Horror in Kriyam’s life by annie chapter 25

Hi everyone. I am back again. Sorry for the late update. I was at the park the whole day. I did reply to comments and commented on the FFs but couldn’t complete mine out. Anyways, 25th epi. I came crawling to this episode with a tortoise speed.
I appreciate all my readers to spend their precious time to comment and read. Through the comments I have made friends and I hv seen people with extraordinary writing talent. I have seen Hafsaa grow into such an experienced and outstanding writer. Her ff is so fabulous I just hv no words to describe. I have made besties and buddies like Aaru, Shaani, Yura, dwidha, Ridita, Sanjana, asia, Zani Saleem, Aarav, dinu and many others.( sorry is I missed any). And surely I can’t forget Shivani. I always enjoy reading ur comments so much Shivani. U r a very talented commenter and ur use of words is amazing. And also Shaani who has helped me out soo much with the story and her ff inspired me to write my own.

In all I express my gratitude to all of my commenters. Thank u soo much for ur inspirational words…

So lets start…… Exorcism part 2

The devil has now arrived. It has its eyes on krishna…

Slowly the black smoke starts to fade away from Kaira and starts building near krishna. The devil extends its claws but something pushes it away…

Kaira: U can’t harm her devil. She is protected.

The devil speaks something. (Guyz we are not exorcists like Kaira so we don’t understand the bhootiya language).

Devil: I don’t hv a body, exorcist. Ur chants won’t work on me.

Kaira: Yes devil. I know u think u r invisible because u don’t have a body. But thats wrong, I can destroy u.

Again the devil speaks something….

Devil: U can’t destroy ur precious people can u? What if I ……

The smoke slowly starts to enter inside Saiyyam…

Krishna: Saiyyam.

Suddenly Saiyyam’s eye color starts to change. His hands starts to develop in claws.

Suhani: Saiyyam whats happening to u?

Krishna:( runs to Saiyyam) saiyyam, Saiyyam what happened to u? Talk to me please.

Suddenly Saiyyam’s hand catches Krishna’s neck and starts to strangle her.

Krishna: saiy….

Suhani: Kaira whats happening to him?

Kaira doesn’t reply and goes near saiyyam. She catches Saiyyam’s hand and creates a bruise on his right hand. Instead of blood a deep reddish black liquid starts to flow and Kaira takes collects it and throws into the fire. ?

Saiyyam leaves Krishna’s neck and some black smoke starts to rise above him. He falls on the ground.

Krishna and Suhani: Saiyyam!!!

Kaira takes a deep breathe…

Kaira’s POV

Thats it. Time has come. I need to take this step. It will be best for everyone. And now thats the only way to destroy the devil. It was our luck that the devil couldn’t fully posses Saiyyam. Or else it would have been a catastrophe.

Kaira: Suhani and Krishna take saiyyam and move back as far as u can from me. Whatever I tell u just follow it.

They nod…

Kaira creates a scar in her hand and does rituals. She chants and gets up.

She raises both of her hands above and closes her eyes. A black smoke is seen entering Kaira..

Suhani: Kaira.

Saiyyam slowly starts to regain his consciousness. But what he saw was terrifying.

Kaira’s eyes starts to turn red. Bruises starts to appear in multiple portions of her body. Her voice changes and her hair turns into smoke…

Suhani: Kaira….

Krishna: Kairaji…

Suddenly kaira turns into normal again.

Kaira: Suhani we don’t have time. There is a knife over there. Pick it up and kill me. Quickly suhani.

Suhani: What are u saying kaira? I can’t to this. I can’t kill u.

Kaira: If u stop now…we all will eventually die.

Saiyyam: We can’t do this Kairaji? What are u saying?

Kaira: I don’t have much time. The devil.will soon take over my body and than…. And than.. We won’t be able to live…none of us.

Krishna: Kairaji there has to be some other way. The devil wants me right… I am ready. Tell it to take me…(cries and shouts)

Kaira: None of u will agree right. Fine I will do it myself..

Suhani: Kaira plz don’t do this.

Kaira: Don’t stop me Suhani its my choice. I was ready for this. I have taken the devil inside me. Now, if I kill myself I destroy it with me. That’s what I want. I want to save u all. I want to gain peace. Plz don’t stop Me. Its what Ashish always told, I was born to help others and I will do that till my death.

Everyone cry and tries to stop her. But kaira quickly picks a knife.

Kaira: Its what I want suhani. I want to help u. I can’t save my family but I can save u all. If I am happy than why are u crying? I will be going to ashish. And I knw he will be proud.

She takes thr knife and stabs herself with it.

Kaira smiles…

Kaira: thanks for giving me the opportunity to go back to Ashish.
Everyone take care…..

She falls down with a smile on her face and a smoke is seen vanished.

Suhani: Kaira, Kaira why did u take this drastic step?

Saiyyam: I kept asking her plan. I didn’t know that this…

Krishna: She sacrificed herself.. For us.. For me..

Saiyyam: Krishna hold urself.

Suhani: Kaira was always a person who loved to serve others. She did till her last breathe. She sacrificed herself for us. I am sure she will feel sad if we cry.

