Hoton Pe Dabi Dil Ki Baatein (HPDDKB) Episode 6


The Scene shows our 3MA and 3 SP on jeep. Ansh looks side ways to Reeva. She is smiling and her hair is playing with the wind. He nods his head and then Jagat:” Dont u think the trip is too boring?”. Ansh, Parth and Jagat are singing ‘gulabo… ithar gira do..’They are moving fast. Suddenly frame shifts to Sana.She looks tensed. Suddenly a blurred flash back is shown.
There everyone is laughing.Then a group of people singing ‘haste haste..kat jae raste…’and suddenly a truck comes from opposite direction and..
The frame shifts to present. Here, a child crosses the road abruptly and with a sudden brake, the jeep stops. At that time, everyone is stunned and Sana clutches Parth’s hand real hard with her nail digging into him hiand in panic. Parth was about to shout at Sana when he noticed that she had her eyes closed and was frightened like hell. Her nerves stood out from her neck skin revealing the stress she was going through. Just then, as if coming to her senses, Sana left the grip saying “sorry. sorry”
Parth:”u ok?”
Sana:” Ya. I am fine”
Reeva and Panchi were all in shock of the break.
Reeva:” All okay?”
Sana:” Ya. All ok.”
Ansh starts the jeep again and the trip continues. Parth wonders what was it that he just saw.He looked towards Sana. She was enjoying the scenery, at least it appeared so….. He shook his head as if to remove all these thoughts from his head and joined his friends again with ‘dil chahta he’. Sana was looking into infinity……
Ansh pulled the jeep at a dhaba. All get down to have food. They were chit-chatting and eating. All of a sudden, Sana got up and said”I will be back”. Others continued. After sometime, Parth got up to wash his hands.While walking, he heard a giggle. He just peeped and saw that Sana was feeding roti to a puppy and was mumbling soothing words. The puppy was cooing and eating roti from her hand hurriedly. She was herslef looking so adorable and cute that…. Parth(talking to himself)’wo wo..get a grip on ur mind. What’s all this Parth’. He left with a smile on his face.

After sometime, everyone got on the jeep and they continued the journey.
The stereo was now playing ‘dil…dhadakne do…’After about 5 hours of journey, they were stuck in a traffic jam.After waiting for around 15 minutes, Ansh asked a person standing nearby”bhaiya ji.what happened?”The person said that” A huge tree fell across the road and an oil tanker met with an accident.It will take 3-4 hours to clear the road, and could take longer, as its getting dark”
Our 3 MA and 3SP:”Oh Go..d”
After another 15 minutes,
Jagat:” Hey guys. Listen. Its already getting dark and the road is not yet clear too. For today, lets just keep aside the chasing and rest in a nearby hotel and think ahead. What say?”
After 2-3 minutes, all agree.
Thats all for now. Will update soon..
And will also update ‘Dil he ki manta nahi’s next episode tomorrow. wrote 2 episodes for HPDDKB. So now its late for ‘DHKMN’. But will post it without delay. Thank you for the feedbacks. Tell me how the episode is and also if u have any suggestions.
Goodnight deariesss

Credit to-Anaya

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  1. Anaya u rock dr…. super cool episode

    1. Thank you Hayathi..

  2. Gud dr. . . Did sana hav any sad past?

    1. Yes dear. Soon to be revealed

  3. Awesome episode anaya, keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank you so much Roma

  4. anaya do u rem te past??????????it seems as if u ‘ve got track f ur prev story.i’m sooooooooooooooo happy tat i feel like huggng u.plzzzzzz update bth teb stories soon.y cant u post ur story in mmz pge dear????????????????i’m sure u ‘ll ‘ve soooooooooo many fans there n evr1 ‘ll lve ur story.

  5. Yeah hi.. Anaya u back!!! I missed u…. I hope u remember me…..strawberry?? The biggest fan of ur writings specially HPDDKB…….I just love Parth and Sana……..I have read your thus story till the night when Sana gets up and tells Parth about her past……plzz give me ur id s and mail me…..plzzzz give ur id

    1. absolutely i remember u dear. was missing u.. 🙂
      thought u just ran away out of boredom 😉

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