Hoton Pe Dabi Dil Ki Baatein (HPDDKB) Episode 15


The 3ma and 3sp started the journey again and they were all happy. Now it seemed like they were not that eager to even catch the bus. They were also going the same destination and all who mattered were around. So everything seemed just perfect though no one voiced it out.
They were now playing statue!! In a moving jeep!! 😀 all definitely have gone nuts. The trip went on and they saw a stream which felt as if originating from heaven! It was an awesome scenery. They got down to enjoy the beauty and soon all were found playing in the streams and drenching each other. A new strong friendship was getting developed among the 6 and Ansh and Reeva were very happy that all went as they hoped.
Party threw water at Ansh who was lost in thoughts. Now Ansh is awake and he splashed water on parth face. All r enjoying the time and soon it’s evening. They now know that they won’t be able to chase the bus and they r not worried also. They get out and r shaking once out of water. They realised how cold it was inside the stream now only. They changed into new dresses with bedsheets they had with them as shield. They were still cold.
Ansh:” its too cold. I don’t think any of us can drive in this state. Let’s do one thing. We will first burn some fire and get rid of this coldness and then leave for the hotel we saw just 10 minutes away from here. What say?”
All agree to this. They set up a fireplace and sit around this. Boys r sitting on one side and girls on the other.
BG ” dil….sambhal ja Zara…for.mohobat Marne chala he tu…”
The wet hairs and face look so hot for girls and boys also look dashing with the water dripping from their hairs. They sit for sometime with song being played on the iPod and soon then the song ” tune mari entry yaar..dil me baji ghanti yaar” began and the beats just made them get up and dance. They started dancing around the fire and then songs played one after the other and they kept on dancing and in between, they began dancing in pairs.
Ansh and Panchi, Jagat and Sana and Parth and Reeva. They danced for ” chand sifarish jo karta hamari…” They were all having fun and cracking jokes. And then they shifted the pairs as before and were again parth-sana, ansh-reeva and jagat-panchi.
“Ishq wala love….”
They danced so much lost in each others eyes that they didn’t even notice is someone was noticing them or not. All were so lost in each others eyes. Sana was being back hugged and lifted by parth with her palms on his palms. Ansh and Reeva were dancing with Ansh tracing his fingers down her arm in a fluid motion. Jagat and Panchi were just moving in unison hugging one another. Soon it began to rain and all came to their senses. All ran to the jeep and rushed to the nearby hotel. They took rooms there and this time, had more rooms but decided to share rooms with all boys in one room and all girls in the adjacent room as it would be safer. Soon the day was engulfed in the night’s embrace and everyone was asleep. All of a sudden, a scream was heard. It was a female voice. Everyone woke up and our characters rushed to one another. But Panchi was missing from among the girls and Ansh was also missing!! They went to check their rooms again to see if they were in the bathrooms or balconies. But they both were really missing. Now it was becoming frightening. All rushed to the side from where the scream came. Some people were already gathered there. Our so and ma also went there. They said that they heard a shreak from this side and when they came, no one was there except for a phone. They saw that it was Panchi’s mobile!! Now Reeva and Sana started crying and they were all afraid. Soon police also arrived.
What’s behind all this? Just one night seems to have changed their whole life. What happened to Panchi? We will find out.

Credit to anaya

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  1. Oh no what is this yaar… what happend

  2. Awesome episode anaya, 3sp n 3ma rocking dearrr, I loved it very much…each n every details n your narration of scenes is very good…now where did Panchi go n ansh too? can’t wait for next episode. ..eagerly waiting. …love you loads

  3. Wat happened???????

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