Hoton Pe Dabi Dil Ki Baatein (HPDDKB) Episode 9


The scene is showing the hotel room with all the 6 of our 3MA & 3SP playing truth or dare.
It’s Panchi’s turn.
She opted Truth.
Reeva:”Do u lv somebody in this group?”
Panchi froze. Oh no! I am trapped.
Jagat was closely watching her with breath held back and when Panchi looked into his eyes, she saw that he was awaiting response as if his world existed on this answer.
She saw a look in Jagat’s eyes that said thousands of things to her. She lowered her eyes, unable to face him and his caring eyes.She didn’t want to be too obvious..
Reeva:” Interesting….Who is the lucky guy?”
Panchi:” I answered the question. No further questions allowed”
Ansh:” Ok. Let’s proceed further”
Again the bottle spun around and this time, parth got the chance.
Ansh:” Truth or Dare?”
Parth:” OF course Dare”
Ansh:”Here we go…look into the eyes of….. (Ansh just looks around and) Sana and make her close her eyes first”(Ansh knew they were having fight and he wanted to ease out things between them. Then only he would be able to go on with his friendship with Reeva)
Parth:” Ok”
Sana is annoyed that she would have to look into his eyes, but there was something different about Parth she saw in college and this one. May be its just an illusion.”Whatever”
They start looking into each others eyes.
BG- “Hal-e-dil tuzhko sunataa…dil agar ye bol paata…”
The pupli of Parth’s eyes got darker with each passing minutes. Sana felt little awkward as it felt like he was looking into her soul. She was seeing too much of something that she craved for in his eyes. Something she had been searching all her life. She was just afraid to believe what she saw in those eyes. “Maybe he is just trying to win this game. I will have to let it go, else, I will lose my heart to him and then be hurt by a wound that would be hard to heal”
She just blinked her eyes & Parth still didn’t stop looking into her. All clap with the victory of Parth and then only Parth realises that he won the game. He just smiles. He felt an urge to know about her so much that it horrified him. But he couldn’t stop it. He felt a sense of belonging when she was around. He wanted to protect her from all the bad evil things she was facing..
Now, its Sana’s turn.
Ansh:”Truth or dare?”
Sana:” Truth”
Parth:” What’s ur story?”

Credit to- anaya
Sorry for being so late guys. I will now update my story’s link too in the comment box.
Thank u for all the support.I will update the next episode too soon.

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  1. Wowwww anaya, it’s awesome epi, back to back epi…going to read next one now, love you loads, muaaaaahhhhhh, I waited for this Story from ages…thx honeyyy for updating it

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