Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 11th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 11th February 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 11th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Kanhaiyya gets call from Avinash and Avinash asks what does Sona likes since he is going to meet her for the first time and he wants to give her a gift. Kanhaiyya asks what is the need for the formality and as a matter of fact, he himself don’t know what she likes. Avinash asks Kanhaiyya to just make a guess and Kanhaiyya says what can a wife like? As i know, she don’t like gold or make up. Avinash says leave it reporter’s husband. I shall see what i bring for Bhabhji ji and Kanhaiyya says do come the next day. Its in the night 9pm and Laxmi comes and calls out and Sona asks what happened Laxmi? Is your child fine? Laxmi is in tears saying that her child’s health is bad and asks for Suhnaina. Suhnaina asks did Laxmi saw the time? Lxmi

goes to Suhnaina and says that her child is not feeling well and she needs advance. Suhnaina says you have not even do work for four days and you are already asking for advance? You had made an excel agreement right? It did not mentioned about any advance. Laxmi looks at Sona and Suhnaina asks why are you looking at her? I am not giving any advance and go do the work you left. Sona says the work is completed and Suhnaina leaves and Laxmi shouts saying you give me advance or not, someone else will give me and Laxmi leaves. Julie gets message from Anuj where Anuj says he wants to meet her as he is waiting in front of her house. Julie asks if he is mad and Anuj says its his birthday and he wants her to wish. Julie wishes Happy Birthday and she will celebrate another time but asks him to leave now. Julie tries leaving but Anuj takes out a gift. Anuj asks if Julie will not come down and take it and Julie comes down by tying a cloth from the balcony and climbs down while Anuj catches her. Julie wishes Anuj and asks what is in the gift where Anuj opens and shows an expensive watch. Anuj says i am giving this to say that i am with you every second and Julie says she always think of him and thanks him. Julie says she need to leave and Anuj hugs her and Julie climbs back up and enters her room which Sona watches. Durgesh is counting money and Darshana asks where did you got this from? Darshana says he got it as his salary from singing where Darshana says its not going to make much difference as they will need to spend the money to buy food from outside since their maid doesn’t cooks well. Durgesh says that i am a son in law and i only take money and not give. Sona is waiting in the hall for Kanhaiyya’s return from work. Durgesh says that Sona is slowly changing the system in the house and they need to do something to send her back to work no matter what. Darshana says i can see that our future of being in this house is not long if Sona keeps making changes to the house.

Part 2

Kanhaiyya returns home and Sona says you are late today and Kanhaiyya says Sona ji, i am so hungry and they both sit at the dinner table. Kanhaiyya wants to feed Sona and Sona says you eat first, i don’t feel like eating. Sona looks worried and says can i ask you something? Kanhaiyya says go ahead. Sona asks why don’t anyone in the house worry about where is a person going and whom is the person meeting? Kanhaiyya asks who are you speaking about? Sona says i am speaking about Julie. Kanhaiyya says you are getting worried for nothing and Julie is the Chaturvedi daughter and she will not do anything wrong. Julie is chatting with Avinash asking if he has girlfriend and Avinash says he doesn’t has. Kanhaiyya says there is no need to worry about Julie and Sona says but the world is changing these days. Kanhaiyya says but Julie knows what to do and Sona says i am not joking but someone needs to watch Julie. Can you monitor her by sending her to college everyday and Kanhaiyya says sure i will and Sona is happy and Kanhaiyya feeds Sona and Sona eats. Neelam is with Suhnaina saying from morning till night, she used to do all the work. I want to do things like how i used to do and will never let you down. I and Sona will manage everything and you can tell that you don’t need a maid. Suhnaina asks do you want to read the Hanuman chalisa again? Darshana comes in saying that she wants to hold Suhnaina’s legs and asks Neelam to leave. As Neelam is walking out, Neelam walks pass Kanhaiyya and Neelam says that the maid is not doing a good job. You are mummy ji’s favorite son right, please tell mummy ji we don’t need one when i and Sona can manage the house. Darshana says that she wants to help Neelam in looking after the house and Suhnaina asks since when is this? Darshana says that she is also the daughter in the house. Darshana says if her maayka is good, why would she be staying here? She says that Suhnaina have been doing injustice to her since small. Suhnaina asks what did she do and Darshana says that she was sent to her nani’s house from small and no one listens to her words. Suhnaina says things that happened will not return and i know how i looked after this big family all alone. We went trough bad phase but everything has changed now and i do care about you. You and Durgesh can always stay here. Bindiya is complaning to her husband that the maid is troubling all of them and what happens when Sona returns to work and Neelam refuse to do work? I and Renu need to do work in the kitchen? The husband says that is why i said Sona goes to work and Neelam would look after the house but no one listens to me. Renu says just let Sona be a housewife and the husband says that Sona will surely need to go back to work one day. Suhnaina is thinking of all the problems the maid does and thinks to herself that the condition in the house is getting worse day by day and the system in the house is changing and she has to do something fast.

Precap : Sona asks where is Julie and Dimple and Bindiya says she don’t know and Sona asks Renu where is Chicku and Renu says that Chicku is Suhnaina’s favorite, so ask her and looks at Neelam

Update Credit to: Visha

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