Hoton Pe Dabi Dil Ki Baatein (HPDDKB) Episode 14


am so soooo sorryyyy guys. Had my xams and just couldnt post. But i know i am wrong. Am so sorry.. I will try to compensate the delay…hope u all forgive me. Ok…so lets get going.
Recap: ansh proposed reeva. All are asleep.
Next morning, all are getting ready to leave for the trip.All took bath except Sana. She now only went to take bath after all finished.Reeva,Panchi, Parth,Jagat and Ansh went downstairs to have breakfast and so as to not delay the departure, sana had told them to take parcel for her so that as soon as they finished and she came down, they can start the trip and catch the bus soon.
All the 5 sat around a table and were having breakfast and Panchi got a call from her home. She went to pick the call. Reeva and Ansh were looking into each others eyes and Reeva was feeling so shy that she immersed her eyes completely into the breakfast plate.

They all were sitting at a corner private place in the dining room and Ansh kept his foot on Reeva’s and she looked up all surprised and shocked as Parth and Jagat were still there and she was blushing too. So plead with her eyes and he winked and took his feet off.
Parth finished Hus breakfast and hw told that he will go and check if everything has been packed and nothing is left. He went upstairs and entered the room and suddenly heard Sana calling out:” Reeva, is that u? Thank godbu came over. This horrible dress na. The zip got stuck midway. Now its not going up of down and I have been fed up wrestling with it. U r my savior. Help kar de na. Mujhe Baal bhi sukhana he fir.”
Parth:” Oops.….its me parth. Reeva is still downstairs. She is having food. I will see if someone is around to help.”
Sana is just too embarrassed that she told all those without checking.oh god!!
Parth went out and looked around.he got inside and said:” listen..non one is around.”
Sana was stuck in the dress and she cried out with frustration:” aaaargh.. Now how long am I to stand like this?”
Parth hesitated and then said:” I will do it…don’t worry. I will not look. ”
Sana hesitated but it was now paining too as the strings of the dress from the back end got stuck on her bangles too while trying so hard. So she said:”ok. Close ur eyes. Am coming.” And she peeped and saw that Parth was standing with his eyes closed. BG” chupke se sun…is pal ki dhun…is pal me jeevan saara….”
She came out and walked towards him. She stood near him and turned around and coughed . Parth smiles at that and he slowly traced and found the strings and freed her slowly from each of them. And she saw on the mirror that he still had his eyes closed. She knew that he respected women. It touched her heart. Now he was trying to close the zipper but it was stuck with a piece of cloth. He was not able to.

Sana:” Parth.. I trust u.. U can open ur eyes. I know the cloth must be stuck”
Parth felt the time just stopped when she said that she trust him.
Parth:” u sure?”
Sana:” yes parth”
Parth slowly opened his eyes and looked into her eyes through the mirror. BG” tu hi ye mujhko batade…chahu me ya naa….”
Sana lowered her lashes as she felt that she will lose her heart to him for sure if she kept looking into those eyes. Parth now turned his gaze to the dress and pulled at the cloth stuck in between and after some seconds, it finally came off and then he gradually pulled up the zip with his eyes back to her face in the mirror. The back of his hand slowly traced her skin and she closed her eyes and her breath got caught.
Suddenly sana turned around and hugged him as she was shy and then Parth took her in his embrace and they stood there. Then she escaped from his embrace and ran to a corner and stood there with heavy breaths and Parth went and hugged her from behind and traced his lips in her mole on the neck.Sana:” shall we go?”
Sana:”parth…shall we go?”
He was shaking and then only he realised that he was daydreaming!!!!!!
He was dreaming that she hugged him and everything after that!
Parth:”sure. Everything is packed na? Nothing is left. So let’s move” and as soon as Sana was out of the room he beat himself with his palm on head” u r nuts. Day dreaming??seriously??!!”
And they reached downstairs and got on the jeep and the journey started again..
Credit to anaya

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    1. Of course not strawberry. I am happy that u do… feels good and I am trying to make the episodes more frequent.

  3. Superb episode. I really like parth and sana’s chemistry.

  4. And plz be regular and update long parts. Sorry if I asked too much but can’t help it the story is too gud.

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  5. Awesome episode, loved it very much. keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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