Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 12th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 12th July 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 12th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Kanhaiya in the police station is writing something and Bajrangi asks Kanhaiya where has everyone in the family left and who are these new people? The whole colony is saying that they are you real family. Is it true? Kanhaiya gets angry asking them to stop it and asks them to only do their duty here or Kanhaiya Chatur.. and Kanhaiya asks them to do their work. Kanhaiya recalls Sona’s words and is upset while a constable brings in a suspect and he says he did not do anything while the constable says that he is lying. Kanhaiya who is watching this gets angry and starts hitting the suspect saying are you lying to a police? The other constables tries stopping Kanhaiya and Kanhaiya starts hitting the guy and Kanhaiya says in anger that he would tolerate

anything but not lies. At Dadi’s house, Dadi is consolling Sona saying so many things happened and you didn’t tell me anything? Sona says everything happened so fast and i don’t know what to say. What happened to me today.. He himself suspected me and Sona cries. Kanhaiya walks into the house and Chitrasi asks Kanhaiya to sit down to eat and she will serve him. Kanhaiya asks where is Sona and Chitrasi remains silent. Kanhaiya asks again and Chitrasi says that Sona had gone to her dadi’s house because of what happened today. Kanhaiya says after doing everything, she went to meet her dadi? Chitrasi holds Kanhaiya’s hands and comes closer to Kanhaiya saying she knows he is angry and he needs to cool down and Kanhaiya gets a phone call and walks away while Chitrasi smiles. Dadi says to Sona that she needs to go back fast and since there is a mis-understanding between her and Kanhaiya, they need to sit and discuss things. My Sona is very strong right? She would not give up and i have trust in you. Sona says he don’t wish to listen to me and Dadi says i can understand but you need to get rid of this mis-understanding it it will grow bigger and Sona starts thinking and wipes her tears. Chitasi holds a towel in her hands and enters Kanhaiya’s room and enters the bathroom and leaves it unlock. Kanhaiya enters the room and heads to the bathroom and sees Chitrasi changing. Kanhaiya leaves the bathroom and Chitrasi smiles. Kanhaiya is walking out and sees Sona while Sona says listen here… and Sona is shocked to see Chitrasi walking out of the bathroom adjusting her saree. Kanhaiya says i didn’t know.. and Chitrasi says its not your mistake. Its my mistake and i thought after you got the call, you left. The heater in my room was not working and that’s why i came here. I forgot to lock the door and it was my mistake. I’m sorry and Kanhaiya says you didn’t do it on purpose and there is no need to say sorry. Sona watches all this with teary eyes and Chitrasi leaves the room. Sona keeps looking at Kanhaiya and Kanhaiya avoids looking at Sona. Kanhaiya says he has something important at the police station and leaves while Sona is stunned. In the night,Chitrasi hears Kanhaiya’s motorbike sound and she peeps and sees Kanhaiya through the door. Chitrasi goes and pulls off the power plug fius and lights a candle. Chitrasi takes the pallu of her saree and sets it on fire while Kanhaiya walks inside and sees Chitrasi’s saree on fire and runs towards her and tries putting off the fire. Kanhaiya manages to put off the fire and Chitrasi hugs Kanhaiya while Sona comes downstairs and is shocked to see this. Kanhaiya asks Chitrasi not to be worried and consoles her. Sideshwar, Bheema, Kamal and Deva enters inside saying all the other houses has electricity and why only ours doesn’t has? Everyone is shocked to see Kanhaiya and Chitrasi hugging and enters inside.

Part 2

Chitrasi says she don’t know how her saree got on fire and if not for Kanhaiya, she don’t know what would have happened to her. Chitrasi says that because of her, Kanhaiya got his hands burned. Siddeshwar says thank you to Kanhaiya for saving Chitrasi and Kanhaiya says that Siddeshwar is insulting him by saying thank you as its his responsibility. Deva and Bheema looks wondering while Siddeshwar asks Chitrasi to return to her room. Kamal fixes the light and Deva says to Kanhaiya that he hopes Kanhaiya is not playing games with them. Kanhaiya asks what do he mean and Siddeshwar gets angry with Deva saying Kanhaiya have saved Chitrasi’s life and what is he saying? Deva says that he is not wrong. Kanhaiya talked about responsibility and why have he not accepted Chitrasi as his wife yet? One side he thinks of Sona as his wife and on the other side he wants Chitrasi too. Kanhaiya shouts what is Deva saying and Siddeshwar asks both of them to cool down. Siddeshwar asks Kanhaiya to return to his room and Kanhaiya walks pass Sona while Chitrasi is smilling. Sona leaves to her room while Kanhaiya is searching for medicine in his room. Sona asks Kanhaiya to sit and holds him while Kanhaiya pushes off Sona’s hands and keeps looking around. Sona takes the medicine and gives it to Kanhaiya and Kanhaiya takes it from Sona’s hands and applies it on himself while Sona watches. Kanhaiya asks Sona to apply it for him and Sona applies the medicine for Kanhaiya while Kanhaiya feels pain. Kanhaiya asks Sona if what Deva said is right? Sona remains silent and Kanhaiya says what can i do, everything was against you. I’m sorry and Sona says its alright. I know that you was also sad when all this is happening but do trust me. But its alright, these do happens and yes, what Deva bhaiya said about you is not right and Sona leaves the room. Sona enters the kitchen where Chitrasi is cooking and Sona says she will cook for Kanhaiya since he had saved her today. Sona recalls Kanhaiya and Chitrasi hugging. Chitrasi says that she can understand Sona’s situation and asks if is Kanhaiya still angry with her? Sona says yes and Chitrasi looks at Sona. Sona says that she didn’t do anything to the saree and she has no proof for that. Sona says she did saw the snake and it fell on her. Where could it have gone missing all of sudden. Chitrasi thinks to herself that the snake is still in Sona’s room and if Sona finds it, she would be in trouble.

Precap :
Chitrasi is using a broom and trying to sweep the snake from the bed and Kanhaiya enters the room while Chitrasi panics.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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