Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 11th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 11th January 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 11th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Bindiya is talking with Renu on how to be number 1 in this house and they both start discussion on how to make sure Neelam brainwash Sona to remain as a housewife always so that they would still be getting importance from Suhnaina. Darshana and her husband are also discussing about the change in the family and Darshana says she will not be leaving the house and go anywhere. Bindiya and Renu is talking to Neelam saying that there is two working housewife and two working wife. Bindiya also convinces Neelam that there is so much of work in the house and it would be good if she has Sona has her help. In the police station, the constables are saying on how all the wives of their senior officers are housewifes but Inspector Kanhaiyya’s wife is.. Kanhaiya says i just remember that Sri Ram’s wife was a housewife and Inspector Kanhaiya’s wife is.. the constables says Reporter and Kanhaiyya says wrong, she is going to be a housewife. She has taken the decision to stay in the house and clean my house by making it a heaven. The Constables says what a sacrifice and one of them says i feel like you have got demotion instead and Kanhaiya slaps him saying its wrong. The constable says your wife is going to make your house like a heaven and its your promotion. At home, Bindiya is saying to her husband why he is sad by Sona going to be a housewife? The housewife says you both have not done anything good for the sake of the apple and Bindiya asks what is the problem in Sona being a housewife and why do you want her to go to work? He says because that is what my mother wants. Bindiya says won’t you find anything your mother say wrong and he says i know you are trying to take over my mother’s place.

Part 2

I only want to be in my own place and he says that if anything happens to my mother.. Suhnaina is speaking to Sona saying you didn’t find anything i said wrong right? Sona says housewife is the strength of a house and a housewife also have as much of importance as a working wife. Suhnaina says i will make you understand. Kanhaiya in the police station orders milk and gets a call from his brother calling him to come home as its important. At home, his brothers says that mummy ji is today like this because of you and your wife. Kanhaiya says if Sona wants to stay at home, its her own decision and how does it effects mummy ji? Everyone tries convincing Kanhaiya and Kanhaiaya says any decision that Sona takes will be for the good of the family. And Mummy ji will convince Sona and Sona ji would convince mummy ji back. Suhnaina is asking if Sona understand what she is trying to say and Sona says that she understands that sometimes we need to exchange the gifts and Suhnaina says i am serious and we need to get prepared before our bad day. Sona says i don’t understand and Suhnaina says we don’t want to lose the Laxmi ji who came into the house. Suhnaina says we got you married to Kanhaiya so that both of you can earn and bring home money which Sona looks at Suhnaina while Suhnaina keeps talking about Sona’s salary and ask what does Sona gets by sitting at home? Go to work and Sona says but i like being at home. Suhnaina gets angry and says i am saying that you have to go to work and Sona says i am going to the kicthen mummy ji and tries walking away while Suhnaina holds Sona’s hands and calls Neelam. Suhnaina tells Neelam to correct everything in the house and Neelam leaves. Suhnaina says did you see, this is where a Housewife belongs and this is what they have to do. Everyone else watches while Sona takes a glass of water and gives to Suhnaina saying she have talked a lot and have some water to drink . Suhnaina says i don’t want to drink and if you are joking, please end the joke and understand what i am saying. You will not get anything by being a housewife and Sona smiles saying that nothing in the house will happen without a housewife. A working wife has leave while a housewife have to work everyday and to me, a housewife knows everything. Suhnaina says so you want to be a housewife? Sona says yes. Suhnaina says then till you yourself give up being a housewife, this Suhnaina will not breath in peace. From today, all the work in the house will not be done by Neelam but it would be done by Sona instead. And no one should help her and everyone looks serious and leaves while Sona smiles to Suhnaina.

Precap : Sona asks Bindiya if she knows where can she order gas from and Bindiya says i would know if you ask me where to by cosmetics. Suhnaina says the food in the house must be prepared in time and Sona calls Kanhaiya for bringing back a gas cylinder.

Update Credit to: Visha

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