Horror in Kriyam’s life chapter 18

Hi guyz its me Annie back with the 18th shot.And thanks to all of my regular commenters for ur support. Ok lets proceed to the horrors:

Saiyyam: u want to come to our house.

Kaira: Yes I will try to contact the demon.

Suhani: Will it be risky?

Kaira: Yes the risk is really high. And each member has to be present. One mistake and we all die.

Saiyyam: plz Kairaji can we keep krishna out of this? She is pregnant.

Suhani: Yes Kaira I don’t want anything to happen to krishna and the baby.

Kaira: Sorry Suhani. But according to my calculations Krishna might be the one who the demon is seeking. To lure him we need and krishna and all of u.

Krishna: He needs me? But why?

Kaira: I can’t clarify anything now. I need to go the house.

Saiyyam: Than lets start leaving.

Kaira: No not now. Its nearly getting dark and I need to make huge preparations before. U guyz stay here today and u will be safe. Besides I need to study Ouijha boards all over again.

Our trio agrees to halt for the night.

At kriyam room(given by kaira)….

Krishna: saiyyam what does kairaji means that I am the one demon needs?

Saiyyam: I don’t know Krishna.

Krishna: if killing me is everything that he needs than I am ok with it. I am tired of dragging u and aunty to my problems. I am tired of seeing all of u scared. I can’t see my family in pain Saiyyam.

Saiyyam: Krishna!!!( shouts loudly).
How could u even say such a thing?

Krishna:  I am sorry.what else should I do Saiyyam? I can’t watch u and aunty suffer any more.

Saiyyam: u r suffering more than us krish. So think about yourself becoz u r not alone anymore. U have another life inside u.

Krishna looks at her womb. Caresses it.

Krishna: Saiyyam promise me one thing.

Saiyyam: What?

Krishna: promise me that whatever happens u will always choose the baby over me.

Saiyyam stands up and yells.

Saiyyam: Have u gone mad Krishna? What are u saying? U are asking me to sacrifice my soul for my life….

Krishna: but…

Saiyyam: no buts Krishna. I can’t ever choose among u. U are my soul while the baby is my life. I will make sure nothing ever happens to u.

Krishna: but what if…

Saiyyam:( keeps his finger on her lips) i will make sure nothing will ever happen to u.

Krishna hugs Saiyyam and Suhani watches it behind.

Suhani’s POV.

Yes beta nothing will ever happen to anyone of u. I will try my best to protect all of u…

Suhani goes to Kaira….

Kaira is seen before a Ouijha board and she is reading a book too.

Suhani: Kaira…

Kaira looks at Suhani…

Kaira: yes Suhani.

Suhani: Can u plz elaborate what u want to do tomorrow and what risks are included?

Kaira: Risks? Suhani there are many risks. And the things I am going to do are also horrifying. First I am going to contact the demon. Which might bring some unpleasant incidents and the most horrifying thing is when I will ask its purpose it might….. It might harm anyone of us.

Suhani: But it might work right?

kaira: Tomorrow is just a demo. We will have to fight it only after knowing its purpose.

Suhani: i think i should go to bed now. Sorry.

Kaira: why are u telling sorry? I didn’t mind that u asked questions.

Suhani: its not that. I am sorry for dragging u into risks like this.

Kaira: its ok. Suhani. My job is to help people at my own risk.

Suhani smiles at her and goes away.

To kriyam:
Kriyam is seen hugging and sleep. A shadow of a huge size is seen growing from krishna’s side. It looks as if someone is with krishna in her shadow 24/7. The shadow extends its hands and krishna wakes up. She sees Saiyyam sleeping . She looks at her surrounding and drinks some water and goes back to sleep.

Time skip to morning…..

Kaira: I have made all arrangements. We will leave in sometime.

Saiyyam: I was thinking Kairaji will there be any further problems in our life if we leave now and don’t go back to that house. After all that’s it, isn’t it? Nothing happened during the time we were here.

Kaira: u really think its that simple. The devil has attached itself ur life. Wherever u go. The devil follows.

Saiyyam: than why do u need to go back there?

Kaira: Becoz the devil was first summoned there and we can get all information from that building

Suhani comes with krishna.

Suhani: Are u leaving now?

Kaira: Yes, I will just take out car.

They go in the lawn while kaira is taking out the car.

Krishna: Saiyyam yesterday night I felt a little weired. As if someone was following me.

Saiyyam: krishna everything will be alright but plz u shouldn’t take stress.

Krishna: hmmm.

They leave on the car. They are driving for two hours and they reach really close to the apartment.

Kaira: We are near right?

Suhani: Yes but how did u know?

Kaira: The moment I reached here I could feel huge amount to negative energy. Even more than I expected.

Precap: Our trio and Kaira with the ouijha board. Revealation of motives.

Hi guys thought wouldn’t post today but I did. Our Revelations is near. Lets see what does the demon crave.

Hope to hear ur views…

Till than ?…..

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