Horror story season-3 (Tashan-e-ishq, Vishkanya, kkb and matsh) episode-2


The episode starts with Kunj sees no one is in flight.. Other than 8!! They all sees each other. Flight flies in air.. Ranveer holds Ishaani hand.. She sleeps on his shoulder. Kunj comes there and sits near ranveer and asks about him!! Twinkle also joins.. Ranveer tells his name.. He then tells them that she is my love,world. Etc,,.. Kunj asks why? Ranveer tells once. We both was going for long drive.. That time. One car came fast and hitted us and left fast.. That time.. Glass fall into Ishaani eyes instead of mine.. She saved me.. So she lost her eyes.. They both gets teary eyes..

Kunj intros himself and tells she is wife.. She always.. Come behind me. Twinkle tells me? He tells yes.. She gets up but he pulls her closer.. Ra pagala song plays..(From Kanchana-2).. Apu and Malay sits near abhi and pragya and they have a chit chat..

Flight lands near island.. In Maldives.. They all get down from flight.. Pilot.. Suddenly starts flight .. Once they get down . They all stands shocked.. Ranveer shouts to stop him.. But he leave.. They all see each other.. They try to call.. But phone signal.. Strength is low . so can’t call. They all sits near sand..Ishaani asks what? Ranveer tells nothing u take rest.. He makes her sleep..

Twinkle tells for what we came here? Kunj tells u don’t??Twinkle tells it is not time to joke.. They all walks inside to resort.. No one is in reception.. Keys are kept on table.. They all feel strange.. They all walks near respective rooms.. Ranveer opens his door.. Bats comes out of it.. Ishaani gets scared hearing the sound! Ranveer holds her hand and hugs her tightly.. Bats bute ranveer.. Kunj throws fire.. All bats runs from there..

Kunj opens his room and sees dead body hanging in the room???He gets shocked.. All shouts.. Malay opens his room and sees nothing and feels relieved.. He sees someone running and follows them.. Snake comes out of bathroom. He shouts and runs.. Apu comes there and sends Malay out.. Snake bites apu.. But snake dies??Apu tells Malay that I am afraid of snake..

He tells really and puts cockroach infront of her.. She shouts.??Abhi opens his room.. In fear.. Pragya holds his shoulder… He opens and finds no one.. A man comes out.. They all shouts and sees him and asks where r others?

He welcomes them to mokkai resort!! He gives them Towel and tells them to get ready.. Soon.. Ranveer asks about others …??.. Soul gets into his body and throttles apu and asks how dare she kill me? Apu asks whom? All are shocked.. Pragya takes sindoor from her head and throws on man.. He falls down.. Soul comes out of body! Abhi sends room boy..

Precap:All of them walks on island.. Suddenly Ranveer phone.. Signal strength comes.. He was over joyed.. He opens it and clicks contact page.. Ghosts comes out of it.. He throws phone.. It falls on water.. All tells now last chance also over! Ranveer tells I saw something which came out now! Abhi,kunj and Malay asks what is it?

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  1. Harisha

    Awesome bro. How r u

    1. Narendran

      Thnx harisha.. I m fine..

  2. Cool bro

    1. Narendran

      Thnx Duvakshara.. ??

  3. Its awesome! epi bhai.i loved the way ranveer care for ishaani bhai, actually first i saw love..love..love..ff n so i am sry for asking that ques in that ff.keep rocking bhai.

    1. Narendran

      Thnx sandhya for the comment!

  4. Nandana (a big fan of SHAKTI ARORA)


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  5. It was such a very interesting story Naren just keep it up ?

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  6. Kathy

    Sorry naren for the late comment… In the beginning when It comes Maldives I felt wow Maldives beautiful destination… But,,, now itseems so scary ..?????? yaar… Loved apulay part specially Apu says that she scared of snake… Lol..?? even vishkanya afraid of cockroach … N luv the way ranveer cares ishaani

    1. Kathy

      Excited for the next episode naren.. May almighty bless u…

      1. Narendran

        Thnx Kathy..??thnx for u r blessings!!

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