Horror story season-2(Manmarziyan, edkv,krpkab,matsh,vishkanya,and qubool hai) episode 1

Guys thnx for u r support So let us start

Scene-1. Arora family..
Scene-2 Bose family
Scene-3 old house
Scene-4 marriage Hall
Scene-5 food court
Scene-6 arora family and Bose family combined..

Scene-1. Arora family.

One boy shouts on mobile and tells them to get all things soon and throws phone on bed and closes his eyes with hands.. Ishaani comes there and keeps hand on his shoulder and tells him to be chill.. It is none other than dev
Dev:Sorry didi I did not seen u!!
Ishaani:Tells it is OK.
Dev:Asks her in which part u r love story is?
Ishaani:Tells nothing like that papa resumed it till I complete my studies.papa told no for marriage.
Asad:Speaks to office people rudely. Zoya comes there..
Zoya:Asks what?
Asad;Tells nothing..
Zoya:She shows him stick..
Asad:Sorry madam and cuts the call..
Zoya: Tells him to speak softly to all..

Asad:Tells he’s madam and leaves..
Apu: Smiles and comes to Malay
Malay: He comes close to her
Apu:asks what? U r romantic in morning itself!
Malay:So what?
Apu:shouts zoya and runs from there..
Asad:Comes to office and speaks to all others softly.
Ishaani:comes to Hall and tells zoya and aou that today is their sangeet and tmr is dev and sonakshi marriage!!
Zoya:Hmmmmm sorry I don’t know about it?
Ishaani; All preparations are slow now..

Ishaani; Shall I call ranveer for help?
Apu & zoya: Tells ohhhhhh..
Ishaani:Blushes and tells see they did. Not get dress for mehendi.. So he will get.
Zoya:shows dress and tells OK?
Ishaani:u already got?
Apu:tells no problem.we did not get mehendi so go and get come it with Ranveer…

One man comes outside in wheel chair and tells Ishaani not to go anywhere.. Zoya and apu sees him and takes blessings.. He is ramnath.. Ramnath tells her then u marriage won’t happen.
Ishaani: Sorry papa.
Ramnath:I always say for u r goodness..

Scene-2 Bose family.

Shravan: Comes near door and calls suman.
Suman:Asks what?
Shravan; I need coat.
Suman:Why can’t u take it?
Shravan; Pls pls

Suman:ok and brings it.
Shravan: Shows his shoulder.
Suman:Puts it and tell him to get and come mehendi while coming. He agrees.
Ranveer:He tells no need bhabhi i will get it for u. Suman tells no problem Bhai.shravan will get it.
Shravan: nods head..
Ranveer laughs.. Arjun and radhika comes down fighting for watch.. Ranveer they will never stop their fight and smiles.
Arjun;Tells my new watch u broken it?
Radhika:I did not
Arjun;I knew it is u only
Radhika:Tells him to prove.
Arjun:Takes mobile and tells hello hello and leaves.. Radhika smiles and comes to suman and hifi her and asks what she did for mrng tiffin? Sonakshi comes there I did it. Ranveer asks what?
Ranveer: My friend called me so I am leaving.
Radhika:arjun called me so I am leaving
Suman:Sorry I have stomach pain..

Sonakshi shouts.. All things breaks??Ranveer tells ok I will eat.. All gets relieved.. Sonakshi smiles.. She serves food to all. Kalpana comes there and sits on chair..
Sonakshi asks her shall I meet dev once? She tells no and tells her not to meet him before marriage and leaves from there without eating.. Sonakshi cries..suman and radhika consoles her. Sonakshi tells with this.. Kalpana escaped from eating my food. Suman bhabhi u and radhika pls eat my food.. They both runs..??

Scene-3 Old house.

An old house is shown.. Many bags surround that place and they sleeps there.. Suddenly someone comes to that house and opens the door and tries to take jewels but fails and falls on mud.. He cleans it and sees man lying death it is none other than adarsh.. And swadheentha.. Adarsh clutches his neck and bites him… Adarsh laughs. And tells I got freedom after many years.. He laughs victoriously..

Scene-4.. Marriage Hall.

Bose family and arora family comes to marriage Hall.. Sangeet starts. All dances for song.. Kari guy chool.. Plays.. Suddenly songs changes bolna plays.. Dev and sonakshi, Ishaani and ranveer dances..

Asad comes there Late.. Zoya shows time.. Apu tells let him come in..zoya tells it is last warning.. He comes in and enjoys party.. Mehendi completes.. Shravan comes there and holds suman.. She asks what r u doing? He tells playing with my wife.. She tells funny.. She tries to leave but he pulls her closer..

Scene-5. Food court.

All comes here and haves food.. Zoya smiles. Asad feeds her.. Zoya smirks.. And laughs.. Malay comes near apu and takes her to washroom and locks the door and smiles.. Apu asks what r u doing? He tells nothing and comes close to her. He was about to kiss her.. Sanam re plays.. Someone knocks the door. He opens it and see ramnath and goes out with apu..

Dev feeds food to sonakshi and smiles..

Scene-6.. arora family and Bose family..

All thnq each other for sangeet. Zoya tells them to come to marriage tmr.. They all tells sure.. This is our marriage.. All bids bye.. Zoya ,apu,radhika,suman,sonakshi and Ishaani tells we all have one demand!!

Ranveer ,shravan,dev,Arjun,Malay and asad asks what is it? They all girls fells after marriage we all should go for picnic.. To hilly region.. They all agrees.. Ranveer tells why not old house? Girls tells it is full of dust. He tells so we can clean it.. Ranveer calls servants and tells them to clean the house.. Ranveer tells now OK? Kalpana and ramnath tells we also will come.. They all agrees..

Precap:Servants cleans all things.. He mistakenly keeps leg on swadheentha body.. Closed mud up.. She pulls him in and kills him.. And throws blood on screen.. It freezes..

How is the epi?? Sorry for making swadharsh as ghost.. Becoz I always like them.. But I need one pair that also best pair to be ghost so only.. How is the epi? Sorry for asking again an again. Tell me.. Hope u all liked it…

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