Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 15th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 15th May 2013 Written Episode , Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 15th May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Kanhaiya writes everyone’s name on the stone while the Tantrik saying that the name of the culprit will prevail on the stone. Everyone is feeling scared and worried in their respective room. Someone is shown coming down and slowly approaching the stone and writing over one of the names. The next morning, everyone assembles in the main hall again looking at the stone. Bindiya says so what you said Sona? That one of the family member stole it and even the Tantrik said that the name of the culprit will prevail but i see nothing like that. Fake tantrik baba! Sona says that Bindiya is right as no one’s name was written on the stone and the person who came as the tantrik was one of the constables and everyone is shocked. Sona says that he dressed like

a tantrik to assist in catching the culprit. Bindiya says but no one had stolen in this house right? Sona says that if you see the stone properly, you could clearly see who is the culprit. Everyone looks at the stone and Sona announces that the theif is none other than Julie and everyone is shocked! Sona takes the stone and shows everyone to look at the stone where Julie’s name is written twice. To save herself, Julie came in the night and wrote her name twice. She was scared that if her name goes missing, she would be caught. Suhnaina goes to Julie and asks if she stole? Suhnaina asks Julie to speak and Bindiya interferes saying that Julie is young and how could she steal? Bindiya raises her voice to Sona asking how could she put the blame on Julie? Sona asks Bindiya not to get angry with her but this is the truth. Suhnaina questions Julie again if she stole and Julie admits and everyone is shocked. Govardan looks at Bindiya while Suhnaina asks why did Julie did this? Julie says that she wanted a new mobile phone since all her friends has the latest phones. Govardan goes to slap Julie and Kanhaiya stops Govardan holding his hands. Kanhaiya asks what is Govardan trying to do as he know Julie made a mistake and instead of slapping, teach her not to repeat this. Suhnaina asks why is Kanhaiya stopping Govardan as Julie deserves punishment for stealing in the house. Govardan goes to slap Julie and Sona says that Julie is now a big girl and its not nice to slap her. Suhnaina says that we know Julie is the culprit and why are both you and Kanhaiya saving her? Sona says that they are not saving her but Julie needs to realise her mistake. Sona asks Julie on does she knows how big mistake she had made? She had broken everyone’s trust. Sona asks why did you steal in your own house? Written Update by Visha_Dhami from India Forums. Look at your parents and they are looking down because of you. How if Chicku learns the same from you? Sona explains to Julie not to steal again and advice her.

Part 2

Sona asks Julie if she will steal if her parents don’t give money? Julie cries and Sona asks Julie to always save the family name and she can buy what she likes with her money once she starts working. Julie holds her ears saying sorry that she didn’t thought of all this and she will not repeat the same in future and Sona hugs Julie. Julie goes to Suhnaina and folds her hands asking to forgive her and says that she will not repeat the same. Suhnaina says that its fine and asks Julie, Dimple and Chicku to leave upstairs. Suhnaina says that once all of them know that one of the family member had stolen, everyone was worried. Why? Everyone remains silent and Suhnaina says that she asked a question and what is everyone hiding from her? Bindiya says that she have been trying to save money to give Suhnaina but she could not do that because she had to buy expensive products for her parlour and she is scared if Suhnaina finds out about it. Suhnaina asks Govardan what was he hiding from her and Govardan says that he was talking about bribing someone to get a promotion and he was scared that if anyone finds out, they would suspect him of stealing the money. Suhnaina asks how about Udham? udham says that since he lost his job, he has no money and Neelam gave some jewelleries to mortgage and Udham says that he kept it a secret or else everyone would suspect them. Manohar says that he wanted to pay money to buy a new bike and Suhnaina says but he already has a bike and Manohar says thats why he wanted to quietly buy a new one. Suhnaina asks how about Renu and Renu says that she wanted to open a coaching class and she was saving the money for that. Darshana says that Durgesh got some money from the commission and she was scared that they would be the suspect. Suhnaina says so all this has been going on behind my back. If my money didn’t get stolen, i would not have known all this. Suhnaina says to Durgesh that he can inform her of any commission he gets and he will start giving the money for the house. Suhnaina says that Manohar already has a bike and he has to give the money to her. Written Update by Visha_Dhami for India Forums. Suhnaina says that she will give Udham some money to get back Neelam’s jewelleries and he can return the money once he gets a job. Suhnaina also warns everyone not to mortgage the jewelleries of their wive. Suhnaina says that Renu and Bindiya can keep their money and Suhnaina says that she also wants Govardan’s money. Suhnaina says that she wants to thank Sona as everyone’s truth is out because of this. Sona accidentally says about the thief and everyone is looking at Sona and Sona changes what she says and Suhnaina is wondering.

Precap :
Kanhaiya asks Sona if she wants him to catch the theif and Sona says yes and about to leave and Kanhaiya asks Sona why did she lied to him and Sona is shocked.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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