Krishna wipes her tears….

Time skip to 2 days…

Kaira’s cremation is done. Her sister Nishi also came to their house.

Nishi: don’t mourn over her death Suhani. I knew my sister would do anything for others. And thats why I am not sad but proud. She got what she wanted to achieve…

Suhani: I understand Nishi but….

Nishi:( folds her hand) my sister sacrificed herself for all. Plz don’t make her death meaningless by crying over her death. She wanted u to be happy.

Suhani:( smiles) I will try..

Nishi leaves….

Saiyyam: Our tickets are booked. We will leave tomorrow.

Suhani and Krishna nods…

Precap: kriyam and Suhani reach BM. A new life awaits.

Sorry guyz I couldn’t do it as I thought. It wasn’t that good as I wanted it to be. I mean I couldn’t describe it properly. I apologize if I couldn’t meet up to ur expectations.

Hope to hear ur reviews….

Till than bye….. ?

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  1. Aarti32

    It was superb Annie.. how can u say it wasn’t good!! But..Now horror no more??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Aaru. I am so glad that u likes it… Sadly yeah… No more horror. Sorry….?

  2. Aaravjaikar

    Love it…. lve ur fff

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Aarav….?

  3. No dr.wht r u saying. Dis epi was wonderful. ?I loved it.?? u r a vry gd writer.waiting 4 nxt epi.and tnk u vry much dr 4 regarding me as ur frnd.?? plz post d nxt epi soon. I’m eagerly waiting 4 it.god bless u.tc byeee??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Dinu…. i am so happy that u liked it…. And ofcoursr we r all friendzzz

  4. Ahhh thank for yew mentioning my name❤and today’s episode was emotional one☺

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Zani…….?

  5. Ayesha Siddika

    Hi Annie, plz don’t say that u couldn’t meet our expectation. All epi of ur ff is just fantabulous. U selected horror which is really hard to write & I must say ur doing great. Its so amazing & I can visualize it. Thank u for this horror masterpiece dear. Keep posting.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Ayesha. I am truly honoured that u liked that…thank u soo much for all the appreciation…

  6. Awesome n emotional one dear….
    Thanks for mentioning my name in ur buddies list❤

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot dwidha and ofcourse u r my buddy….?

  7. It was just superb…and thanks for mentioning my name.
    waiting for next part

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Sanjana….?

  8. Awesome update,????

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Muskaan….??

  9. hi Annie,
    today I just came by your ff and read it. I was so engrossed in it that I started with the first chapter today and finished till the 24th one. I was waiting for the 25th one and was so happy that I found it. Reading this ff was so different, when I read the title I just thought this would be like any other ff where there were human villains taking revenge from the leads but I completely loved this HORROR story. Hope you post the next chapter soon. And again I LOVED this ff.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Prethiga for all the appreciation. I am overjoyed that u liked my ff. Thank u sooo much for that inspirational comment…. It really means a lot….?

  10. Hi Annie sorry I am commenting late. But the ff was really super. U have done really good dear. Kaira ka emotional words and the way she sacrificed herself for our kriyam was outstanding. At last the devil was defeated?. Thank you. Looking forward for new track. Keep writing

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Don’t say sorry yaar…. Thanks a lot for commenting Yura. I am soo glad u liked it…..?

  11. Horrific episode laden with the great human virtue of sacrifice. Kaira’s sacrifice gave us the assurance that there still live good people around us. People who care, people who love, people who are kind and people who can do anything for the sake of others.
    This episode had the right amount of horror in it and was a truly fantastic one. The methods adopted by kaira to capture the ghost and then destroy it were just exemplary. The way she readily sacrificed herself comes as a great inspiration in a world where people are selfish and care about nothing but themselves. This was an extremely horrific episode and made my hair stand on edge.
    I am sorry if I am ranting the same thing again and again but I just want to emphasise on the point that this episode was a truly majestic one. The horror part was terrifying and the sacrifice segment motivating. Substantially, it was an exemplary example of instigated sacrifice for the motive of human betterment..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Shivani for all the appreciation. I am soo happy that I could live upto ur expectations.. I hope that I will always be able to retain it…. Thanks again…

  12. In love and gratitude always,
    I am truly indebted to you for the wonderful words of appreciation anahita. I really cannot think if I am worthy of your appreciation or not but I take this opportunity to thank you from the depths of my heart. Immense amounts of gratitude for the love and appreciation. Though I am unsure about my abilities, the way you praise them makes me take a second look at them. It really means a lot when people like me who are unappreciated by family get such motivations.
    A great many thanks unto you…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Of course u deserve every bit of the praise. When I see ur writing I am always flabbergasted. The use of rare words along with an outstanding theory related always makes me feel so good. U are worthy of praise and don’t underestimate urself. Becoz u r truly an exceptional writer….

  13. Shaani

    Nice episode Annie… Don’t say that it was not good n all … It was a Nic episode… We all liked it… See… ? comments… Well done Dr.. ? waiting for the next part… N next ff…. Keep going..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Shaani. Actually I have submitted the last episode also. Its episode 27….. And i will start the new one from

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