Hoton Pe Dabi Dil Ki Baatein (HPDDKB) Episode 3


Hai all…. Got examzz. Sorry for being so late. I am posting a short update for now.
vardaman college on screen.
Sana: I just hate that gang yaar..
Reeva: which gang Sana??
Panchi too looks questioning.
Sana: that 3MA….
Reeva: why? Are they that bad?
Sana: That stupid Parth is in the group naa. From his behavior we can understand na. I feel so upset the very moment I watch them.
Reeva just stood listening.
Sana: hey, I need to get a text book from library. Wanna join?
Panchi: I am tired. I will just wait here.
Reeva: you carry on Sana. I have a work that I forgot too.
Sana: ok then. Catch u later..
Frame shifts to a corner where Reeva is standing and talking with someone.
Reeva: I don’t want my friends to be upset because of me. I feel our friendship could be a hindrance to this. So we should stop this friendship of ours.
Now the other person replies: you want that?
Reeva: I just want my friends to be happy Ansh..
Then Ansh’s face is shown
Ansh: they will be happy. Trust me. I have a plan in mind to make things normal between Parth and Sana. They will patch up for sure. We won’t have to stop our beautiful friendship for that.
Reeva: I just wish that happens.
Ansh: it will..
They look into each others eyes and just then bell rings. They are awake from the moment. They leave n turn back half way giving a smile.

Precap: the class reps of chemistry and physics class r standing before principal’s room.
That’s all….

Credit to -Anaya

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  1. Hi anaya….. after so many days….. nice update dear

    1. Thank you Hayathi… Had so much work. Hectic days. Wanted to type daily but couldn’t . today took time to read all ffs. 🙂 and posted my bit too

      1. Its ok dear.. i can understand that…. i wish gud luck to u dr

  2. hiii anaya, how r u? ?
    thnx for posting lovely episode.
    I like it! !!!!
    keep continue. I’m eagerly waiting for next update… 🙂

  3. Anaya really missed u dear ….nice epi …plse update soon

  4. Anaya yaar ur making me crazy pls post d nxt epi soon !!

    Pls I want to read !!

    N yeah thanq so much for continuing dis story !!

    Missed u a lot Anaya !!

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