. Chacha ji ask what is all this? In front of everyone and Suhnaina says yes, its in front of everyone and tells Bindiya’s husband that this was the gift that Sona’s family gave for you and gives it to the Pappu guy. Suhnaina als takes the sarees and gives to the guy and both Neelam and Bindiya are saying that mummy ji is cheating with the gifts. Kanhaiya says everyone know earlier that mummy ji switched the gifts but if mummy ji clears the store room, its now wrong and Suhnaina also gives the clothes that was meant for Dimple and Julie while Julie asks not to sell it while Suhnaina says i am still going to sell everything and Sona keeps looking. Suhnaina asks how much would the buy the apple and they pay it to Suhnaina. Suhnaina thinks to herself that Sona has to change her decision or everyone else would pay for it as she counts the money and looks at a smilling Sona.

Precap : Sona says a housewife will see the gas cylinder getting empty many times in her life, what is there to get scared of? Suhnaina says there is no hope for you getting the gas and i will ensure i get ride of your desire to be a housewife.

Update Credit to: Visha

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