Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 11th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 11th July 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 11th July 2013 Written Update


Chitrashi feels happy and starts picking up the broken glasses and kanhaiya too joins. Chitrashi asks Sona not to feel bad as sometimes we feel things which are not infront of us. Deva gets angry and says Sona made a lie. Chitrashi takes Deva away and Sona asks Kanhaiya if he too thinks that she lied. Kanhaiya says if Somehow the photoframe was broken by her than why did she thought to lie. Sona says she is not and there was actually a Snake. Kanhaiya gets angry and asks Sona what she means to say that Chitrashi is lieying. Chitrashi listens to the convo and feels happy. Sona feels disheartened and Kanhaiya realizes he hurt Sona and Comes to her and says that is she angry because of Deva bhaiya’s harsh words. He says even he broke

many things and made lies to hide them. Kanhaiya rubs his mouth on Sona’s hairs and says that Sona has a magical stick by which she can again make others in favour of her. Sona feels happy and places his hand on her shoulders and they hug. Siddheshwar says to family that its kanhaiya’s mothers birthday tomorrow and all will be leaving for village. Sona asks if she may also come with them. Siddheshwar says Sona is only in the house because she is kanhaiya’s wife but is not a family member yet so she can’t come. Sona feels bad but agrees. At the dining hall Siddheshwar comes with a Saree and says kanhaiya’s mom asked him to give a saree to kanhaiya’s wife every year on her birthday. Chitrashi acts that Sona is kanhaiya’s wife and Siddheshwar says he is handing it to her. Chitrashi again acts and takes the saree and then asks that she does not want to go to shrirampur because there people will again start saying bad about her. Siddhehwar says she will have to come and Chitrashi feels happy.


Sona was cooking in kitchen when she hears Chitrashi shouting and runs to her room to see Chitrashi’s torn saree in pieces and Kanhaiya holding them. Kanhaiya gets angry and leaves from room and Deva asks why Sona did it. Chitrashi acts and says Sona can’t do it and she is very much innocent. Sona cries and asks babuji if he too feels she did it. Written update by Sonali for india forums, please do not copy. Sona says she is trying to accept the family by every way,It does not mean she did it. Kanhaiya comes with a scissor and starts cutting a newspaper. Sona asks kanhaiya what he means to say. Kanhaiya says the newspaper cut and saree cut border are the same and the scissor is of Sonaji. Kanhaiya blames Sona in anger and says he too felt bad that the saree was not given to her, it does not mean that Sona should have done it in jealousy. Kanhaiya says by this act of her its clear that Sona also breaked the photoframe. He says how Sona can fall to such low extent in Jeolousy,This is not the same Sona who used to care for others.Sona starts crying and says that if even her husband does not believe her then she will not try to prove her innocence. written update by Sonali for india forums, please do not copy Sona says kanhaiya’s trust is most important for her and when he does not believes her then nothing can be done and Sona crying leaves the room. Siddheshwar and brothers too live and Chitrashi feels happy and starts picking up the torn saree and remembers how she saw the scissor in Sona’s room, saw Sona busy in kitchen, took scissor from the Room, torned the saree and again placed it in room. Kanhaiya feels very angry at whatever happened, looks at the scissor and angrily throws it on floor. Chitrashi feels happy. Sona badly cries in her room and Chitrashi feels happy and comes to Sona and asks her not to cry as she knows Sona can’t do it. Chitrashi says kamal, bheema and deva bhaiya blamed her, that understandable but why her own husband kanhaiya. Sona says thanks to Chitrashi as only she understands her and even she should be jeolous of her but then too she feels good for her. Chitrashi advises Sona to go and meet her dadima and she will feel good. Sona agrees and Chitrashi says to herself that Its Sona’s badluck as she is so good and its time to play new cards. Episode ends.

PRECAP Kanhaiya comes out of the bathroom and Sona tries speaking something when gets shocked to see Chitrashi coming out of the bathroom adjusting her sorry. Sona looks at kanhaiya in a shocked way .

Update Credit to: sonali

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