Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 15th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 15th January 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 15th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1:

Sona is in the kitchen. She says my mother in law loves me so much. She can think about anything with the $40,000. But I’ve already become a housewife and you already know how many difficulties come in a housewife’s life. But it is also true that a housewife knows all the solutions to all the problems.

At the police station Kanhaiya says arey yaar my college friend has come, he’s a big model, arrange for some tea and snacks for him. One of the other inspectors say arey sir no problem. The friend says to Kanhaiya no yaar, I’ll be leaving soon. And in modeling you have to be very fit and tight. Kanhaiya says arey wah. Before you were not like this. Now you’ve started doing all of this? The friend says have you forgotten what we had both eaten before? Kanhiya says eat? You have wasted more tissue paper than eat anything. The friend says leave all of that. Introduce me to bhabhi ji and let me eat some food cooked by her. Kanhiaya says you look innocent by your face, but that’s not true. And about eating food we’re having problems with the gas cylinder. As soon as we can get a gas cylinder in the house, I’ll call you home for lunch. You then can come for lunch and meet your bhabhi. The friend says done? Kanhiaya says deal.

Kanhaiya seems to be on his way home when he stops in front of a guy who has a gas cylinder on the back of his motorcycle. Kanhiya says the cylinder looks black. The guy says take your glasses off and look. It’s red. Kanhiya takes his glasses off and says what’s red? The guy says the cylinder. Kanhiya says a cylinder is supposed to be red. The guy says you just said it was black. Kanhiya says you brainless fool black “something.” (Don’t the translation). The guy says in my destiny there is nothing. Kanhaiya says what do you mean? The guy says ‘black baazari.’ Kanhiya says whose? The guy says the cylinder. Kanhaiya says that’s what I’m saying. You’re roaming around with the cylinder and making a fool out of Inspector Kanhaiya? The guy reads the name tag and says Kanhaiya Chaturvedi. Kanhaiya ji Chaturvedi ji you are a policeman. Any agency will give you a gas and make it reach your home. Kanhiya says be quiet. I will make you reach the jail and there you will get railed. Now don’t waste much time, I want the gas. Take it down. The guy says by taking my cylinder you won’t get any benefit nor any harm. Because everyday I take an empty cylinder to the store and I bring that same empty cylinder back home. Its been 5 days. I haven’t even showered hot water. Kanhiya takes a look around the cylinder. Kahnayia says go. The guy says my house is there [he points above where they are standing]. Kanhaiya says then go there.

Part 2:
Bindiya says to Sona tonight your face will have no wrinkles. The product is ready. Renu says did you hear Sona? For today night as working wife we have arranged everyone’s favorite dinner. Sona says he’s here. Kanhiya walks in calling out Sona’s name. Sona goes up to him and says cylinder? Kanhaiya says it will still take some time for the arrangements to be made for the cylinder. Did you know that a good friend from college came to meet me. I wanted to bring him home and have him taste your food, but there was no gas. One of the kids asks uncle who was it? Kanhaiya says Avinash. Four years ago he was Mr. Allahbaad. The other kid asks the one who was in that ad? Kanhiaya says correct. Now he is a jury member in the Ms. Allahbaad contest. One of the kids thinks to herself uncle’s friend as a jury for the contest? That means I have a chance…Kanhaiya says to Sona he couldn’t come to our wedding. He was saying at least I can eat food made by bhabhi. He’ll come one day for lunch. Sona says do call him whenever you want. Julie thinks to herself if you become Miss. Allahbaad then the whole city will dance on your tunes. Kanhaiya’s mom comes and says arey Sona bahu, what is this? When you have taken the responsibility of being a housewife, then fulfill all of the responsibilities on your own. Fight the difficulties on your own. I don’t like that for one cylinder you are begging in front of everyone. Sona says mummy ji this daughter in law of yours is not begging from others. But I’m helping my own family. And by taking the 7 rounds with my husband I have promised to share all my happiness and troubled times with him. I’m just fulfilling that. The mother in law says but why do I feel that on the first day you’re going to make my family fast. Sona says mummy ji you may have thought that because of the amount of love you have for me. Waise dinner is all set and ready. The mother in law says are you joking? So quickly? And that too without a cylinder? Sona says the food is ready. Let’s go. I’ll serve the food. Renu says to Bindiya, it looks like we will be trapped.

