Horror in Kriyam’s life chapter 15

Hi readers its me annie. I am back again with the 15th shot. Thank u guyz for all ur support. I still can’t believe that I started writing an ff from being a silent reader and reached this far. Thank u all for all of ur encouraging word. Again, pray for me as my English embedded assesment is near and this time its a poem anthology. And guess what, I am really bad at writing poems. Last assesment, I got a 100% on my “To Kill A Mocking bird” essay. Don’t know if I can pull this one off with an A. Anyways, lets proceed and sorry if I bored u with my nonsensical blabbering….

Suhani and krishna reach the Clinic. They check in and goes inside the doctor’s cabin.

Krishna: Hello doctor.

Doctor: Hi krishna. How’s the baby doing?

Krishna: Baby’s fine except the mommy is with back pain.

Doctor: Its normal in pregnancy. By the way. Why is ur always tensed husband Saiyyam  not here today.

Krishna: Actually he had some work. U r saved or else he would drown u with silly questions.

Doctor: Hmmm, looks like he is excited for the child. By the who is with u today.

Krishna: My mother-in-law. Her name is Suhani Birla and aunty this is doctor Nitika. My college friend and my gynecologist.

Suhani: Nice to meet u doctor.

Nitika: Aunty plz call me Nitika.

Nitika fills some form while the nurse fixes the sonography room.

Nitika: Ok, Krishna time to see how little baby is growing.

They proceed towards the room and currently Krishna’s baby could be seen. Nitika observes the clip properly and notes down necessary information.

Nitika: wow Krishna​. The baby is perfectly fine and healthy. Though it’s not clear but I think a princess might be coming at ur house soon.

Krishna and Suhani gets emotional seeing the child.

Suhani: Nitika, What do u think might be the time of delivery?

Nitika: mmm, krish is nearly 4 months pregnant. So I can’t very well tell now. But I think she might hv a normal delivery as everything is perfect. And yes krish. I think u should start doing some yoga classes. Its good for the baby.

Krishna: ok. Thanks for everything Nitika.

A nurse comes with the reports and video samples. Suhani and Krishna bids bye to Nitika and leaves. While driving Suhani says krishna I think u should leave for Yoga classes now. As later it will be late. This is the perfect time.

Krishna: ok aunty.

They go to a yoga center referred by nitika and krishna enrolls herself in the yoga classes. She joins from today and her classes are from 3 to 5 pm. Suhani drops krish to the yoga classes and leaves towards the apartment.
Suhani enters the apartment and finds a packet mail at the mailbox.
She opens it and sees a pictures of kriyam. But what she saw was horrifying.

In all the pictures Krishna’s face was blurry. Nevertheless, a blurry image of a women in white saree is seen. Suhani examines each photo through thorough introspection and realises in each photo the women keeps coming closer but in one photo the women’s hand is extended towards krishna. The photos slips from Suhani’s hand. Suddenly, she sees the lights blinking (a normal incident in all bhootiya scenes). Suhani realised its unsafe to stay here alone. Now she hears voices. A women is saying, “koi nahi bach sakta. Mere tarha sab marjayenge”. From the baby’s room Suhani could see a women. Thankfully Suhani, was near the exit. She opened the door and ran from the apartment. Suhani called Saiyyam.

Suhani: Saiyyam, tum kaha ho?

Saiyyam: ma, I am here to pick up krishna from the yoga classes. There is any problem?

Suhani thinks not to talk about it in phone.

Suhani: umm, come home soon. I need to talk.

Within 30 mins kriyam is back.

Saiyyam: What happened ma? What did u want to tell?

Suhani signs Krishna is there.

Suhani whispers to saiyyam’s.

Suhani: i will tell u later but we shouldn’t let krishna know about it.

Krishna: Saiyyam, u know I saw our baby today and Nikita said we could be having a girl.

Saiyyam: I can’t wait to hold my princess.

Krishna: Saiyyam, come on. I will show our baby’s video to u. And aunty why were u outside the apartment?

Suhani: (panics) l.. Um l came out for fresh air.

Krishna: oh.

They enter and saiyyam plays the tape. But the tape is not being played. Rather a blurry image is shown.

Saiyyam: yeh kya hua?

Krishna: (crying) i couldn’t show u our baby.

Suddenly the tape automatically plays.

Kriyam.gets happy and
Krishna hugs Saiyyam and Saiyyam hugs her back.

Saiyyam: ah krishna. I can’t believe that’s my baby.

The tape ends….

Suhani: Krishna I think u should freshen up.

Krishna: ok aunty.

She leaves.

Suhani brings the pictures and shows it to Saiyyam. Saiyyam gets shocked.

Saiyyam: yeh sab….

Suhani: and today after I finished seeing these photos…..

She explains the paranormal experiences to Saiyyam.

Suhani: we shouldn’t let Krishna know about this.

Krishna: But aunty I heard everything.

Saiyyam and Suhani turns back and sees krishna.

Krishna: see saiyyam. I told u I was experiencing something. Now… Now…

Krishna starts to panic.

Saiyyam: Krishna.

He runs towards her and holds her.

Krishna: I … I am okay. I can’t back down now. We hv to fight against it Saiyyam.

Saiyyam: no need to fight against anything. Tomorrow I will clear things with the manager and we will leave this place. Now, this night no one will stay alone. We will stay together as it might be dangerous.


All of them head towards Kriyam bedroom. All of them stays together the night.

Krishna: Saiyyam, I am feeling really scared.

Suhani: nothing will happen beta. Hv faith in god.

None of them could sleep that night.

The screen freezes at the trios worried faces.

Precap: Can they actually leave? Will escaping solve their problems?

Thats it guyz. Sorry I haven’t been able to put long updates. Anyways hope u guyz liked it. I know many of u might not like horror. Plz tell if its too scary. I will try to lessen the intensity of horror scenes. That all guys.

Hope to hear from u all soon.

Till than bye!!!!

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