Horror (manmarziyan) few shots..(episode-4)

Horror :- Arjun saw Maya in washroom
After 3 months :-
Arjun , Radhika , Neil , Sam …their lives were changed now . They don’t laugh now and play with each other any more . All four had tried many attempts to commit suicide but everything failed . Finally they decided to find some solutions on their own . All four went to central library to find solutions in some old books . They bribed the guard to enter in night . The central library was closed for one week for any construction work . They all entered and started searching few books . Sam kept the books on the table and wipe her sweat . Her hand had few nail marks which still looking fresh . Radhika had covered her back carefully from her stole . It had burn mark . They all sat on the table and started going through books . Suddenly they listened some voice . All four get up to run when they heard a voice who forced them to look back . They all gasped . An old thin lady was standing there . She was smiling . The blue long top with trousers were giving her modern touch . “Well ..iam vegeterian …iam not going to eat you guys raw .” She spoked softly .
They were still stating her . She continued ” Hi iam Elise .. iam 60 years old …well iam also here to find my answers ” she again smiled . They all stare each other and sit down again . Elise sit on the old wooden chair . ” So what make u guys to sneak here at this hour ” she asked politely . There face frowned listening her question .
Arjun told Elise about all incidents happened with them in this almost last four months . She sighed and again smiled .
” I can help you out ..” Elise spoked .

There face lit up listening her reply . But tension arise again when she spoke further . “You guys need to go there back from where all this started ” . She completed .
“Arjun . You are tall …pick that book from that shelf ” Elise said pointing towards the old shelf where books were covered with many layers of dirt .
Arjun brought the book . He cleaned the dirt from an old cloth and put it on the table . The cover was eaten by termites including few pages . “Honey will you pls open page 64 ” she asked Sam politely . Sam opened the page . They all screamed seeing the picture of that haunted palace that completely ruin their lives .
Elise sighed . She spoked ” now let me tell how you will you tackle these two revengeful souls ..but first I want you guys to know their story ..this will help you out more ” . Arjun was about to speak something when Elise spoke again ” Not now .Mr mehra ” she smiled . They all sit tightly holding each other’ s palm .
” Hmm .Mark was a British officer around 1920 ..he was appointed as a chief general in the king’s palace from East India company . He was the most handsome guy of the that kingdom . Only few know that he love our country and was kind towards every human . Maya .the beautiful princess of kingdom doesn’t discriminate people on the basis of caste . She was loved by whole village . Hardly anyone know that Mark choose this kingdom as he wanted the princess Maya . Whenever other prince arrived the kingdom to get married to Maya .,he had to face Mark first . It was difficult to defeat Mark in Sword fighting . Maya and Mark become good friends in short period of time . One day they both were caught by few servants when they were in their arms . King yashwardhan who loved his prestige more than his daughter put mark captivated in his prison . They somehow lied to east India company about Mark .Actually he faked his death . But this was not the end .” Elise sighed after narrating the story .

Radhika laid back more . Sam bite her nails . All were lost in their world . “The truth is that Maya was not killed by any weapon …she died a more brutal death …she was raped by 17 times by king janardhan …in her suite …which caused her death ..as after that she intake a poisonous mushroom to end her life ” Elise told all of them . They all gasped because it was not written in the book . Then how come Elise know it . Elise chuckled and understood the reason behind their reaction . “My maid told this story ..her grand mother was nanny of Maya ” she shrugged her shoulders . They all lay back . Radhika started crying ” how come a father can let happen this to her daughter ” .she asked in her broken voice .
Elise nodded .”well some website claimed that he was her step father ..as usual he hided this fact from everyone ” . There face frowned .
” and what about mark ” .Neil asked further .
“Hmm he was stabbed with scissors by king janardhan ” she replied casually .
“What is troubling me more ..that they both didn’t kill you guyz back at palace …I am not able to understand this …thing ” Elise lowered her head and started thinking something .
They all were lost when they saw Elise gasping .
“What’s wrong ” Arjun asked lil scared .
“Are you both pregnant ” she asker towards radhika and Sam . They both gulped . Arjun and Neil looked towards them startled .
“I think so ..my periods are missing for about more than a month ” radhika replied . Sam just nodded weakly in Elise’s favour .
“That’s why they didn’t kill you guyz ” she retorted back . All just asked her in unison “why”
“Because they will possess your babies …and when they will be born ..the first thing they will do is to kill all of you ” she replied back .
Radhika and Sam both hold their stomach and started crying . ” Radhika as far as according to me ..you have slept on Maya’s bed when you visited the palace ..and I think iam not wrong ..but you are carrying girl in your womb ..that’s why Maya is after you ” Elise blurted out without blinking once .
” But what about Mark ” ..Neil asked again . ” hmm Mark’s blood stained thing is present in your house and that’s why he was able to latched on you like a parasite ” Elise replied again without blinking .

“So may be iam carrying a boy in my womb ” Sam asked curiously . ” May be ” Elise replied .
“So what we should do to save ourselves ” Arjun asked lil stiffened.
“Burn the bed and break the scissors ” Elise replied curtly . They all just shocked listening to her . Going back to palace will be a worse nightmare for them . All started shivering .
“Do it for your kids ” Elise smiled little .
“We will do anything for them ” they all replied together.
” sorry Elise we give a lot of trouble ..but thanks for the help ” radhika smile weakly.
Elise nodded ” God bless all of you ” .
She continued ” but they will beg you to leave them ..don’t pay attention to their pleads ..because they are no more innocent souls ..its time that they should get peace .”
They all got up and started leaving . ” will you not go outside with us ” Neil asked . Elise smiled and replied ” I still didn’t got my answer ..will search it and then go ” . They waved bye to her and left the library.

Precap :- what happened 3 months before in palace 2 shots pending .

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  1. Brin

    Good episode, how are they going to save themselves and there babies? Eagerly waiting for the next update πŸ™‚

  2. abhigya

    Oh sammy u just rocked reading in midnight I just got some fear now having headphones in my ears loved it superb waiting for next pls update engagement ring plssssssss am a great fan of yours
    Will ghost attack them?

  3. Rossy

    Awwwwe….m scared…sammy I read it mid past 1am…n …oooh god u r freakingly awesome to make out that fear…other than it I read almost two ghost stories book from day time…little sweetie even u can’t imagine how restless I was yesterday night…oooh…..come here n calm down me…lol…er n ds …plz update

  4. subha

    wow sammy……..its really thirlling……..amazing episode…interesting ….how they r save themselves? …what next?eagerly waiting next one….pls pls update soon……thank u

  5. Gauri

    Sammy sashtang pranam…. I really want to dive in your brain….and go to the idea zone from where you pull these stories out πŸ™‚ amazing yaar stay blessed πŸ™‚

  6. Gianna

    |Registered Member

    What happened in those three months? Am eager to know, waiting for them to get back to that mansion want to be spooked

  7. Ritu

    Sammy u rocked it…this was seriously amazing…u always amaze me..now waiting to know what happened with them and how will they tackle the ghost..plz post soon..love u..tc

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