A Horror Story (RagLak) Part 6

Thank you all. I know I’m late. Sorry.

*Mature content*

Laksh sits beside Ragini and he places his hand on her thigh.

“Ragini, I love you. I will never again betray you or our daughter. Trust me.”

Ragini looks him with tear rolling eyes. Laksh cups her face and kisses on her eyes. Ragini held his hand tightly. Later She hugs him tight and cries. Laksh rubs his hands on her back. He slowly unties dooris of her blouse.

“Laksh..” Ragini shocks looking at him. “Shh..” laksh keeps finger on her lips and rubs her finger on her lips. He moves closer and places his lips on his finger. Then he removes his finger making both of their lips join.

Later Laksh slowly holds her shoulder and make her sleep on bed and he comes over her. He plants several kisses in her neck making her moan his name. After a while, they are covered in bed sheets and their cloths are lying on beside them.

Next morning, Ragini wakes and looks at Laksh who was sleeping cutely. She plays with his hairs for sometime and she goes into wash room.
Ragini is standing under the shower, suddenly she feels two hands on her tummy. “Laksh”Ragini astonishes. Laksh hugs her from back tightly and both take bath under shower.

After a while they both come out of room. Janu hugs both of them.

To be continued.

Sorry for small part. Next part is final part.

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