Hoton Pe Dabi Dil Ki Baatein (HPDDKB) Episode 7


They all entered a hotel and Ansh went over to the receptionlist to enquire about the room availability and rent for staying while others called their parents or loved ones telling they were on the way to sayanora hills(no one revealing that they were not on the bus arranged from college) and Sana was looking at the water flowing from the small artificial fountain at the front and she was smiling, Parth talking over the phone and was just walking around and then just stood looking her way when he saw her smiling with innocence pouring out of her features. Just then, Ansh came over and said:”hey all. please come over”
They all gather together disconnecting phone calls and thoughts.
Ansh:”There is only one room available here and they are saying that everywhere it would be like this only as there is some festival called ‘abrahmpaar’ going over.So..”
Panchi:”What?! No way…”
Panchi spells no way silently.
Just then Jagat takes her away from there and says:”yaar,its not like we r staying alone. We all r a gang. We can take some rest, freshen up and leave. The roads are blocked, no rooms are available anywhere.What else can we do otherwise? Stay on Jeep? U think thats a good idea? We would be in the middle of nowhere. We We would be worried about your safety and you can trust me. I won’t let anyone hurt u”
They have an eye-lock at that point. Small breeze touches her hair. He looks with so much love and care that she feels her heart just stopped beating.
Ansh:” Hey guys. Are we gonna take the room or not?”
The spell broke. Jagat ran fingers through his hair. Panchi blushed and nodded yes.
Sana:” u people decide. I am ok with your decision.We all r together.”
Reeva:” I am ok too”
Ansh made the payment and took the keys.
Sana:” Listen. We will pay off all the expenditure’s share once we r back. Is that okay for now?”
Parth just looks towards her at that with a look of appraisal.
JAgat:” We will discuss that later. For now just help with the keys We have our hands full with luggages. They should have provided the room boys. Think no one is free.”
Sana:” Oh. Sorry. Sure”
Sana opens the door and all enter and our 3 MA place all the luggage down.
Each of them settled down on the double bed, couch and chairs .
Each took shower one after the other. Sana was very suspicious regarding any hidden cameras. She checked every nook and corner of the bathroom and then only took shower. She took so long to bath that Parth was about to knock finally when she opened the door.
Parth was mesmerised by the wet hair, her damp face, droplets of water near her lips…BG’kaash…kaash u hota….hr shaam saath tu hotaa…guzharaa ho tere bin guzara..ab mushkil he lagta..nazaara ho tera hi nazaraa..ab har din ho lagta..hal-e-dil tujhko sunata..dil agar ye bol pataa..
Parth is back to his senses.”Its ok.”
Parth steps aside and goes inside as soon as Sana ia out and closes the door.
Parth is thinking-what’s happening? I dont seem to have control over my mind around her. Whenever I get near her, all I want to do is get deep down those eyes into her soul as if it is meant for my heart. She is so stubborn and irritating and she is so adorable and self-reliant, and when it comes to looks, she seems to be getting beatiful every hour.
Parthi is thinking all this while water is dripping down his body from the shower.
credit to-Anaya

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