Horror story season-2(Manmarziyan, edkv,krpkab,matsh,vishkanya,and qubool hai) episode 2


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Scene-1 Bose family
Scene-2 Old house
Scene-3 arora family
Scene-4 marriage Hall
Scene-5 on road
Scene-6 old house bose&arora combined.

Ishaani:Sits on sofa and tells I am sok tired.
Ramnath:This time I agree with. U worked hard.
Ishaani:Thnx papa.
Ramnath:He asks zoya to give Apple juice to Ishaani
Ishaani: Shouts no!!!!!
Zoya: Tells wait I will bring
Ishaani: Tells I am fine
Asad:Comes there and sits on sofa…
Zoya: Asks what?
Asad:Tells nothing.. I am tired.
Zoya:Ohhh.. Then me?
Asad:????? he falls on her leg and tells pls pls give some rest.
Zoya:Ok OK get up ramnath will think I am torturing u.
Asad(In mind):U are tortuing me always..?.
Zoya:Tells I will not order u once we go to that old house.
Asad:Really;!!! He folds his hand and thnx her
Zoya:Blesses him..
Apu and Malay laughs.. Asad tells Malay u will also have the same.. Dev also laughs..
Asad:Laughs once zoya leaves.
Dev:For what u r laughing?
Asad:Tells after marriage u will cry like me I imagined and laughed.??
Apu:Asks Malay what u want for dinner?
Malay:Tells I already had.
Apu; Asks when?I did not have.
Malay:tells after washroom.
Apu:Tells I am hungry.
Malay:tells ok OK and tells we can go out and have. .

Scene-2. Old house.

Servants cleans the house.. He cleans all old things and shows to other servants.. One man comes in and asks him did u drank? He tells yes.. Man leaves from there and comes to call ranveer. Suddenly he keeps leg on mud.. Below that swadheentha body was there.. She pulls him in.. Servanst shouts.. But noone hears it.. Swadheentha breaks his body and bone etc.. Blood falls on screen freezes for 2seconds..

Scene-3Arora family..

Ranveer:Comes in and sits on his room
Sonakshi: Comes there and asks for mobile to call dev.
Ranveer:I an not ready to waste my balance and chats with Ishaani…
She sends smiley..
Sonakshi: Takes it and asks what?
Ranveer:tells nothing.. She tries to shout..
He gives it. And leaves.
Sonakshi: Calls but dev phone is switched off.. She tells off and gives to ranveer and leaves from there..
Shravan and suman comes to room.. Suman asks what u did in party? He tells I did what j wanted to do. He comes close. She pushes him and leaves inside washroom. He tells u should come out.. Na? Then see!! Suman comes out and keeps hand. On his chest and asks what u will do? Remove my chain? Dupatta?Etc? He gets nervous.. She removes his shirt button.. He pulls her closer and kisses her.
Arju!:comes there and tells sorry to radhika
Radhika:Tells I knew u have watch
Arjun;I forgot
Radhika:tells daily same problem
Arjun:Sorry and hugs her..

Scene-4 Marriage Hall.

Someone comes there and mixes something in sweet.. And runs from there.. People catches then and asks what u did? He beats them and leaves from there..
Next day all comes there and marriage takes place.. Rituals complete and he makes her wear sindoor and mangalsutra..

Scene-5 on road.

They all sits on car and comes towards village.. Ramnath and kalpana stares at each other tensedly.. Suddenly Car comes infront of car. They all stops.. Shravan keeps it away and keeps food for it and leaves.. CST changes into man and tells them not to go.. But car already left . they enter.. Chaitanpettai..
They waits Near railway gate.. Train comes.. Door opens all enters.. Adarsh and swadheentha laughs and tells this time.. U can’t escape from us.. They both laughs…

Scene-6 Old house.. Both family combined.

Dev:comes inside and tells superb house.
Sonakshi: Superb furniture..
Ishaani:Nice light fittings
Ranveer:Superb chair
Zoya: Nice carpet
Asad:Nice door
Shravan: Nice screen.
Suman:Nice window..
They all smiles.. Ramnath and kalpana gets tensed and tells all to prepare for dev and sonakshi wedding night.. They both comes to room and locks it and tells our children should not get affected. So call panditji and tell tk do Maha pooja.. Ramnath gets up from chair and smiles. Kalpana hugs him….

Precap: Dev and sonakshi wedding night takes place.. Lights.. Dims… Shravan, Malay,asad,Arjun,ranveer talks.. See this and three comes to room and checks it.. And cleans and adjusts it.. Suman and apu comes to another room.. On the way they sees blood and gets shocked.. They goes inside and sees man dead and shouts.. Servant comes there and tells he is dead becoz he is drunker.. Others takes body away. Swadheentha tells this is just start.. Wait and watch real horror..

Hope u all liked it.. Now I am free so I wrote big.. Otherwise epi will be small.. So I have planned to write this ff for 25 epi!! Or u ok guys?? Or it is high?? Reply me!

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  1. This story is ok Ranaji the episode was good waiting for the next

  2. The episode is good and y do u make it small write something big like ishveer forever plz

  3. Too gooood……love ur big ff’s…..

  4. Superb….. Now ghost will take take revenge…… Amazing …… Egarly waiting for next episode……

  5. Awesome episode. 🙂

  6. Good story bro! I cant wait for ishveer parts and i dont think 25 episodes are too long.. I cant wait for next episode!

  7. Good episode naren… 25 episode it is not too long… I luv Assad n Zoya pair I laughed when I read his part??? so funny… Wow haunted old house waiting for the next episode … Good going…?? keep on writing

  8. Yes…25 episodes are needed…It was really awesome..their cute Fights are really entertaining…??

  9. rookey rookers

    nice start . but somewhat confussing . still ok and it is horror than season 1 bro and in that the climax no words to xpress . but super and that steps scene u said that it is ur real life incident . i laughed by imaging that incident . pls write it for 25 epi . ur school starts at 23rd . right ?

    also pls update ishveer forever quickly . and u copied kathi movie scene too . and it is a spl gift for sana u said . i hope u remember i am too a huge vj fan na …. so thax a load

  10. Wow lovely episode I think next episode will horror right

  11. Wow lovely episode I think next episode will horror right did they will kill any pair

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