Horror story (KRPKAB, EDKV , MATSH, Vishkanya, KB) epi-7 final epi


Here is my last epi..sorry i have cutted my hand so there will be many mistakes pls bear it..as i told u this is final epi..let us start…….

The episode starts with

Location: Middle of the sea..

Shravan brings suman to beach area by closing her eyes..Suman gets amused after seeing decorations..suman hugs shravan and tells this is superb..Shravan tells welcome madam.let us go in..suman comes inside and touches decrations and smiles and sees bed with flowers..suman thinks so this is the matter she tells i am feeling headache..he tells what?he brings tablet and gives to her..She acts as if she has head problem..he feels that she is acting and throws water on her..Suman asks how dare r u?Suman throws sand on him..he spits sand form his mouth and throws it,..Suman was on blue sari and shravan on white dress.Suman leg slips and falls on shravan and they both roll on bed..shravan smiles at her..Suman moves her hair away and asks how did u find it i am acting?shravan tells u always think u as genious but u r mad..she pinches him..he tells sorry..Shravan slowly moves her hair and tries to kiss her.but moves and sits aside..he comes close and takes blanket and closes them and kisses her…End of EDKV PART

Apu wearing black dress and malay wearing white dress..he smiles at her and brings to boat house and shows decorations..she gets amused..she hugs him and asks how did u do this alone?malay smiles and tells for u i will do anything..apu smiles..Malay bends his knees and proposes her..she tells i love u too..he asks what?she tells i love u..apu shout saying this..malay smiles…He asks her hand for dance..Naan un plays…( From 24 Movie)He shows her island..she smiles and hugs him and runs there and dances there..malay comes there and takes her in his arms and brings her to bed and makes her sit and tells u means a lot to me..apu tells hmmmmm..he asks r u joking?he pushes her in bed..he comes close..apu smiles and asks him what r u doing?Malay tells nothing madam and closes blanket and kisses her…End of vishkanya part..

Dev brings sonakshi to forest area and makes her sit on cotton bed..she touches it and smiles and tells it is soo nice…Dev tells it is for u..sonakshi smiles and asks him what is the reason for doing this?Dev shows her candle and smiles..she tells him not to come near her..Dev comes closer to her..sonakshi tells him not to she closes her eyes…while dev gets up..sonakshi asks what happenened?He tells without u r wish i won’t even touch u..Title track plays…Dev sits near her..sonakshi holds his collar and pulls him closer.he kisses on her head..Krpkab part ends..

Abhi brings pragya to ship and shows her decorations and smiles..pragya hugs him and runs inside to see all decorations..Abhi brings pragya to room and shows her bed..she smiles and hugs him and tells u made my day soo spl..he smiles and tells u came in life and made my life so spl..sanam re plays..pragya smiles at him Abhi takes her bed and smiles..she blows candle..abhi offs light and tells pragya i am fear of dark.pragya comes there and takes him with her and brings him to bed..he smiles and hugs her and kisses her..Kb part..

Ranveer comes there with big flower rose and gives to ishaani and brings her to beach area..she gets amused and asks him why he did this?Ranveer tells for u..she smiles..he brings her to table and serves her food and makes ishaani eat..rain starts..ranveer holds ishaani hand and dances in rain..she smiles at him while dancing..suddenly table falls down on ranveer leg..ishaani cares for him..ranveer smiles and moves her hair and cups her face and kisses on her head..ishaani gets nervous and stands aside..ranveer gets up with difficulty and comes near ishaani and kisses on her shoulder..Ishaani smiles and hugs him..He birngs her to bed…Matsh part end…………

Guys hope u all liked it..this is end of my horror story..so..if u want i will write season-2…….is this epi is sooo romantic??Anyways..bye…if i get good response soon i will post promo of season-2 but same pairs..all this time once in a week..after 23rd becoz i will use my phone once in a week so only i can send it..so bye

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  1. Oooo…that was a romantic episode….i loved it…pls come back soon with season 2…eagerly waiting for it..?

  2. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    So nice ending.like it and yes we want season-2.pls take care of ur hand.

  3. Nice ending…Waiting for season 2.

  4. It was so nice Ranaji pls make the season 2 I am waiting for your next season ?

  5. Ya dr plz post season 2 waiting for it

  6. Luvd KRPKAB n edkv part

  7. Hai.Narendran.,i’m one of the silent reader…i thnk to convey my opinion nw..yeah.it is nyc ff..i liked it..frm vry frst beginning its so suspensed horror…u gve equal imp to all the pair…It has both horror and romantic also…thats nyc….finishng was so gud…GOOD CREATION…Congrats.

  8. toooooooooooo romantic and edkv part romantic and also cutee 🙂 waiting for season-2

  9. Very nice… Waiting eagerly for season 2

  10. So romantic…. Loved it…. Plzz write season 2… This season is superb… I luv your writings cuz u dont drag it….. Plz come with season 2 soon…..

  11. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Guys I have sent season-2 for this ff.. But new shows are combined.. Same vishkanya ,ek duje ke vaaste,krpkab,and matsh. For KB I have replaced two shows.. Qubool hai,manmarziyan.. And check it soon it will be published..

  12. Ngkrishnakumari

    Waiting for season2
    Amazing ff


    Woah….nice romance yaar… !!!! And waiting for next season hope its gonna be like this only….and why you became so careless…..how did you cut your hand ha ????? Hope you might well soon !!! And best of luck for your next Season……

    1. thnx dhruva sure..it will be posted soon

  14. Superb ending bro.ya sure start season 2 and what happen to ur hand bro pls take care

    1. nothing now i am fine akka but little pain

  15. We want season 2 Anna please neenga sooperrrr ah ezhudhureenga ff tq waiting for next season

  16. Soooo nice. It was such a lovely episode I like it. Eagerly waiting for season2. Take care of ur hand hope it will be fine soon

  17. Tnx naren for complete this ff with much dificulty…. N this episode sooooo romantic … Happy ending…?? keep writing …. N entertain us… Get well soon… May almighty bless u …

  18. Awesomely ended Naren bro! The ending was cute for all the couples! I cant wait for season 2!

  19. I am a silent reader but ur all parts were ammazinnnng

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