Hoton Pe Dabi Dil Ki Baatein (HPDDKB) Episode 4

The frame shows Ankit talking to a guy in corridor: ” dude, don’t u dare do that.. I am warning u. We decide things here. U just need to obey. That’s it. Nothing more to it”
The other guy gestures his palm to Ankit as if saying to stop it. The guys face is shown. Its Aarav(their class representative)
Aarav:” don’t u dare tell me what to do and how to do. I am the class representative and I can decide what’s best for my class. I will show u what I can do”
Aarav goes from there with anger pouring out of his features.
Just as he went off, Ankit chuckles saying:” that’s what I want u to do. Its just that u won’t do it if I tell u to. Seedhi ungli se ghee na nikle to ungli tedi karni padti he”
Scene shifts to the front of principals’ office. Aarav and Lucky (the chemistry and physics class representatives) are standing there. Peon came out and told them to enter. Both enter the room. Principal looks with an inquiring face.
Lucky:” sir i am the chemistry class representative. we were planning to go for a tour to the santaara hill top”
Aarav:” its shocking as we , the physics class students,were planning to go there as well.
Lucky looks with wide eyes.
Aarav explains:” the hill top is famous for the multiple reflection refraction phenomenon and the multiple rainbows and we would like to study them”
Lucky:” the hill top famous for the igneous rocks that appear to multiply on their own. We would like to find that out”
Principal looks on and after few minutes:” as both batches have planned to go to the same place, it would be easier for us too to handle things. Get the list of students and all necessary sanctions, I will do the rest. U nay go now”
Both leave the office room. As soon as they are out.
Lucky:” what the hell. Didn’t u get any other place to go?”
Aarav:” I can ask u the same” and left with a wry look.
Lucky looks on and then shakes his head and went to his class.
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This is a small update. I will post the next episode soon.

Credit to-Anaya

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  1. Sorry.its not ankit. Its Ansh

  2. Hi anaya, waited for this update, thx for updating. ..congrats for your exams….eagerly waiting for the next episode love you loads

  3. I didn’t understand this epi

    1. Its just that the 2 classes are going for tour to the same place. That’s it dia.
      I messed up the name of Ansh with ankit probably

      1. Its just that the 2 classes are going for tour to the same place. That’s it dia.
        I messed up the name of Ansh with ankit . that could be probably the raeson

  4. Oh great anaya congrates….. now can u update large update plzzź

  5. Thank you all. I will try to update regularly

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