Hoton Pe Dabi Dil Ki Baatein (HPDDKB) Episode 11


The scene is the hotel room where our 3 sp & 3 ma are sound asleep.
Parth woke up in the middle of the night as he felt thirsty. He drank water & then was about to sleep again when his eyes just searched for Sana, and she was nowhere to be seen. He rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn’t just being sleepy head and imagining. He became sure that Sana was missing. First, he thought of awakening others. But then, he thought maybe not. What if she just went to the washroom or something. So, he decided to check it himself first . He checked for her in the washroom, and the corridor. She was nowhere. He was about to call Ansh when he was a shadow behind the balcony. He went there & saw that she stood there. All the more gorgeous with the moonlight adding to her smooth velvety skin, a silver coating. The breeze feather touching her smooth silky hair. He stood there admiring for a few minutes.”Hey kaash, kaash yun hota…..Har shaam saath tu hota…..Chup-chaap dil na yun rota….Har shaam saath tu hota…Guzara ho tere bin guzara ab mushqil hai lagta….Nazara ho tera hi nazara ab har din hai lagta…….Hale dil tujhko sunata..Dil agar yeh bol pata..Bakhuda tujhko hai chahta jaan”
On the other hand, Sana, she was lost in her thoughts. FB shows that she had a dream about a guy & herself being on an island. They were looking into each other’s eyes. He leaned closer & was one breath away from her . They were about to kiss & just then she saw his face. It was Parth!!!!!! She woke up from her sleep. And here she was….
Sana (thinking in her mind): am I worth anyone’s love after what I did? Maybe he is just being nice as he came to know that I was an orphan. Why does my heart stops beating when he looks into my eyes. Why I nowadays feel so safe when he is around? I am not worth all this. May be God is doing all this to punish me more for what I did. I should keep myself away from him. I have no right for any love. I am a killer. I am to be punished & not loved.
She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t notice him standing right beside her & watching her so closely. She noticed him when he cleared his throat to drag her out of her thoughts.
Parth:”Isn’t it too cold outside? Why are you awake this late?”
Sana( I should stop doing this to me. I will just leave from here & go to sleep)
Parth saw that she had tears fighting to over flow from her eyes & she was fighting them back when she saw him.
Sana: “ I just came by to get some fresh air. I was about to go to sleep. Ok then. Goodnight”
She started to go inside, when all of a sudden he pulled her catching her left elbow and brought her near him. He then framed his palms on her cheek.
Parth: :” look into my eyes Sana”. He brought her chin up so as to make her look into his eyes. She lowered her gaze.
Parth: “Sana. Please don’t do this. I want to know what is bothering you. I just want to know what is ripping you apart inside. I want to be a friend to whom you can share all your fears. I want to be a friend. Don’t I even deserve to be a friend? Am I that bad?”
Sana: “trust me Parth. You don’t want to know them. “
Parth: “Sana please. I want to”
Sana : “ok. I think this will help you to run far away from me. I will tell you the truth. ”
Parth:” Listen..I want to hear the truth. But let me clarify this to you befpre that. Nothing is gonna change with this. And your secrets are safe with me. I just want to be there for u. No judgments. Nothing. I want u to know this first. u get that?”
Sana(may be u should not reach to a decision yet to make me ur friend. U can decide after i tell u this) nodded a yes.
Sana moved back from Parth. Parth was still watching her closely.
Sana: ”I was just 9 years old when I was the happiest girl in the world. I had a lovely family. My dad, mom, and Chintu -my younger brother. One day we were all heading back home after a trip to lonawla and on the way a jeep was trying to overtake us. Dad gave way for the jeep. They crossed us & I felt so bad. I started to force my dad to drive fast & to defeat the jeep in race. I cheered him. Mom told dad to drive slowly, but I insisted him to keep the pace. Soon that happened..
A truck came from nowhere & there was a huge bang… I woke up in city hospital & I had to face the worst reality of my life.(Sana’s eyes poured out tears as if from a tap. But she continued). I had got my family killed in the accident.
Sana began sobbing uncontrollably . All of a sudden Parth scooped her in his embrace & hugged her hard and she dug deep into his chest while crying with all those images coming back to her with 10 fold intensity.
Parth just stood there letting her cry as much as she wanted to…He kept listening to her sobs and kept moving his hand on her shoulder to ease out the struggle she was going through.Sana kept crying for God knows how long. After a measurable amount of time, Parth:” Sana…. I want u to know that nothing has changed. You have lived enough of ur life with the guilt. It was a 9 year old girls deed. U didn’t knew u could lose ur family in this. Ur dad, mom and chintu r watching u from somewhere. U believe in souls. Right?”
Sana:”ye..s”(hiccups and sobs attacking her inbetween)
Parth:” Good. Now tell me will ur mom, dad or chintu would like to see their loving daughter and naughty sister cry? Aren’t u making them feel bad and all hurt thinking u r crying because of them? Is this that u want to do to ur family?”
Sana just kept looking and silently tears still rolled down her cheek.
Parth rubbed off the tears slowly from her cheek.
Parth:” Its been so long. Even if u had anything to do with in that accident, u have punished urself far more than what u deserve. Its time to move on. Ur family will also be happy to see u being happy. U r left in this world to live ur brother and mom and dad’s lives too. Do u want them to live this kind of a life?”
Parth:” Then thats it. Its past. U r still being blessed and loved by ur family. Live ur life happily and they will be happy wherever they r. They hugged each other in the emotional moment and stood there like that for few minutes.
Sana was feeling better. It got registered in her mind that she was hugging him then only!!
Her spine got erect and tensed and then Parth too came out of the trance. He slowly loosened his hold on her and they stole eyes from each other. Sana:” Thank you Parth”
Parth looked into her eyes once again..BG”dil dhadakta he bas teri is muskurahat pe… Mujhe ye kya hua he teri mohobat me….”(my own lyrics again 😉 )
Sana took off her eyes from his penetrating gaze. “Ok then Parth.. Good night”
Parth”Goodnight Sana”
They both came back to room and went off to sleep with their respective friends.
Credit to Anaya

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  1. Omggggg parth sana superrrr…….being orphan its very tough to live yaar

  2. Hop sana overcum frm the guilt n lonlines soon. . .

  3. Nice epi…being orphan v feel dat v r alone in dis world..don’t worry Sana v r der 4 u..evn Parth is der..
    So jest loosen up…

  4. Nice part anaya…..enjoyed a lot. ….plse update next part soon

  5. @hayathi:yes. It is indeed. Am happy that u r able to get connected with the story.
    @liya: with parth and her friends around, she surely would.
    @vivi: absolutely yaar
    @lulu: thank u…sure

  6. Superb epi anaya, parth n sana rocking, finally sana shared her past with parth, I hope they fall in love with each other, keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  7. i lvd it.loooooooooooookng forward 4 mre sana-parth scenes…………………………………………….. cn u clear my doubt:does parth love sana or is he a gud frnd f hrs????????????

  8. I am very very angry…..u never update on time….. I like ur story sooooo much but u never update it on time……I am very angry at u…..please update at time

  9. please update fast dear….

  10. Am so sorry shriya. I know am being late with updates. Its just that I have exams and earlier had interviews. Sorry for the flaws. I will try my best to post at least 1 episode for both stories a week. And thank u all for tolerating me and my delayed updates. Am truely sorry. God knows how much I miss writing the stories and getting ur feedbacks

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