Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 15th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 15th February 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 15th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Neelam asks Laxmi if she is sure about what she is saying and Laxmi says yes. If it was someone else, i would not have been involved but both you and Sona ji have given me so much of care and that is why i am saying this to you. The other house i am working in, they have a son. And i have seen so many photos of Julie in the son’s computer. Now you tell me, isn’t this wrong? Please look into this so that she doesn’t gets into any problems. Neelam says this is certainly a problem and Laxmi also informs that she have seen Julie talking to a few guys and asks Neelam to forgive if she had said anything wrong and Laxmi leaves. Neelam thinks that she needs to warn Julie about this. In the night, Neelam sees Julie talking to someone on the phone

talking about a guy who is in love with her and Julie hangs the phone and sees Neelam. Julie is shocked to see Neelam and Neelam asks who were you talking to? Julie says that she was just talking to a friend and Neelam says that she just wants to ask Julie to stop what she is doing now as it could lead the family in a problem one day. Julie says can you listen to me, i am a grown up girl which knows what is right or wrong. I will not let a guy lead my life and i hope you understand that. Neelam says that a girl will firstly need to take care of the family’s name and no one should be hurt by your acts where Neelam holds Julie’s hands and Julie removes Neelam’s hands asking her not to try being her mother or teacher. I don’t need all this and Julie receives a call and leaves. The next day morning in the police station, Kanhaiyya is hitting a guy for hitting a girl and the guy answers back to Kanhaiyya to leave him. Kanhaiyya is angry and asks to lock the guy inside. Neelam meets Bindiya with Govardan and Julie where Bindiya asks Neelam what she wanted to tell about Julie? If she is talking on the phone doesn’t means she is wrong. Julie is my daughter and i know well about her. Govardan says look Neelam, talking on the phone is not wrong and Neelam says don’t mistaken me. Govardan says no Neelam, looks like you are getting bored since you have nothing to do these days and its not good to do things like this. Bindiya says i know well about my daughter. And if you really want to be mother, why aren’t you one? Neelam is hurt by this and says you are right, i will take care of myself first and leaves. Neelam recalls Bindiya’s words and Sona is aboout to call Neelam and sees her being upset. Sona wonders what happened to Neelam as she looks upset. Kanhaiyya in the police station slaps the guy and asks if he have a mother and sister? The guy says yes and Kanhaiyya says go and try to bully them instead. The guy says how dare you talk about my family and Kanhaiyya slaps the guy. Kanhaiyya wanrs the guy not to disturb any girls after this. The parents of the guy arrive and the parents says that they are ashamed of their son and asks Kanhaiyya to release their son or his future would be ruined. Kanhaiyya says you are saved today because of your parents and don’t repeat this again. The guy leaves with his parents. Neelam is crying while doing work recalling what happened.

Part 2

Sona comes and sees Neelam crying and asks what happened? Neelam says nothing and Sona asks Neelam not to try hiding. Sona says your face is clearly showing that something happened, tell me what is it. Neelam says some problems is like that where you don’t even realize that you are crying. Sona consoles Neelam saying that she will do the work. Neelam says that she wants everything in the house to be fine and she wants to see Julie, Dimple and Chicku to study well but why do people find mistake in her? Sona says why should we be worried about what others said? You must always smile. Julie enters her room and sees Chicku hiding in her room behind the curtain. Julie says didn’t you go to school today? Chicku says that he didn’t have mood today, that’s why he didn’t go. Julie says alright then, Julie asks Chicku to give her money that he have and Chicku asks why do you need it? Julie says that i need to buy a form. Chicku gives advice to Julie to be nice to Govardan. Julie goes and tries talking to Govardan and Sona who comes to give cofee asks what happened Julie? Julie says nothing Chachi ji, i want to talk personally to my father. Julie says a poem which Govardan praises her and Julie says that she need to do something for everyone to know her and she needs to buy a form for that which is for Mrs Allahemabad. Govardan remains silent and Julie convinces him and Govardan gives her the money which Sona watches. Sona thinks to herself that if parents don’t monitor what their childrens are doing, it could land them in problem. Sona is in thoughs thinking how come Govardan didn’t question Julie and Neelam comes in and sees Sona asking what happened? Sona informs what happened and Neelam says if we try to help, we get scolded instead. If we try to advice, they say that my parents itself don’t say anything, why should you? Sona says but this is not right. Neelam asks Sona not to get involved and let them realize themself. Sona then hears the ball sound and wonders if Chicku is at home and didn’t go to school? Sona calls out Chicku and Sona asks why didn’t he go to school? Chicku says that he doens’t has mood and Renu comes to the kitchen and Chicku hides behind Sona and Renu asks Neelam to make her a cup of cofee. Sona says to Renu that Chicku had not gone to school today again. Renu says Sona, i am working and how am i supposed to know that he is going to school or not? Its Neelam’s responsibility and Neelam says that i got him ready and yet he didn’t go. Sona says he always says that he has no mood, you are his mother and you can try to make him understand right? Renu scold Neelam that she is a housewife and why can’t she take care of this? Sona and Neelam looks at Renu.

Precap : Suhnaina asks her friend what else did Laxmi spoke about her family and the friend says how dare an outsider talk about my family like this?

Update Credit to: Visha

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