Horror story season-3 (Tashan-e-ishq, Vishkanya, kkb and matsh) episode-1

The episode starts with.. a. Scary place is shown.. Someone shouts.. Slowly box opens.. Dead body comes out of it!!it smiles evilly!! It laughs.. Kunj comes to office.. He gets a call from his friend.. Malay.. He asks him did u propose?? Malay tells yes.. Ishaani sits in house alone.. Ranveer comes there and tells I came back!! She asks him u went now only? U came back???He stammers!! She gets up but was About to fall.. But he holds her.. Wind blows.. He eyes her and cries.. Tears falls on Ishaani hand.. She asks why r u crying? He tells becoz of me. U lost u r eyes.. Otherwise. She keeps hand on his mouth. He removes it and tells I did big mistake.

Ranveer cries.. Ishaani and ranveer hugs each other. Ranveer tells we are leaving for outing.. Near beach area.. For relief!! She tells for whom? He tells me!! I work hard always??She laughs.. She asks is it resort? He tells yes..
Abhi comes back to house with flower.??He gives to pragya and makes her surprise.. She tells ohhh!!???superb.. She laughs.. He asks did u know?

She tells I have fixed a camera to see any theif is coming.. But u came first!! She laughs . he tells soo funny.. They both laughs.. Allah warriyan plays.. Kunj tells twinkle that we both are leaving for resort.. Today. She smiles. Kalpana tells apu to accept his love!! She agrees. Apu and Malay sits on temple and they get married!!

They both comes infront of kunj in garlands!! Kunj hugs them and packs their bags also FL come with them.. Ranveer and Ishaani also comes to airport.. Twinkle,kunj,Malay, apu,ranveer and Ishaani gets into same flight.. They all sits near by seats.. Abhi and pragya also comes to airport and comes into same flight.. They all see each other. And flight.. Only they 8 are sitting.. Other seats are free??

Precap:All comes to same resort.. All goes to their rooms.. !!.. One room boy comes there.. Suddenly ghost enter into his body. He throttle.. Apu. All gets shocked..

Hope u all liked it.


  1. VarshaVenkat


    |Registered Member

    Ahhhh…bro u r writing thriller stories really cooll…..loved it bro….today’s was a lil sad part wen rv cried for ishu….n abhigya humor was cool!!!

  2. Krish


    |Registered Member

    srryyy fr te late comment…………..nice epiiiii bro……..waitng fr te nxt epiiii…………………

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.