Hoton Pe Dabi Dil Ki Baatein (HPDDKB) Episode 8


Jagat called and ordered food. They are all waiting meanwhile also chit-chatting. Reeva was trying to go and get her phone from the table when she suddenly trips and was about to hit her head hard on ground when Ansh caught her by waist and she wrapped her arms aroun his neck in reflex to the fall. She had her eyes shut hard in shock. Ansh just kept looking at her. ‘surkh wala…soz wala…faiz wala love…hota he jo lv se zada..wese wala lv….ishq wala lv’. Reeva opened her eyes to see Ansh looking at her. She felt a tingle inside. She felt so secure in those arms and the way he looked at her… They stood there like that. BG’ishq wala lv..’
Just then the door was knocked and Jagat went to open the door. Both Reeva and Ansh went back to their group, though they passed secret glances.
Ansh(thinking-is it just friendship that is there between us? Y is it then that I feel to look into those eyes and be caught in them forever? Is it just me or…)
All gathered to have food. They were having food and cracking jokes. Jagat was sitting near Panchi. After a while,he saw that Panchi had something on her lower lip. Jagat:” Panchi..u go something there”. Panchi tried to remove it but it spread more with her finger. Jagat hesitated and then slowly placed his forefinger on her lower lip and rubbed off with so much delicacy and they were looking at each other. BG’Thodi thodi katthai si uski aankhein…Thodi surme bhari..uske hoton pe muskuraye…haye duniya meri…chakhna bhi chahu…rakhna bhi chahu..sabsey chupake use…haye..rabba rabbaa…mere rabba rabba…mujhe bas ek jhalak to dikha’. They just stood fully lost into each other. Just the, ANsh’mhm mhm…’ He cleared his throat bringing them back and they knew that all had been watching them as they broke into a lughter. They too laughed. Panchi blushed. Her cheeks seemed to be about to ooze out blood.

All finished their dinner and since nobody was in a mood to sleep, they planned to play a game. Some wanted to play antakshari,while some preferred dumbshards. Finally everyone agreed upon ‘truth or dare’ game. They took the coke bottle to spin. The bottle first came to a halt facing Ansh.
Parth:”Truth or dare?”
Parth:”Great! Propose any of these 3 girls over here”
Reeva got her back starightened at that.
Ansh:” I can choose anybody. Right?”
Ansh stood up and walked towards Reeva. Reeva was afraid that he might propose her and she was getting tensed thinking what will Sana and Panchi feel. Just when he was beside her, he paused..
and went beyond her and knelt down before Panchi.
Both Panchi & Jagat wer shocked to see this. It was clearly visible that Jagat was clenching hiw jaw tightly. Reeva just sat like a statue.
(Reeva POV-of course. He is just my friend and also I didn’t want him to propose me when he came near me. Then why am I feeling bad if he is proposing Panchi?Its his decision. Right? No….Its not just his decision. I am his best frined. He should have talked to me about this. Thats why I am angry. Nothing else. She is convincing herself)

Ansh acted very dramatically and said:” Hey gorgeous ladt. I am a frog waiting for rainwater. Please be the dessert for my food. Be my killer & sentence me to death”
At that note, everyone laughed out. And a sigh of relief escaped from Reeva, which Ansh didn’t miss. He winced at her.
Jagat too was relieved as Ansh just gave a cushion and hw understood that it was just a dare and mothing else.
Again the gane began, and this time, the bottle stopped facing Panchi.
Ansh:”Truth or dare?”
credit to -Anaya

Hey everyone. hope u like it. IF any suggestions, please do share.And tell me how the story is going? U liking it or not. I am awaiting your response. It just acts as a booster for me. DO tell me…..Love u loads.

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