Hotel : Naagin And Ghost (Introduction)

hi guys I’m writing another ff on naagin… I hope you all will like it. first, I’ll introduce my chosen casts…

Shivanya : A naagin. she is the daughter of naag raani and naag Raja. her parents gave her a naagmani for protection to it and herself. she befriend with a man. the man betrayed her by taking the nagmani away from her. she lives in a hotel with two ghosts.

Devyani : A older age ghost. she works in that hotel till her death. now, she is lives in the hotel with, shivanya.

Nameless : she has no name. when she is born, her mom kills her by pushed her into the toilet. she lives with ,devyani and shivanya.

Rithik : A love failure guy. he wanted to be a successful author. but he didn’t get well in public. he takes a debt of Rs. 30,000 from a londlord for the study of his girlfriend. but she cheated him.

Shesha : A money minded girl. she loves rithik for the money for her studies. after, study she broke up with him.

Samrat : Rithik’s childhood friend. he will do anything for him.

Aparajitha : A modern city girl. she always applies make up on her at any time. she is the manager of the hotel.

Ankush : The hotel owner.

Ajay : The landlord. he wants the money he gave to rithik. he always torture rithik for the money. but he is a comedy piece.

Agnimukha : A tantrik. he is the one who traps the ghosts and naagin. he is also a comedy person in the ff..

so, guys did you like the casts if you didn’t like the casts then tell I will change.

Credit to: Tamizhacchi


  1. Fallingstar

    hey Tamizhacchi!! nice intro but i think you re posted it… Pls update the first chapter fast

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