Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 10th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 10th May 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 10th May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sona starts packing her things in the room and Kanhaiya comes in the room in anger saying why is bad things only happening to him of all people? Kanhaiya also says that he don’t believe on all this and Sona says that she don’t believe in it too and but Suhnaina believes in it and she needs to listen to it. Kanhaiya says in anger if anyone gives her poison and asks to drink it to safe the family’s name, would she do it? Sona says what are you saying? Even i am not liking this and i can’t stay without you. But i can’t make Suhnaina angry with me again. Kanhaiya asks what will he do now? He didn’t get to catch the theif and now this kundli issue and Sona starts feeling guilty and says to herself if what she have done

right or wrong? Kanhaiya says you have not done anything wrong and its the pandit ji and the kundli’s problem. Sona thinks to herself that luckily she didn’t spill about Radha’s issue. Sona brings her pillow and blanket to Suhnaina’s room and Sona asks if Suhnaina wants anything and Suhnaina says she don’t need anything. Sona closes the door and is about to off the light and Suhnaina asks if did Sona asked her before switching off the light? Sona says that she thought Suhnaina was going to sleep and Suhnaina says that she don’t sleep in dark and asks to keep the light on. Sona apologizes while Suhnaina ignores and starts sleeping while Sona sleeps next to Suhnaina. Sona thinks back of Kanhaiya wishing him good night with tears in her eyes and kisses his hand. Sona closes her eyes and starts dreaming of her with Kanhaiya dancing for Saans (wow! this is so good) with candles light around. Kanhaiya suddenly goes missing and Sona starts looking around and Kanhaiya holds her from the back. Sona opens her eyes with a smile and turns seeing Kanhaiya smiling to her from the window. This update is done by Visha_Dhami for India Forums. Sona looks at Kanhaiya and thinks that she is dreaming of him being there since she is missing him and turns to the other side of the bed. Kanhaiya whispers calling Sona’s name and Sona is shocked asking what? Kanhaiya asks Sona to come out for a while since Suhnaina is fast asleep which Sona denies at first and slowly sneak out of the room silently. Sona off’s the light and Suhnaina shouts why did Sona on the light and Sona says that she didn’t mean it and Suhnaina asks her to go back to sleep and Kanhaiya is disappointed.

Part 2

Sona goes back to sleep and in the next morning, Bindiya calls Renu where Bindiya enters in saying that she wants to give a news. Bindiya asks if Renu knows where did Sona slept last night? Renu says must have been in her own room and Bindiya says that Sona was sleeping in Suhnaina’s room with Suhnaina and they need to find out what was the reason. Sona and Neelam are discussing in the kitchen and Neelam asks Sona what did the pandit ji said about their kundli that Sona had to sleep with Suhnaina and Sona says that she don’t trust in all this and Neelam asks Sona not to worry as all will be fine. Bindiya and Renu comes in the kitchen and asks if Sona had a fight with Kanhaiya that she had to sleep with Suhnaina? Sona remains silent as Bindiya and Renu keeps asking and Sona says its nothing like that and since the pandit ji said that things are not good in their kundli, they have to sleep separately. As Sona walks away, Bindiya says that don’t know what is happening in this house. Firstly Kanhaiya lost his job and now this problem that he needs to stay away from his wife and Sona walks awat. Kanhaiya is in his room waiting for Sona to bring tea for him and he will not miss this chance and he hides behind the door. Suhnaina walks in with the tea and Kanhaiya hugs Suhnaina from the back saying he missed her a lot and Suhnaina shouts Kanhaiyaaa! Kanhaiya says mummy ji? I thought of taking blessings from you and Suhnaina asks Kanhaiya not to give reasons as she knows whom was Kanhaiya waiting for since she is his mother. Kanhaiya asks why did Suhnaina brought the tea instead and Suhnaina says that Sona was bringing for Kanhaiya and she thought of serving it for Kanhaiya instead after a long time. Suhnaina is walking out to the room and turns back to Kanhaiya saying its good to love his wife but don’t get lost in the love of his wife and Kanhaiya nods. Renu and Bindiya is discussing that Suhnaina has now started to keep Sona and Kanhaiya apart thanks to what the started. Sona is drying the clothes and Kanhaiya comes to Sona and says at least now he got a chance to meet her. This update is done by Visha_Dhami from India Forums. Sona continues doing the work while Kanhaiya says that he was missing her a lot and tells about hugging Suhnaina thinking it was Sona. Sona smiles and says isn’t Kanhaiya worried as he was not able to catch the thief? Kanhaiya says he really is and Sona asks that how if after catching the thief, the thief had no choice to steal and what would he do? Kanhaiya says that a mistake is a mistake and the person needs to get punished. Kanhaiya shows some examples leaving Sona thinking where he says what Sona thinks is right might not be right for Kanhaiya too. Kanhaiya gets a call and leaves to answer the call while Sona is thinking of Kanhaiya’s words.

Precap :

Radha comes to meet Sona and Kanhaiya where Suhnaina asks who is she and Kanhaiya says that Radha was the one who saw the thief.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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