Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 13th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 13th May 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 13th May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Kanhaiya is speaking on his phone while entering the house and Radha is about to enter the house where Sona signals Radha asking why she came? Kanhaiya greets Radha and Radha says that she had came to speak with Sona. Suhnaina comes out and asks who is she? Kanhaiya says that she was the one who saw the thief the other day and Suhnaina looks at Radha. Sona asks Radha if its anything important and Radha says that she didn’t feel good about Sona giving the money for the auto and she came to return it. Sona says lets go inside and talk where Sona signals Radha to enter in and Kanhaiya looks. Sona brings Radha to her room and asks why she came and it was unnecessary to give back the money. Radha asks Sona not to worry as she had not came to steal

and she had stopped stealing since she promised to Sona. Radha says that she brought something for Sona and Radha takes out a container of Kheer saying she made it not with stolen items. Radha says she had started a new life and she wanted to give Sona the first kheer and Sona smiles. Sona says that she is happy for Radha and Radha says that she is now going in the right way and thanks Sona for giving her a new lease of life. Radha also express that she is sad Kanhaiya lost his job because of her and Kanhaiya is shown coming upstairs. Radha says that if she was in Sona’s place, she would not have done the same as she would have got back her husband’s job instead. Radha says that she and her kids will always be thankful to Sona and Kanhaiya is shown walking towards the room. Sona says what you did all this while was for your kids and i hope that you will never steal again. Kanhaiya says steal?? Both Sona and Radha looks shocked. Kanhaiya asks Sona what was she talking about stealing? Sona says that she was talking about Radha seeing the thief and Kanhaiya says the person who stole will surely get punishment and Radha looks worried. Kanhaiya says that he needs Radha’s help to catch the theif and he wants Radha to give description on how the thief looks like for the sketch artist to draw. Radha says she knows nothing much about the thief and Suhnaina comes in saying why are you so worried as though you are the theif? Sona signals Radha to agree and Radha agrees to help Kanhaiya whenever needed and leaves. Suhnaina sees the container in Sona’s hands and asks what is this and Sona says that Radha gave her kheer. Written update by Visha_Dhami for India Forums. Suhnaina says that she thought Radha came to return the money? Kanhaiya asks Suhnaina not to get suspicious of everything and Suhnaina says that Sona is not supposed to be in this room, why is she here and Kanhaiya looks angry and Sona leaves. Julie comes to Sona saying about a competion by Fair & Lovely where Julie decides to join. Both Sona and Julie promotes Fair & Lovely.

Part 2

Chicku brings Sona to the storeroom saying he wants Sona to help her find his ball in the store room which Sona agrees and enters the Storeroom and switch on the light. Sona asks how the ball looks like where Chicku goes out and locks the door from outside. Sona turns and asks Chicku to open the door and the light goes off. Sona gets worried and asks Chicku to open the door as she can’t see anything. Someone comes from behind and closes Sona’s mouth where Sona tries to scream until Kanhaiya takes a candle and points on his face. Sona is relieved and says that Kanhaiya made her scared and she almost got heart attack. Sona says what is Suhnaina sees them? Kanhaiya says so what? I have a great idea that he wants to consult a new pandit ji and show the kundli to Suhnaina to save their night and Sona starts laughing. Kanhaiya says you are laughing while i’m sleeping alone and i can fall sick because of this. Kanhaiya decides to pretend of falling sick so that Sona can get a reason to keep taking care of Kanhaiya and Sona teases Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya says he is having sleepless night and Sona says do you think i am having very good sleep? Says just because she don’t say it, she doesn’t miss Kanhaiya. Sona promises Kanhaiya that she will meet Kanhaiya everyday and Kanhaiya pulls Sona towards him and Sona looks at Kanhaiya while Tum Ho song plays in the background.Both Sona and Kanhaiya moves closer to kiss lip to lip and Chicku comes opening the door in time saying Dadi alert and Kanhaiya says that its his codeword with Chicku whenever Suhnaina is coming. Chicku asks Kanhaiya for chocolate and Kanhaiya gives it to him and Chicku says he lied and leaves. Sona asks what is all this and Kanhaiya comes closer to Sona and kisses her cheeks and runs away leaving Sona shocked and happy. Sona thinks to herself that she has hide such a big truth from such a person and is worried. Written Update by Visha_Dhami for India Forums.The next day morning, Suhnaina is shouting to everyone and Suhnaina informs that the money in the locker is stolen saying the person who steals the things must have stolen the money too. Sona looks angry and goes to Radha’s dabba and pulls her aside. Sona says that she trusted Radha and why did she broke the trust and stole money in their house? Radha says i stole the money? I didn’t do anything and you think i would repeat the mistake again? I will not spoil the future of my kids and i promise i didn’t steal. Sona is left thinking that Radha don’t seem to be lying and who could be the real thief? While entering the house, Sona finds a key on the floor and looks around saying this is Suhnaina’s locker key and how did it got here? Sona wonders if anyone made duplicate key of Suhnaina’s key.

Precap :

Suhnaina says to Sona how can you be sure that this was not done by a thief? Sona explains about the key and Kanhaiya says that even he feels that the theif is in their house itself.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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