Horror story season-2(Manmarziyan, edkv,krpkab,matsh,vishkanya,and qubool hai) episode 7


The episode starts with Apu and. Malay talks to each other. Suddenly lights gets off.. Suman and sonakshi lights candle.. It blows.. They light again and again.. It blows.. They both stands shocked. Zoya and radhika comes there and asks them what happened? They tells about it. They also does it but fails.Apu and Ishaani also comes there and tries to light but fails.. All boys shout to come them soon. They tells we are coming.. They all comes forward.. Suddenly skeleton falls on them.. They all shouts in fear.. One man comes there like Dracula.. He tries to kill them. Shravan beats him but can’t.. He is ghost… Dracula signs him… He was flying in air. Suman shouts to save his life.. It throws shravan down.. His hand gets hurt. Suman tries to save him.. Dracula signs her.. It makes her itself beat.. With slippers.. All gets shocked. Sonakshi keeps Jesus chain infront of him.. It shouts and tells him to take it. She does not..

It runs away.. All helps suman and shravan makes them sit on bed. They does first aid to them.. Shravan eyes suman lovingly.. He tells them I will take care of her.. They all leaves.. He keeps dettol on her.. She shouts.. He tells it is paining? She takes it and keeps on his wound. He also shouts.. They both smiles.. Sanam re plays.. Asad comes to room and sees all sides and tells zoya that something is fishy in this house.. Swadheentha gets into zoya body.. She shouts.. Asad keeps hand on her shoulder and asks what? Zoya throws his other side.

He gets shocked. He shouts.. Zoya closes door. Zoya takes knife and comes near him.. He tells her not to.. Zoya tells sorry asad.. Suddenly swadheentha soul comes out.. Zoya tells I love u asad.. He tells me too.. They hug each other.. Swadheentha sees this and smiles.. Allah warriyan plays.. She again gets into her body.. Zoya breaks hug and laughs.. Her hair blows on wind.. She takes knife and sharpens it..

Ranveer tells this house is full of mystery to Ishaani. She tells me too feel the same. Arjun and radhika also joins them and. Haves tea.. Apu and Malay also comes there and tells we all should leave this house ASAP….. Sonakshi sits.. Dev tells u r genious who told u that Dracula is fear of Jesus?she tells I knew.

Swadheentha smiles evilly.. From zoya body.. She stabs Asad.. He gets shocked.. Tum hi ho plays.. Swadheentha comes out of her body.. Zoya sees asad state and gets shocked.. She cries.. She shouts.. Zoya tells I did not tell u one thing.. I am pregnant.. He smiles.. She tells not now.. I aborted it.. He cries.. She tells I am big sinner. Killed u now.. And baby.. She beats herself. Asad tells her not to. Zoya takes knife out.. She stabs herself.. Both falls each other facing.. They holds their hand tightly.. Asad cries. Zoya tells good bye.. Door opens their life goes out.. All sees them dead and gets shocked.

Precap:FB.. Adarsh gets up in mrng and asks swadheentha to bring dosa. She tells I am tired.. He tells then who will cook. She tells u!??Ramnath,Kalpana and three veiled man comes there and tells Adarsh to stop filing case against us. He tells u r against the law!!.

Credit to: Narendran

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  2. Good episode pls continue.

  3. But sad that Asad and Zoya died.

  4. Assad n Zoya part were so scary naren… Oh u killed them…?? excited for the Fb episode …

    1. Oh naren I cried imagining zoyas part… So emotional ..

  5. Nice episode Ranaji waiting for the next ?

  6. Epi goes in fast..Dettol n last parts r NYC..keep continue dude..

  7. n Congrats dude for winning chess tmt..keep rocking

  8. abe gadhe……… english nahi aati hai toh jaao jake seekho………….bada aaya 8,10 fanfictions likhne wala pehale tu ja padai pe concentrate kar………. kya milega yeh sara bakwaas likhke? story bhi dhang ka nahi hai. suna ki tu 16 saal ka hai…… aise barbaad karte hai log time ko. likhna hai toh 1 fanfiction likho ya 2 likho. 10-20 likhne ke baad comments ke liye bheeg mangta hai bikhari…….. band kar yeh bakwaas. agar tere paas itna time hai toh kuch naya seekho…… kabhi kabhi yeh bakwaas padke aisa lagta hai jaise koi 5 saal ka baccha likh raha hai. theek hai likhne ka itna hi shauk hai toh theek se likho….. jaao pehale english seekho. “lights gets off” “they all leaves” “it makes her itself beat” “dracula is fear of Jesus” kya hai yeh sab kuch??? enough of ur butler English………

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