Horror in Kriyam’s life by annie chapter 22

Hi guyz its me Annie reporting from Manhattan. Well I will be going to Metropolitan Museum of Arts tomorrow. So had to type it today. Anyways today we will know a bit about Kaira’s background. She might be a paranormal activist but she did have a family. And we will also see our lovebirds kriyam. I am so disappointed at their absence in ssel.

Ok let the episode commence….

At Suhani’s room kaira and suhani is sitting…

Suhani: kaira if u don’t want to share than its ok. There is no forcing.

Kaira: no suhani. I do want to tell.

Suhani nodds.

Kaira: it was 12 years back. I was getting really famous with my career. And the person who was behind all of my success was my husband Ashish. He had always encouraged me with all cases. Gradually we started to solve everything together. Once I came up with a case which was a milestone for my career. It was about a family who experienced supernatural situations. And it was different from other cases. I gradually became really interested. I got to know this house was first of a women who committed suicide when her husband had killed her family. She wanted a  body to come back in this world to take revenge on him.. This case was the most risky one. When I contacted with the spirit she said if I dug further she will kill my family. I was five months pregnant that time and it was my second pregnancy. Before once I had a miscarriage and we were having difficulties to conceive. So this time Ashish told me to leave the case when he heard about the spirits threatening. But I insisted to continue. On the day when we went to the house and i started the rituals. But I did a mistake. As a result Ashish was killed . he was snatched from me becoz of my mistake. After that I decided never to continue this work. I rejected many cases until I saw Saiyyam. I saw the desperation in him to save his baby and Krishna. I thought to atone for my sins by helping u. I didn’t want to see saiyyam in my condition. I didn’t want to see him in a miserable condition like I was. I saw Saiyyam in my place and I didn’t want to feel what I did.

Suhani:( keeps her hand over kaira’s) sorry Kaira I didn’t know so many things happened.

Kaira: Why are u feeling sorry Suhani? I understood it was my fault and I had to face it.

Suhani: thank u soo much Kaira for helping us despite all this.

Kaira: as I told Suhani I want some mental peace. I can find it through helping u all.

Suhani: u knw kaira..  I am sure wherever Ashish is he must be proud of u.

Kaira: I knw Suhani. After he was the one who always told me to keep moving further and to help people.

Suhani started to leave when….

Kaira: Suhani There’s still one thing I didn’t tell u.

Suhani: What?

Kaira: I also lost my baby Suhani.

Suhani: How?

Kaira: After Ashish’s death i become engrossed in bringing him back. So I started to read books to bring him back. But i didn’t know it is impossible to bring people from the dead. As a result my ritual failed. When I tried to bring Ashish back I was nine months pregnant. My works back fired and i had a miscarriage. My foolishness resulted in the death of my baby and Ashish. Thats why I hated this job. My obsession with this job took my family away. Its my mistake that my family is gone.

Suhani: remember today in the morning u told Saiyyam that nothing is in our hands. Its destiny. Similarly it was fate. Not ur fault.

Kaira:(sighs). I feel so light after sharing with u.

Suhani: yes sharing with others will always make u feel better.

Kaira smiles at suhani and the screen fades.

Scene change to kriyam…

Saiyyam sees Krishna holding her stomach and breathing heavily.

Saiyyam:( shouts) krishna what happened? Are u ok? Why are u panting? Are u achy again?

Krishna:( irritated) saiyyam! Stop loading me with ur questions. I was just breathing in and out for right flow of air. And yeah I still feel a bit achy.

Saiyyam: sorry krishna. Due all this bhoot and devil situation I am not able to take good care of u.

Krishna: Saiyyam. U r doing the best u can. I mean u r always busy with me. There is nothing more I need.

Saiyyam smiles and kisses krishna.

Krishna: Saiyyam the baby just kicked( sorry guyz I don’t know when a baby kicks but I am just adding it)

Saiyyam: really?

Krishna takes Saiyyam’s hand and places it over her tummy. The baby kicks again.

Krishna: did u see saiyyam?

