Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 14th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 14th May 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 14th May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sona is wondering who could be the thief if its not Radha and Sona finds a key on the floor and says to herself that this is the key for Suhnaina’s locker which Suhnaina always keeps with herself. How did this came here? Sona takes the key and places it on the ground and washes her face where she finds a soap which has the shape of the key on it. Sona picks the key and place it on the soap where the key matches the shape on the soap and Sona thinks that someone had taken the original key and made the shape using the soap. If the theif is an outsider, why would the thief do the mistake of returning the soap? Sona concludes that this is done by a family member and they must not have realized while leaving back the soap. Kanhaiya is saying to

Suhnaina that he will catch the thief and Sona enters saying that this is not done by a thief and both Suhnaina and Kanhaiya is shocked. Suhnaina asks what does Sona means and how can she be so sure? Sona explains what happened. Kanhaiya says that this means the thief is a family member and Suhnaina is shocked. Kanhaiya also explains that the person knows about Suhnaina’s routine and Suhnaina asks how dare Sona put the blame on the family members? Kanhaiya says that after listening everything, he feels the same too. Sona continues that with all the prove, it shows that it was done by a family member. Everyone assembles in the main hall and Suhnaina informs on what happened and also shows the fake key and everyone. Neelam seems to be uneasy and Suhnaina says that this proves it was done by a family member. Darshana signals Durgesh if he did it and Durgesh says he didn’t do it. Govardan says that this could also be done by an outsider and Kanhaiya says its not possible as as the person who did this knows Suhnaina’s routine on what she does and where she keeps the key. Written update by Visha_Dhami for India Forums. Someone had made use of that and made the fake key and Durgesh gets angry on how could they blame everyone and Kanhaiya says that he will investigate about this. Suhnaina says that this may seem weird but its a warning to whoever who stole to money to keep it back to where it belongs. Udham keeps looking at Neelam. Sona says to Kanhaiya seperately that she feels bad to suspect everyone and Kanhaiya says that a crime is a crime and they need to suspect everyone. Kanhaiya also says that Sona needs to keep an eye on everyone in the family. A guy comes looking for Govardan and Govardan panics upon seeing Kanhaiya and Sona and brings the guy away. Sone enters Bindiya’s room to sweep and Bindiya hides some papers and while leaving, Bindiya drops a paper which Sona sees. Sona picks up the paper and sees what is written and Bindiya takes it away saying that her room is clean and Sona leaves.

Part 2

Sona hears Renu talking about a new place for her coaching class. Manohar is shown talking on the phone which Kanhaiya listens. In the kitchen, Sona sees Neelam panicking while finding for the lighter and Udham signals Neelam to follow him and Neelam quietly follows Udham. Sona thinks to herself that she had not seen Neelam this worried before and why do Udham looks weird? While Kanhaiya is on the phone, Darshana and Durgesh is about to leave the house while Kanhaiya stops them asking where are they going and Darshana says that Durgesh’s elder brother is not feeling well and they are going to visit him and faster leaves. Suhnaina says to Kanhaiya and Sona on what could be the problem that everyone in the family is facing? Written update by Visha_Dhami for India Forums. Sona says that everyone is having a hidden secret and how will they find out? Kanhaiya says that he has an idea and Sona asks what is the idea which Kanhaiya just smiles. In the night, Kanhaiya brings one of his police mate disguised as a tantrik. Darshana asks why did Kanhaiya asked everyone to gather at this hour and Kanhaiya enters with the tantrik and everyone is shocked to see the tantrik and Sona smiles. Kanhaiya introduces tha tantrik that he will use his powers to find out who is the culprit. Kanhaiya asks the tantrik to faster start is prayers and he places a stone on the table saying that its a magic stone. Everyone seems to be worried as he performs the prayers and Sona is smiling. The guy asks Kanhaiya to writes everyone’s name on the stone and the real culprits name will be evidence on the stone and everyone is scared. Kanhaiya writes everyone’s name and Sona turns and looks at everyone’s reaction.

Precap :

Its late night where its dark and someone approaches the stone in the living hall

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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