Hoton Pe Dabi Dil Ki Baatein (HPDDKB) Episode 2


It’s sunrise. Scene now has Vardamaan college gate and Ansh’s jeep with 3 MA enter college. Some classes are filled with students whereas, some have just 4-5 students. Some couple are sitting under the benches encircling the trees and romancing, some students are chatting within the canteen. Our 3 MA are also enjoying. Today, Jagat is narrating one of his stories to his friends…”Someone caught anushkaa’s neck from behind and ….”. Parth: Hey, You people continue. I’ll be back “.
Parth is walking towards washroom. On the way, he hears someone coughing. When he is just about to cross the lab, coughing became severe as if someone was breathless. He ran inside. Suddenly a girl came into view(Our Sana). She was trying to get rid of the fumes that were engulfing her and trying hard to breathe. Parth rushed towards her and took the test tube she had in her left hand and threw it in the sink, opening the pipe. Fumes lessened out in few minutes.
As soon as coughing stopped, Sana turned to Parth and asked:” Who told you to throw away that test tube?. Parth was dumbstruck.
Parth: “ WHAT?!!! I helped you out and this is what I get back?!!”
Sana: “Did I ask you for help?…..Then?”
Parth, now annoyed.:” yeah right. I should definitely be slapped for having tried out to help a person in trouble. Didn’t even notice first whether it’s a human or some damn bookwork boring witch. Sorry……”
Sana just stood wide eyed & her mouth flung open.!! She thought” How dare he call me a witch?”. But before she could utter anything, Parth was out of sight. Parth: “ ughhhh. That girl is impossible”
Here, Sana remembers something and with her palm on her forehead, she stood watching the test tube n the sink with a sad expression.
Meanwhile, after sometime, Parth joins his friends. They notice that he is upset.
Ansh: “What happened Parth?”
Parth: “Nothing yaar. There is no place for righteousness these days. Forget it. Okay Jagat. How far did the story reach. Did I miss anything important?” They all leave the topic and proceed with the story.
Screen shows Sana marching angrily and reaching class room. There she straight away goes to her friends Panchi and Reeva.
Reeva:” What happened Sana?”
Sana: “ An idiot destroyed my whole day hard work . Now, how will I complete everything by day after tomorrow? I didn’t even note down the results obtained so far and the work progress”.
Panchi understood the situation and suddenly handles it.
Panchi:” Don’t worry Sana. We are here na.. Our work is half completed. You do the experiment once again and then give us the data. By then we will complete your left out record work. And later on we will help you enter the data to your record too.Right Reeva?
Reeva: “ Yeah”
Panchi:” See. Problem solved. That’s it. Now cheer up. Smile. That’s my girl…”
Sana smiles with tears in her eyes and they have a group hug.
BG “Saath hum jo chale…ban gaye kaafile..Aur koi humein ab mile na mile, mauj he..roz he. Roke se bhi na ye rukte kabhi silsile……”
‘After 2 days’ is displayed on the screen and in chemistry class, all submit their works, even our Sana, with the help of her 2 besties..

Precap: Reeva is talking to a guy. His face is not visible to us. Reeva :” I don’t want my friends to be upset by our friendship. We have to stop this now and here itself”

That’s it….I have brought some changes so that those who read the story so far already are not bored too much… Hope it works fine.
Love you loads..

Credit to -Anaya

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  1. Anaya nyc epi. Bt can u update a little bit faster. I can’t wait.

  2. Nice epi anaya….

  3. Luving it

  4. Anaya dear ur stories are too different and nice….. but can u please reveal pairs….

  5. hey anaya your story isn’t get easily don’t know why . .. but plzz for next episode link post on desitv box na. otherwise it is too difficult to search next episode of DHKMN n HPBDAB.
    loved today’s episode.
    keep going. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Hey Zara
    I too found it difficult first. Now I just time the name of the story I want to read in search tab at right side top corner. Hope that helps.
    Thank you. N lv u Zara for the support
    Hey all….
    Miss uuuuuuu

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