Hoton Pe Dabi Dil Ki Baatein (HPDDKB) Episode 13


Reeva and Ansh r sitting on the table and Reeva is about to turn the page to see Ansh’s lover. Ansh has his eyes focused on Reeva. She turned the page and saw a cute pic of her bday party last year with cake on her nose.
Reeva:” Ansh, how could u pasye this pic of mine? I look too funny πŸ™ Wait!! Ansh! U said u will show me ur lover’s pic but this is my pic. Y?”
Reeva is breathing heavy. She think she knows the answer but would like to hear it from his mouth. She brought her eyes up from the book and saw that Ansh was looking at her only.. They have an eye lock. BG” mastani me deewani…deewani ho gayi..”
Ansh:” I love u Reeva.”
Reeva has tear rolling down her eyes and she is trying hard not to cry. She is biting her lowerlip to control the threatening sob about to overpower her. Her chin vibrated with it.
Reeva:” I love u too”
Ansh knew he would have to push her to the edge to make her realise her love. Ansh is so happy that it worked. They hug each other and just keep hugging each other more firmly. Then stood in each others arms. BG”tum pas aye..u muskuraye…..kuch kuch hota he”
Ansh:” reeva, i didnt propose while playing not because I loved Pancho but because I wanted this to be special. I didn’t want to spoil this moment.”
Reeva is so gappy to hear all this. She mumbles I love u Ansh and hugs him more tightly breathing in his scent and Ansh says I love u too kissing on her forehead and hugging her again. After sometime, Reeva remembers what she was doing and she starts to leave the embrace.
Ansh:” what happened Reeva?”
Reeva:” someone will see us Ansh”.
Ansh:” so what? Let them”.Reeva:” no ansh. Let’s go”.Ansh:” wow! U seem to be in a rush my sweetie.. Want to go inside now itself! I thought u would need some time to take our relationship to the next level. But I am happy that u r ready so soon”.
Then only the words struck her mind what he meant.
She gave him a hit on his rib.
Ansh:” ouch. Careful”and they both laugh and start walking towards their room. They reach the entrance and Reeva was about to one the room when Ansh suddenly pulls her yo him by her waist in a back hug and whispers I love u in her neck inhaling her. Reeva places her head on his chest with her hair touching his face and says I know Ansh. Good night. And she suddenly opens the door and gets inside and settles on the bed lying on her front. Ansh also lay on the bed and looking at her hr gradually is engulfed in the folds of a calm and blissful night.

Credit to-anaya

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  1. Lovely dr

  2. Such a shrt updt, make it lil big, pls. . .:-) ansh is so romantic , he knws hw to tak a yes frm her. . . πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  3. Hi anaya how r u

  4. wow….quick….i think u r taking my tip seriously….just kidding!!!!
    About the episode…it was……AMMMAAAAZZZIIINNNGGG!!!!! I loved it!!!!!
    keep writing….and dont forget to….UPDATE QUICKLY!!!

  5. Am very good hayathi… I am trying strawberry to update as per ur suggestion.. Do have exams coming soon. Could then have delay again
    But will try to post as fast as possible. And thank u hayathi,strawberry and liya for the support. Happy that u liked it

    1. nice nice keep going….all the best for exms….what u can do is write the story all at one or maybe ten episodes in one day…..then keep updating it every day or update all at once(thats ur choice)….but do take my this seriously….it will help u a looootttt……ALL THE BEST

      1. please atleast reply yaaar….am i that bad that u dont consider replying me??????

      2. So sorry strawberry… Hey! How could u say such a thing?!!!! I was definitely not ignoring. My xam just got over yesterday. I will update tomorrow for sure. I was just going through the last update. I missed u so much. Its just that I couldn’t write as mom would have definitely killed me if I took so long over my phone these days. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰
        And thank u for the suggestion. I will try to use this one

  6. Oh so sweet. Ansh is so romantic person. So for now two couples. What abt our love birds jagat n panchi. When their time is gonna come. Waiting.

  7. Awesome episode, loved it very much. .keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  8. It ws a nce epi……
    Anaya plzzzz consider my request:cud u olzzzz provide link f bth ur stories in mmz fan fic pge??????it’s easier for me to read tem ten…plzzzzzz?????????

    1. Aastha I don’t know how to do that. I can see recent posts and comment section but other than that.. I don’t know how to. If u type hpddkb or dhkmn on the search box up top part to the right, u can easily get the full episodes till now.

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