the horror of swaragini Episode 2

hii guys it looks like you like my story ………… so lets begin the story no stupid blabbering


at a point of grave 2 men were standing suddenly 2 snakes came to them and turn into human form they were smiling
those 2 mens were dharm and kharm
kharm- apne aap ko nashat karlo
those 2 naagin gets conused and say-hamara vaqt itna bura kese ho gya ki hmare banane waale hame maar rahe hai hai
dharm-hame voh rasta chod diya hai
naagin-toh ……kya abhi tak sirf ham hi pure sansaar ke akele muh waale saap hai hame apni jaati badani hai
kharm-jaaeda sawal mat pucchu aur varna mughe pta hai kya karna hai

both naagin ran from there in snake forms


swara sees ragini lying uncounsious sswara shouts-ragini……….. kya hua ragini ko
laksh-pta nhai swara voh …..haan voh samaan dekh rahi thi aur ……….
swara- aur…….
laksh- voh behosh ho gayi phir voh uthi meine usse sula diya aur …….
swara-laksh tum mughe darra rahe ho
ragini-l-laksh ….. s–ss-swara
everyone become happy
ragini wakes up and saw all of them looking at her pleased
ragini-mughe esse kyu dekh rahe ho
laksh-nahi bas …. tumhe pyaar kar rahe hai
ragini-umm mughe ajeeb lag raha hai veses swara mughe 2 locket mile hai

meanwhile at car
a black air start to come in through window and settles on it as it is watching the show even we can’t see its face

ragini drags swara to the place where the lockets were
swara-bahut sundar hai
ragini-pta hai
swara-kaha se mila ?
ragini-purane bags mei se

for 2 minutes swara looks at ragini
ragini-koi baat nahi meine bhi kholne se pehle yahi socha tha
swara-its ok lets open it
ragini-meine abhi tak khola nahi hai
ragini-apni 2 photo se naa
ragini-mei apni 2 pic dalungi aur tu apni phir ham dono yeh locket pehn leinge you know like in movies
swara-ok bhai

swara bring 4 photo both 2 photoes ragini brings scissors andstart to trim it and sanlak were getting bored and sanskar yawned and swara gave him a deadly look
then ragini cut the photoes and then they open the second locket it has a photo 2 photo swaragini didn’t know it was of whom so they left it and put their second locket was also ready swaragini put the lockets on

KHARM-tay ho gya tay ho gya meine bahar ka dekh ke ander ka daba liya
dhar-matlab ??
kharm-hamara dusra janam ho gya ………. ek jessa
dharm nodes his head

swara wear second locket and the black came near her and roam arouna her no one notice it not even swara ragini wear the one which has no pic so the black air roam only one time and goes to swara ……………..

precap-new powers birth

thanks for reading

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  1. That’s awesome bstie you nailed it like a princess you are the best as you accept the friendship I am going to call you soon baby hrhe haha c’mon it’s the best and by the way what is that black thing air like in cloudy day it’s awesome I think so they weared those kharam and dharm locket maybe and that’s why he got feeling sorry if I took away the twist I am really sorry will my besties give me a little sorry

  2. O m g it’s abfab besties it’s great can’t imagine. and dear preeti why did you those they took away the twist you should be careful and yeah my best wishes to you soon it’s a fab

  3. Samira are you killing me with guilt it’s just a fault and yeah it’s very good starting to a great ff

  4. No preeti it’s just it and yeah I am your bestie too so no guilt yaar only soni could tell it and yeah it’s a great ff preeti is right

  5. Hey it’s a good ff just do what you want but update quick

  6. Hmm it’s have great twist it’s a much fab then anything and it’s good their are couples

  7. I love it it’s great and it’s nice start

  8. hey its a really good i actually enjoy kala jadu things

    and yeah both preeti and samira what is this besties things , yaar yeh telly updates hai koi whatsapp nahi hai toh pls

  9. Amazing

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