Hoton Pe Dabi Dil Ki Baatein (HPDDKB) Episode 10


Sana is tensed and nervous. She looks towards Reeva & Panchi. THey assure her to go ahead. She took a deep breath and then started..”There is not much of a story… My life is quite boring. I am an orphan. I lost my parents when I was young in a car accident & I grew up in an orphanage till I got the sholarship to study here. And I do data entry jobs on Saturdays & Sundays to fulfil my livelihood now. That’s it.”
(Sana completed the whole story in a single breath without any feeling)
Everyone became silent. The silence was killing them all.
Parth had a feeling that she had wiped out all the emotions while talking as if it was just a story, but she was being torn apart while imagining all those years in..
Just then, to lighten the atmosphere, Jagat stood up and said:” 1 minute. I want to dance. Music please.”
Hearing dance, all cheered up and music began….” Har pal meriyaan yadaan…Yadaan vich ae tun…Dil di gal main dassa..Te dassa fir kinnu (x2)”
All started dancing. AT first, all were dancing together, then they started to pair up.
Parth and Reeva danced together, Ansh & Panchi, & Jagat & Sana.
Then as the song played on they started switching pairs one by one. After a while, Ansh & Reeva were together, Jagat & Panchi made a pair and our Sana & Parth forned another pair.
Sana was not comfortable. She tried to get away to next person, but when she looked, she saw that Ansh & Reeva were lost in themselves, Same was the case with JAgat& Panchi. She had no choice left.She thought, may be she should just stop dancing & just watch them all dance. She was leaving Parth, when Parth pulled her towards hi with his left hand on her right hand that she went deep into is arms. He was looking again into her eyes. There was definitely a sense of possessiveness and love in his eyes. It took her breath away. Maybe it wont harm to just live this moment. May be he is just being nice. But his eyes talked differently to her. She gave into the feelings for now. She couldn;t resist.
“Pal.. do pal ki kyun hai zindagi….Iss pyaar ko hai sadiyan kaafi nahi…..Toh khuda se maang loon…Mohallat main ek nai….Rehanaa hai bas yahaan….Ab door tujhse jana nahi…Jo tu mera humdard hai…..Jo tu mera humdard hai…Suhaana har dard hai…Jo tu mera humdard hai”
Parth swung Sana around and then had her again in her embrace with his left hand placed affectionately on her waist.
She had her left had placed on his shoulder while thr right palm was spread over his heart. She could feel the faster heartbeat. He turned het, so that his front was facing her back and then raised her arms up & cupped them with his. Then traced down her body curves with them.. She was melting into his arms & his hands were burning. Then he turned her around once again to watch those eyes and he saw that she too was being affected. She too had her guards down. He cupped her face in his hands and placed an affectionate kiss on her forehead. She had here eyes closed. Then he kissed her softly on both eyelashes. He kissed on her cheeks and he could see that those were red now. His lips curved smoothly thinking of his effect on her. He then brought his lips close to her, almost brushing them, and Sana opened her eyes and hugged him suddenly with her neck beside his mouth. His short pants fell on her neck. She shivered as he trailed his lips over her neck and kissed her on her neck inhaling her scent. He was nibbling her small mole on her neck with his mouth. She shivered at that. She felt the fluttering to tiny tingly butterflies on her stomach.
Jagat was dancing with Panchi hand in hand and he asked her” Whom do you love in this group?”
Panchi said with a childish pout:” There is someone”
JAgat huskily:” Tell me who is that lucky guy”
Panchi:” u think he is lucky?”
Jagat:” Very..very lucky”
Panchi is blushing. She restes her head on his chest still dancing.Jagat tightened his gripn on her waist.
Another corner, Ansh&Reeva are dancing.
Reeva:” U like Panchi too much, right? Go & dance with her na”
Ansh kept his right hand forefinger on her lips”Shhh… You know I don’t”
Reeva”I don’t know anything”
Ansh cups her face and brings her face up so that she looked into his eyes.”Don’t you?”
Reeva just lowered her gaze and just kept silent. Ansh too didn’t force. He had something in his mind.
All were lost when all the songs in the list were completed and it stopped plaaying. They all came out of the dreamy moments and all dispersed with an odd smile on their faces.” Ok. Let’s get some sleep”
They placed the pillows in between and the 3MA slept on one side of the bed while the 3SP on the other end.
Credit to-Anaya

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  1. Such a romantic and emotional episode….

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  3. Thanks yaar 4 cuming bak, i thot u stopd the story. I realy luv ur story 🙂 n the romanc was 2 gud 😉

  4. Wowwww Anaya, it’s awesome, very romantic, lovely episode, can’t wait for the next episode, plzzzz continue dear and update soon…love you loads, muaaaaahhhhhh

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