Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 13th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 13th February 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 13th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Laxmi is wiping some things in the house and Laxmi almost pushes down a vase and Sona catches it in time and asks her to be careful and Laxmi says nothing will break and continue sweeping and again almost pushes down a bigger vase. Sona catches it and asks her not to break anything or she would need to answer Suhnaina. As Laxmi is wiping the table, she breaks a flower pot which Chicku sees and list it in the Damage list. Laxmi is about to leave and she takes her handbag and opens the fridge to steal some things and Sona comes in time. Seeing Sona, Laxmi pretends to be normal and Sona checks Laxmi’s handbag and Laxmi leaves. Chacha ji asks Neelam why does she looks tensed? Neelam says look at your kurta, its dirty and have colors on it now.

Chacha ji says don’t worry, the stain will surely go off. Neelam says almost all the clothes in the house are dirty now and i feel that all these problems is only after having the maid. Chicku says we can get rid of the maid in one more day and Neelam asks Chicku not to get involved in all this as they will take care of all this. Chacha ji tells Chicku to ensure that the list he prepared is 100% correct and Chicku says don’t worry about that and leaves. Neelam says there is a new problem arising daily and Chacha ji tells a story from the Mahabarat asking Neelam not to worry. The next day morning, Laxmi is cleaning the house and wakes up Julie and continues cleaning the house. Laxmi is busy messaging while cleaning and Chacha ji comes and Laxmi says see how dirty is all this things and leaves. The next day, Laxmi puts the clothes for washing and breaks another container which Suhnaina sees. Suhnaina asks Laxmi where did all the dry fruits she kept in her room went missing? Laxmi says there are so many other people in the house, ask them instead of asking me. Laxmi puts the clothes for drying and Darshana comes to the kitchen and sees Laxmi tasting the tea and Darshana asks what is se drinking all alone? Make her a cup of tea too and Laxmi makes a glass of tea and Darshana spits as it doesn’t tastes good. Laxmi breaks yet another glass while wiping the dishes while Chicku sees it and notes it down in the Damage list. Laxmi is mixing the flour and Sona comes asking why is Laxmi mixing the flour without washing her hands? Go and wash your hands now. Darshana says to Neelam that a housewife and maid is same. When the maid is not doing the work properly, you need to do it.

Part 2

Laxmi comes in the house the next day and Laxmi says that she needs advance as her child is not feeling well and she needs advance to admit her child at a private clinic. Suhnaina says that your child is keep getting sick everytime and all the things that you steal from this house and give it to your child, that is why your child fell sick. Laxmi says you are also a mother, look at my face and don’t you pity me? Suhnaina says not all all and leaves. Laxmi says fine, i will only come to work if my child is feeling well. Laxmi is looking after her son who is not feeling well at home and her drunk husband comes in and tries to steal money from Laxmi. Laxmi and her daughter fight with Laxmi’s husband not to take the money as its kept to buy medicines for her son and her husband leaves. Laxmi cries saying from where will i get money to buy medicines for Munna now? Sona is asking around where is Laxmi’s house and knocks on Laxmi’s house door. Sona comes in with Dimple and Laxmi’s daughter welcomes Sona. Sona sees Munna and asks how is him and the daughter says that Laxmi had gone to buy medicines for Munna. I had bring something to eat and also some money, give it to Laxmi once she returns home. Suhnaina is at home looking for her purse and wonders where she kept it. Suhnaina calls out for Laxmi and Neelam asks what happened? Laxmi left just now itself. Suhnaina says she left with my purse and it had some money in it. Sona walks in asking what happened and Suhnaina says that Laxmi had stolen her purse. Sona says she would not have done it and Suhnaina must have left it somewhere else. Suhnaina says that no one dares touch her purse in the house and Sona says that you should not say like that without any prove. Suhnaina says in two days, you both are supporting her? Suhnaina calls Kanhaiyya back home asking him to come home as there has been a theft in the house. Kanhaiyya comes back asking where is the thieve? Suhaina says that Laxmi had stole her purse. Kanhiyya asks Suhnaina not to worry and Sona is about to say something and Kanhaiyya shows his hands while Suhnaina says that all this is because of Sona.

Precap :
Suhnaina is questioning Laxmi and Sona says this is not fair that you are accusing Laxmi without letting her speak.

Update Credit to: Visha

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