Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 14th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 14th January 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 14th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sona is in the kitchen start doing work and as she is about to boil the milk, she tries starting the stove and realize that the gas is finished. Suhnaina comes in to the kitchen and says in this house, the food is always prepared on time. So what are you going to do now? Sona smiles saying perhaps this is the golden moment for me to show my talent and Suhnaina laughs saying the whole family will be without food and you are saying golden moment? Suhnaina leaves the kitchen challenging Sona and Sona starts thinking on what to do and thought of asking Neelam and as she is about to go, Bindiya and Renu is standing by the window and Bindiya asks what happened and Sona says that the gas has finished and asks if they know who to call for gas and Bindiya says she would know if Sona asked where to buy cosmetic items but she don’t know which company sends the gas. Sona asks Renu if she knows and Renu says why ask me, i’m a college teacher and not a housewife. Kanhaiya comes to the kitchen and says its my duty to help in the kitchen and Sona asks if Kanhaiaya knows where to buy Gas? Kanhaiya says why are you asking them? You should ask Neelam bhabhi. Don’t worry, we will call the number and they would send the gas and Kanhaiaya asks Renu and Bindiya to leave as he wants to spend time with his wife. Sona asks Kanhaiaya to call for Gas and Kanhaiaya calls and the gas provider says that the person in charge is not feeling well and it would be late and ends the call. Sona asks what happened? How would i prepare the dinner? Kanhaiya tries to get romantic and Sona says there is no gas and everyone would get hungry and you? Kanhaiya says im sad that our suhaag raat have not taken place and Sona says please call for the gas first. Kanhaiya says i will go and get the gas cylinder and we shall eat and Kanhaiya leaves. Julie is at her balcony giving sign languages to the guy opposite her house and speaks with him on the phone after giving him the number and the guy agrees to reload her phone for her.Julie asks him to get the movie ticket and he agrees while Julie thinks to herself that these guys are real idiot. Durgesh speaks to someone on the phone about commision while Darshana is happy and asks Darshana to take a video of him as he speaks like a reporter and send the video saying he will get paid for it. Sona is thinking to herself that there is no stove in such big house and think of Suhnaina’s words. In the police station, Kanhaiaya announces that the first to bring the gas cylinder will get promotion and gets call for Sona saying she has prepared everything and Kanhaiaya asks for the suhaag raat? Sona says for my cooking and asks when will she get the cylinder and Kanhaiya says soon. Neelam is massaging Suhnaina’s leg and Suhnaina asks Neelam not to take long break.

Part 2

Suhnaina says a housewife must know everything and in the police station, all the constables comes back empty handed and Kanhaiya asks why didn’t they bring the gas cylinder and one of them say that they are constable and not gas dealer. Kanhiaya then laughs where all the constables laugh and Kanhaiya asks all of them to keep quiet and answer why didn’t they bring back the cylinder? All of them explain that they went searching everywhere but could not find for the gas and Kanhaiya gets angry saying you all better listen to me now. The only reason i want to hear is yes or no instead of telling me long stories. Bindiya and Renu is saying how will Sona cook without the gas cylinder? She would prove that she is a failed housewife. Bindiya and Renu starts planning that they will make sure Sona do not fail in being a housewife. Its late night and a person is shown coming to the police station looking for Kanhaiya with a flower bouquet and its from his friend. The friend enters inside (new entry) and Kanhaiya says you and hugs his friend Avinash. Kanhaiaya says that he is meeting him after a long time and both Avinash and Kanhaiya starts talking. Avinash asks Kanhaiaya why didn’t he invite him for his wedding and Kanhaiaya asks Avinash what happened to that girl he used to be after and Avinash says all of them are married. In the house, Chacha ji says to Suhnaina to think before she gives Sona the challenge and Suhnaina says i know what is to be done and when. Sona comes out from the kitchen and hears Sona talking to Chacha ji where Suhnaina says all i am doing is only for her good where i want her to go back to work and understand what being a housewife means.

Precap : Suhnaina says you have taken the responsibility to be a housewife, make sure you do all the work and you can’t even find a cylinder and keeping everyone hungry.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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