Everyone is sitting around the dining table. Sona and Neelam are serving the food. Sona makes Neelam sit down. She serves Neelam. Everyone eats their dinner. The mother in law is still shocked. The grandfather figure says in such a difficult time if any daughter in law takes work such seriously then the house will prosper. Kanhaiya says yes mummy ji. Such great food without any gas. The mother says Kanhaiya beta explain to your wife about going to work. If she understands then this is nothing. I’ll provide you with better food than this. Sona says mummy ji today I realized that my family is far better than what I had originally thought. Your upbringings and culture is showing me the right path. Do you know that today’s arrangement for dinner has been done by Renu bhabhi and Bindiya bhabhi. THe mother in law says really? My daughter in laws have really grown up. Without being taught anything they have learned everything? Wow. They will have to bear the consequences on helping someone out without having permission. Bindiya says to Renu in a corner, Renu I was wanting that the housewife wins. But here mummy ji is doing the opposite. The mother says their punishment is that tonight they will not sleep all night. They will stand in the hall all night. And if tomorrow they try to help Sona again then the punishment will be even worse. When they come then do tell them. Waise where are they both? Bindiya says Renu if we go in front of mummy ji right now then our punishment will be worse. Renu says yes sister. Until everything is not full and final until then we will stay here. The mother says they both are missing because they have taken a step without my permission. But they cannot escape the punishment. When they come please tell them that their sleep has been snatched. Renu says jiji for the first time I had faith upon you and instead of a gift look where we landed. Bindya’s hubby says mummy ji by taking her sleep away you’re snatching my post office system. Meaning if Bindiya is not there then I won’t be able to sleep properly. The younger bro says brother after a long time you’ve gotten a chance to be single again. The soldier brother says something about the border which no one understands. Kanhiya says brother this is not a border, this is a house. And she is mummy ji. And mummy ji has been taking all the decisions and will continue to do so. THe younger bro says bhaiya if nobody is saying anything about mummy ji’s decision then what can I say? Right bhaiya? The older brother nods in agreement. The mother says really? That means you all want to say something about my decision? Everyone says in unison no mummy ji. Renu says this is all my fault. Despite being a teacher I was taking tips from a parlor lady. I could of just gotten a gas. Bindiya says if we went to buy a gas then my one month of tips would be over. An ordinary man can get a gas for a certain price. And black in gas means a full $5,000 rupee. Renu says I know sister. This is called expensive killing. Bindiya says leave that. Remember mummy’s atachyar and now whatever mummy ji says we will follow. Renu says but our sleep is spoiled tonight.

Sona says but mummy ji why are you punishing them like this? They just did it for the family…The mother says they helped you without my permission. Sona says but mummy ji…THe mother says no Sona bahu. There is no need for a ‘but…’ They have crossed their mother in law. The grandfather figure says bhabhi you never take a wrong decision. All your decisions are right. But bhabhi forgive me but I remember that one day I had heard you day that when a daughter in law helps with a good deed in the house, you enjoy and like that. And this time the same has occurred. The best part is that they all worked together. So bhabhi there is nothing bad in that. And you also enjoyed the food. Then what else do you want? The mother say devar ji whatever I want you already know. There should only be one housewife in the household. Bindiya and Renu should be ready for their punishment. And Sona this first time its okay, but it won’t work every time. You cannot just become a house wife like that. For you this road is very hard. Everyday you’ll find challenges. So listen to my advice carefully. You won’t be able to handle and do all of this. You should just go to the office.

Part 3:
It is the night time. Renu and Bindiya are standing in the hall. They are very sleepy but they are unable to sleep. Bindiya says mummy ji’s sleep is like a dog. She keeps staying awake. If she sees us sleeping like this she’ll make us stay awake every week.

Bindiya’s husband is alone in the room. He is singing “Meri Sapno Ki Rani.” He is excited in being alone in the room for the first time after his marriage. He is holding love letters from his college days. He wants to read them. He smells them and says they smell like a rose. He’s holding the love letters to his chest.

Renu says this is ruthless. Let’s play antakshri to spend this night. You start. Bindiya starts singing. Then Renu starts singing. Bindiya says quietly, mummy ji will hear.

Kanhiya says waise it would be nice to see you riding with me on my bike going to work. But what Sona ji is saying is also right. I agree with her. But shes also a newlywed. Sona walks in and he says SOna ji. Sona says I thought you must be sleeping since its so late. Kanhiaya says how could I have just slept? I mean just like the gas cylinder my sleep is gone too. Sona says you’re not upset with my decision right? Kanhaiya says I’m unable to decide. Sona says I’ve told you everything. Kanhayia says if you look from mummy ji’s point of view, she is correct. If you look at it from your point of view, you’re correct. But I know one thing that out of you both one person is absolutely correct. 100%. Sona says think from your point of view on what the difference is between a housewife and a working wife. Okay you tell me. How is a housewife less than a working wife? In what aspect? Kanhiaya says yes..I mean no. SOna says tell me. Kanhiya says I’m a bit sleepy so I’m unable to think properly. I’ll tell you later. I’m sleepy now. And anyways…Yes my dream of riding a bike with you just like the suhaag raat will be left incomplete.

Precap: The mother is talking to Sona’s grandmother and say Sona keeps saying she wants to be a housewife. Leaving a $40,000 job she wants to stay home and do all the household chores. The grandmother is talking to Sona. She seems to be against Sona’s decision too.

Update Credit to: Rani

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