Hoton Pe Dabi Dil Ki Baatein (HPDDKB) Episode 12


Night is still active. After sometime, Reeva is awakened by someone patting on her shoulder. She gives a confused look and then much effort tries to open her sleep-driven eyes. Finally she manages to open the eyelids full and in the moonlight notices that its ansh calling her to come. He has placed his right hand forefinger on his lips indicating her to not make noise and follow him. Reeva is confused full on. She gestures ‘why?’ Without making noise. Ansh gestures her to just come over. Please…
Reeva finally agrees and with tiptoeing, they go out of the room. Once out, ansh suddenly closes her eyes with his hand from behind and tells her to follow his lead.’trust me’
Reeva and Ansh reach garden area. He slowly removes his hand off her eyes. She opens her eyes to see Chinese lanterns decorated on a big shady tree and a small table and 2 chairs with red roses covering the table completely and a book kept nearby. Also its got scented candles and a bottle of champagne with 2 glasses. Reeva is just awestruck with all these arrangements. She is not able to forget the glittering tree. She felt like heaven came down for her.she just stood frozen there. Ansh guides her to the table and makes her sit on the chair. Now he takes his seat. Rerva:” what’s all this Ansh?” Reeva’s heart is beating as if she just ran a 200m race. Ansh:” reeva, u have always been there for me. I have kept a secret from u. Actually I didn’t knew it myself. I wanted to tell u about the truth of my life. I love a girl. I want yo share this with just u. I have not even told parth and jagat about this.also I want to tell u that I might go to her tomorrow. We will still try to keep in touch” Now Reeva is bit confused and hurt. Reeva thinks’I should have thought of this. I am just his friend. Even he is only my friend. Then y does it hurt if he loves some one?’
Reeva:” then y all thus ansh?”
Ansh:” I just wanted to have a proper goodbye treat with u before leaving”
Reeva is now teary eyed. :” ok.. U got time to tell me u r leaving atleast now. Thank u. And good luck with ur love life. Can we go now?”
Ansh:” Reeva. Come on! I told u before I leave. Right?”
Reeva:” oh! So u think it’s fine. U r doing a favor by telling me now? Fine then. Thanks a lot Ansh for sharing this with me. Can we leave now?”
Ansh:” am sorry reeva. I just decided this today only. I had not planned all this.”
Reeva:” its ok ansh.”
Ansh:” ok then. Let’s just refresh our friendship then. Open the book.”
Reeva is still so hurt but she is just tolerating all this for his sake. Let him be happy. Reeva hesitantly takes the book and opens. It has the pic of both having coffee at the canteen. Ansh took the chair and sat beside Reeva.
Ansh:” u remember this?”
Both look and smile with eyes filled. Reeva:”yes. The day u were revealing ur crush to ankita mam”
Ansh laughs out. Wat days yaar.she was just gorgeous na”
Reeva:” I never felt so. U guys r always crazy about elder women. Psycho boys’
Ansh:” u girls r jealous. She was damn hot. U r busy studying and u never had the luck to attend her class. That’s y u don’t exactly know how she looks”
Reeva:” stop it moron. Boys.boys.boys. just the same” and she teasingly shows ger tongue out.
Ansh:” ok. Turn next page.”
Reeva turns and a pic showing Reeva writing ansh’s name on a project work front page and Ansh placing horns with his fingers on her head”
Reeva:” u…. How mean.. I am writing ur project report and u r giving me 2 horns? How come u never showed this pic”And she started beating him.
They were laughing and teasing each other. BG “yaaron…dosti…”
They are turning pages and recalling the moments. And then suddenly Ansh placed his hand on the book and stopped her from turning the page. She gave him a questioning glare.
Ansh:” Reeva. Now I have the pic of the girl whom I love. I just want to know how does she look in ur opinion. I love her. So even if she is not good looking according to u, I am not going to leave her. But still I want to know ur opinion about her.”
Reeva:” I don’t like her Ansh. I can tell that now itself. U don’t have to show me her pic”
Ansh:” how can u say that without even looking. Trust me Reeva.she is very good at heart and whenever I look into those eyes, I just get the craving to be imprisoned in those depths. When she smiles…”
Reeva:” stop it ansh. Stop it.”
Ansh:”y Reeva? I want u to like her too.”
Reeva:” I won’t . she is taking away my friend from me. How can I like her then?”
Ansh:” please Reeva. U 2 r my strengths. I want both of u. Please do this for me.”
Reeva has tears rolling down her cheek. Still she says ok.
She turns the page slowly.
Credit to-anaya

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  1. so only ansh and reeva today….please show sana and parth in the next epi
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