Horror story (KRPKAB, EDKV , MATSH, Vishkanya) epi-1

Thnx for u r overwhelming response. So here is the first epi..

The episode starts with Apu comes to kitchen and tells yes.. They four hifi each other… Ishaani tells now this time we have to make them go out with us.. One old house is shown… Fully of old things and scary skeletons etc….????..

Ishaani,suman,apu and sonakshi comes to Malay,ranveer,dev and shravan who is getting ready.. They four girls tells we all need to go out for a week with u outing.. Shravan tells u all can go but we have work.. Suman stares at him.. He tells OK for me no problem. I am always with my wife suman. Ranveer sees Ishaani and tells sure we can go… We can earn how much money we want? But time with our spl wife’s!! Malay also tells the same. Dev comes to sonakshi and asks let us go to tour.. They all tells no we all need to live in one farm house for 1week and we should enjoy peace.. Shravan tells her itself there is peace.

Ishaani brings sound horn and makes sound.. All boys closes their ears.. Ishaani tells if this means what we can do? Shravan agrees.. All other also agrees. Boys asks which house we will stay? Shravan tells I got one new house for suman which I did not tell her??Suman sees him and asks when u got? Shravan tells two weeks before. Malay tells I got land for apu. Ranveer tells I got hotel on Ishaani name. Dev tells I got big shop on sonakshi name..

All girls gets amused.. Apu tells don’t even dare to escape from us.. U should take us to that house. Shravan agrees and tells there is more dust and we should clean it then only we can stay there.. All agrees and tells tmr we all can go there and clean it and after one day we can go there with bags..

House door is opened slowly.. One girl comes out and laughs loudly and disappears??Suddenly soemthing comes and falls on outside gate. Ghost takes it through her power and puts on gate(Outsiders are not allowed).. Ghost cries vigorously.. Inside.. People around wonders who is it? Gate opens and closes fast.. It stops at once.. Ghost comes infront of house door and cuts man hand. Blood falls down..it licks it up and laughs.. Shravan tells suman tmr we are going so give me kiss!! Suman tells no and leaves.. Ishaani kisses on ranveer cheeks and leaves. Apu gets a watch for Malay.. Dev gets chain for sonakshi and makes her wear it.

Ghost smiles and tells so 8 of them are coming here.. U are welcome.. I am here to kill u all.. Ghost breaks man bone and throws his body near poll.. Many bodies are already buried in that this one also joins.???Skeleton comes infront of screen.. Freezes..

Hope u all liked the epi.. I knew it is more scary.. But for me.. I can’t sleep today night becoz.. While writing i am very fear.??i am crying while writing.. Hope u all liked it.

Credit to: Narendran


  1. I think I also will not be able to sleep today..its so scary…But I like horror stories,..Eagerly waiting for the next post.?

  2. Mariya

    Ranaji this ff I read in night bec horror story reading in night it looks amazing & feared . but one thing I told u that I know ur ff is superb as usuall.

  3. Madhuri

    I don’t scary because I have friend who are ghosts.??? so nice, waiting for next plzz update fast

  4. Tanya

    I used to watch krpkab,edkv..and never watch vishkanya and matsh..pls tell me what is this matsh?????

  5. ash

    u said was r8 more scary …. pls dont kill any jodi frm the stroy cz i luv all jodi’s pls pls

  6. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Sorry bro.I thought u know Malayalam.I meant it was superb and want more horror.

  7. Sarayu(honey)

    Very nice naren, but yes please add some more scary things, it is really good. Update the other part asap

  8. lovely lady

    hey naren bhai awsm epi
    plz read my artcl also – abhi na jao chod kr (edlw)
    n cmmnt your cmmnt is really valluable as u r wrttng too many ff’s

  9. Reena

    Awesome episode bro! Sorry for late comment on my part.. Im super excited for the horror!

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