Hoton Pe Dabi Dil Ki Baatein (HPDDKB) Episode 5

The frame shows Vardaman college flex and students roaming around in the campus. Now, both the chemistry and physics class representatives are inside principals office. Vikrant(Principal): “I called you two to inform that as both the batches have chose to go over study tour to the same place and considering the number of students altogether, we will arrange for 2 bus and Aarav, you have provided request for a 10 day tour, while Lucky, you have opted a 5 day tour. I will get you together, a 7 day trip. The bus will leave together and be back together. Is there anything else that need to be clarified?”
Aarav & Lucky together: “No Sir. Thank you.”
Both came out and left to their respective classes and announced the news .
Some are happy. Some sad. There were mixed emotions everywhere.
Now, the screen shows
1 week later…..The tour begins.
Students are boarding the 2 buses. Its 5 pm already. The buses are about to leave.Some students have not yet arrived.They were supposed to leave by 5 pm. They waited for another 10 minutes and then with permission from vikrant sir(principal), they left. As soon as the buses left the college premises and were just about to be out of sight, our 3 SP came running. They yelled”Sto……p…..”. Driver didn’t seem too have heard them. Neither did any of the students or teachers. The bus was out of sight.
Sana: “Great! Now what? Lets go back home”
Panchi:”Oh no. You know na. My parents left for hometown as I was going for the study tour.”
Reeva:”yes yaar. Even I have boasted so much about what all we would get to see on trip to my cousins.Now they will all make fun of me and it will be embarrassing. No way. Am not going back. ”
Sana:”Then what will we do now? Even I had planned to collect some samples from there. But now, what can be done? Panchi, u can come over to my place. That’s not a problem at all. And Reeva, if u feel its that hard, then we can hang out in my place till the tour ends”
Reeva:” Ya, I know. But that’s not the point.”

They were all sad and discussing. Just then, our 3 MA entered in Ansh’s jeep.
Ansh understood that the bus was gone. He was upset. He thought ‘ I did all this for saving y friendship with Reeva and I just ruined the chance. They have left now. This was the best shot. Now what to do?’
Just then he was pulled off from his thoughts by Jagat’s response.
Jagat:” Oh Shit. We missed the bus. I had told that Aarav that we will be late. Had told him to wait for 20 minutes. I know we have difference of opinion. But this… He is gonna regret this”
Parth:” Chill guys. We will go for the trip and we will enjoy the trip with them”
Ansh:” But how?”
Parth points towards the jeep.
Ansh:” No Way! Jeep? Till Santaara?”
Parth:” No yaar. I had called Lucky(chemistry class representative). As per the trip planning, tonight they are going to stay in Rajdhani Hotel, 2 km away from NH.I have collected the details from google map. We will catch them there. What say?”
All 3 joined their right hands together and said yes.
Just then Ansh saw something unexpected. He didn’t get the chance to call Reeva. He thought they had boarded the bus. But he saw her standing with her friends Sana and Panchi. His happiness knew no bounds.He texted Reeva.
Reeva took the phone when she heard the message tone and seeing Ansh’s name, opened the message with a sad expression as she thought he already went. Once she read the message, she was happy and at the same time, sad that they missed the trip.
Reeva:” Guys. Look. It seems they also got late for the trip”
Sana:” That’s nothing new. We should be surprised when they are on time”
Panchi:” Ya. Right”
Reeva:” Hey, lets go and ask them what’s their plan now”
Sana:” Let it be yaar. Who cares. ”
Reeva:” Lets just ask them yaar. What’s the big deal?”
Panchi:” That’s right. Lets just ask them”
Sana sighs and then says”ok. Do whatever u 2 feel”
They head towards the 3 MA.
Panchi:” hai”
Panchi:” You people came to go for the trip. right?”
Jagat:” Ya. But we missed the bus”
Panchi:” We also missed the bus. We saw it. But they didn’t see us and left. So what are u gonna do now?”
Jagat:” We were thinking of following them on jeep and catch up by tonight”
Jagat looks at Panchi and saw her fingers playing with her curly hair and was reluctant though it felt as if she wanted to say something.
Jagat:” Would u like to join us?”
Panchi’s eyes gleamed. She looked over her shoulder to her friends. Reeva was smiling(In fact, she was too happy. She wanted to join them and Ansh was expecting that too. But she was afraid what her friends would feel if she did so). Sana just stood still.The scene shows the FB of Sana and Parth in the lab and the fight they had. They looked annoyed at the sight of the other.
Sana gives a disapproving look to Panchi. Panchi say”please” without sound with her lips.Sana surrenders to her plea.
Panchi:” Yes. Thank you”
Ansh jumped with his right fist clutched saying “YES” as if he won a game and everyone turned towards him with a questioning look on their face. Ansh”Sorry” and he lokked down and then slowly brought his eyes up and met with Reeva’s eyes. She was blushing. He gave a cute smile.
Ansh is on driver’s seat. Sana, Jagat, Panchi and Reeva on the back seats. Parth is sitting on the seat adjacent to Ansh.
Ansh:” Parth, you like to sit in the back seat right?”
Parth looks with a ‘ am out when u saw ladies!’ and Ansh gave a sheepish smile.
Parth gets down. Jagat:” I also enjoy sitting at the back. Sana or Reeva, if any of u prefer to sit in the front seat…” Before Sana could get up, Reeva jumped out and said”I will sit”.
So now, Ansh and Reeva on the front seat. Sana and Panchi on one side, while Parth and Jagat on the other. Jeep starts. And on screen, it displays’the journey begins’. BG music.‘Saath hum jo chale, bann gaye kaafile….Aur koi hamein ab mile naa mile, mauj hair oz hai, roke se bhi na ye rukte kabhi silsile…’

Precap: Jeep takes a sudden break and Sana clutches Parth’s hand with eyes shut.

Credit to-Anaya

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