Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 14th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 14th February 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 14th February 2013 Written Update


Sunaina asks kanhaiya to search for laxmi and bring her to home and she blames kanhaiya and he had brought laxmi to home.kanhaiya says that she worked in other houses but never got any complaints. As per sunaina’s orders he leaves for laxmi’s home. Sona asks sunaina not to call laxmi the culprit before knowing the truth. Everyone from office returns and is shocked to know the news.


Laxmi is worried for the ill health of her son and plans to go to a private hospital to request the doctors to treat her child. Kanhaiya sees this but doesn’t tells about the issue. Laxmi asks kanhaiya to look at her son’s health and to know that she was not lying..At chaturvedi niwas sunaina is making

an issue and asks neelam and sona as what had happened to them that they are praising laxmi everytime. Kanhaiya takes laxmi and her son to doctor and doctor gives some medicines and they return back to laxmi’s home where kanhaiya then calmly asks laxmi to come home with him.


At home sunaina scolds laxmi for stealing laxmi and laxmi says that she is not a theif and thiefs never do the work everyday everytime but rum taking the money. Sunaina says that she takes everything from house..the dry fruits, vegetables everything so she can also dare to steal money. Sona asks sunaina to first let laxmi speak from her side but sunaina asks not to support laxmi. Sona says that laxmi has taken items from house but that does not mean that she is a theif. Chachaji comes to place and informs that sunaina has a bad habit to forget her purse everytime and she left it last time on the sofa..


Now when sunaina has nothing to say then she says as laxmi can continue with the work because she only blamed her, not hanged or punished her. Laxmi emotionally says that she will leave work here from now and she can not even work if sunaina pays her Rs. 50,000 because her self respect is hurt and says that maids r treated like maids only and that is why they can’t work like home in such families and praises sona. Laxmi says that sunaina is lucky to have a bahu like sona who is understanding and a helper by all means and says to sona that she is leaving work but her relation with sona has not ended and she will come to meet her always. Sona greets laxmi and laxmi leaves..


Sona says to sunaina that if maids r treated good then they give their best in household works to their respective houses and they also have their own families and house and should be respected for their work. Sona continuos to say that truth is that laxmi has left the house now so again i and neelam r the housewives..Sunaina again thinks to do something and also worries that neelam has also changed following sona everytime.


Inside the room kanhaiya helps sona fold her dry sarees and in between asks cutely as to how long the scene between sunaina and her will take place. Kanhaiya says that its now days that their marraige took place but still love is missin. Sona understands kanhaiya’s words and asks him if she has done any mistake and hurt his feelings. Kanhaiya asks sona to keep the housework on one side and only think about us, just then his phone rings and he leaves for police station saying that he will explain after he returns back.


Laxmi smiling comes to home and wanted to return back the money to sona and asks neelam to give it to sona. Neelam says that laxmi should keep the money with her only as sona didn’t have done any favour to her but being a housewife has helped another housewife in trouble. Laxmi quitly tells to neelam that people call their house as Rangeeli julie’s house and boys roam here and there out of the house and julie is the one to be looked after and handled…NICE HEART TOUCHING EPISODE TODAY…

PRECAP : Neelam says to bindiya that people r talking bad about julie and she should look after her. Bindiya says that julie is her daughter and she will never follow a wrong path and says to neelam that if she is so much interested in children and why does she does not have a kid and should plan for them. Neelam is hurt.

Update Credit to: sonali

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