Horror story season-2(Manmarziyan, edkv,krpkab,matsh,vishkanya,and qubool hai) episode 5

The episode starts with All shouts seeing this.. Shravan brings kalpana down.. All cries seeing her body.. Ramnath comes down in wheel chair and gets shocked to see kalpana like this.. He cries.. Police comes there and asks what? Shravan tells about it.. Police asks who was there when u left? Shravan tells ramnath but he is paralysed!! Police tells that we will find. Police takes ramnath away from there. Shravan asks where to conduct death ceremony of kalpana? They all tells native place.

Adarsh and swadheentha prays to god and tells this family will die soon on our hands.. Swadheentha gets into zoya body and tells Kalpana is born here so she needs to burned here only.. Others also agree.. Suman,apu,Malay,ishaani,ranveer,dev and sonakshi asks then ramnath? Shravan is confused.. Asad tells i will also help shravan.. Shravan thxn him but I will manage u take care.. Shravan leaves from there…

Shravan drives car rashly..
Thinking about kalpana death.. He stops seeing tree.. He sees tree.. Suddenly it falls down.. Shravan gets hurt… Adarsh comes there and gets into shravan body. Shravan laughs loudly. While going in Van.. It gets stuck in train track.. Driver sees train coming and jumps from there all others also.. Ramnath with difficulty climbs up of van.. Train hits van.. Ramnath jumps to up of train..

He tells I am normal.. He smiles.. Shravan jumps there from car. Ramnath sees him and asks him to save him! Shravan tells i came here to take u r life.. Ramnath asks what r u saying? Shravan smiles.. It starts raining heavily.. Ramnath walks on wood and jumps.. Shravan laughs and catches his leg and draggs him.. Ramnath shouts to leave him..

Shravan brings him near container and puts him inside and dips him.. Ramnath sees salt and tells it is hurting and tells him to stop shravan!! Shravan tells I am adarsh.. Ramnath gets shocked. He asks then u only killed kalpana? Ramnath tells I won’t spare u.. Shravan throws him from cliff.. Ramnath shouts.. Shravan smiles and jumps down and falls down unconscious..

Precap:Suman sees shravan and takes him back to house.. Three veiled man comes to see kalpana and ramnath death ceremony. Flashback of adarsh and swadheentha..!!

So next epi u will come to know why they are taking revenge.!! So till that bye.

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Nice Ranaji I liked it eagerly waiting for the next ?

  2. awesome naren bro!! i am SOOOO eager for the next episode.. and i LOVE that adarsh was dressed up as shravan.. what a twist

  3. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb episode bro and I am eagerly waiting to know their flashback…

  4. How simply u said bye naren…. Before leave tell us the flashback yaar….?? very good episode…. Who are the veiled mans… Hmm ok… Suspense … Good going… Excited for the next episode…

  5. Superb episode.. precap looks intresting…

  6. Waiting to know abt 3 veiled mans

  7. super………..

  8. Wow naru Bhaia honestly speaking among all ur ff this one is my fav as I love horror and today’s epsiode was just jhakaas

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