Saiyyam: Yeah. Looks like baby wants to come to papa soon.

Krishna: hmm. After all papa is desperate to hold her. She is excited too.

Saiyyam looks at krishna lovingly… And says..

Saiyyam: My one decision of coming to mumbai changed our lives too much na. Becoz of this we are unable to enjoy ur pregnanthood. I mean there is soo much I planned and looks like all of my aspiration is slipping away.

Krishna: saiyyam again!!!

Saiyyam: ok sorry.

Krishna: i knw saiyyam its not what we expected but lets not make it worse by thinking about the past. Lets enjoy this moment. What if I am not there the next moment?

Saiyyam keeps his finger on Krishna’s lips…

Saiyyam: don’t u dare say such stuff krishna. Geez, now u made me really annoyed.

Krishna:( mockingly) really?

Saiyyam: yeah really.

Krishna starts to tickle saiyyam…

Saiyyam: what are u doing krish? Leave me..

Krishna: first smile for me.

Saiyyam: ok. ( and smiles).

Krishna: thats like a good boy. Now lets not think anything negative now. Lets enjoy what we have.

Saiyyam hugs krishna…

Saiyyam: Yeah…

A shadow is seen going past through them and splash….

The nighstand falls.

Saiyyam: krishna are u ok?

Krishna: don’t worry I am okay. I hope u r not hurt?

Saiyyam: I am ok but how did it fall?

Kaira: I will tell u.

Kaira replies by coming in with suhani from behind.

Kaira: our mission is near right? So the devil is warning us. Everyone plz stay safe and inform me if u see anything unusual.

Our trio nods their head….

Precap: the ritual and more horror coming up.

So guyz I was only able to type this much in 20 mins. Sorry for another short update. I am tired of posting such less writing anyways everyone please reply to my question below… Its a request plz reply..

I have two endings and I will choose it depending on ur votes…

1. Kaira sacrifies herself while saving our trio and she is happy that she is finally going to ashish.( i thought this one would be better but its all my precious readers decision)

2. They trap the devil within animal and none dies.

So everyone plz chose one ending. Its really important for me. Its a request.
So I posted this one early today as later I won’t be free.

Hope to hear ur reviews and plz chose an ending…

Till than ?….

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  1. Shaani

    Nice episode loved it… I will chose 1st option… But 2nd one is also nice… I feel bad to tell to kill kiara.. Idk.. I’m confused… As u wish.. I have no problem… Becoz whatever u choose.. I know that u will do a great job..?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Shaani. Glad u liked it… And yes as a horror I think first one is better…

  2. I would prefer the first one.nice episode. Excited for the horror part all the best

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot. Glad u liked it….

  3. Riana

    Awsome story….But sorry itz posted in sns forum

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Riana I will change it right now….. Thanx for informing.

  4. Intensely emotional and heart-wrenching episode. Portrayal of kaira’s past and her dedication towards her work was exemplary. All the beguiled feelings and thoughts of kaira found a relevant place in this story and were described beautifully. Sad to know about ashish’s death and kaira’s miscarriage. Its a great sacrifice made by a woman and reason enough to take a break from paranormic activities for a while.
    However am glad that she identified sayyam as a true lover like herself and chose to help him despite her vow to never return to her past. Sayyam and kaira have a lot in similar but I do not wish for sayyam to face the loss previously witnessed by kaira.
    Hope for the devil to be trapped soon which would lead to an end to the horrific adventure in sashna’s foetal life…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Again thanks a lot Shivani for this beautiful comment. It means a lot that u liked it. Yeah Saiyyam and Kaira does hv something in common. Don’t worry Sashna will meet us soon…

  5. I am in sincere admiration of the various thoughts and the time you take in order to present us readers with such a great story. All the words chosen and the dialogues spoken are windows to the souls of the characters. Though you have limited knowledge of some facts, the way you present them facts in this story is completely meritorius. Please do not apologise if you dont know much about a fact….
    Nobody here is perfect. Use your wisdom and continue this horrifically kriyyamastic story in any way you prefer. Readers admire all your works and will appreciate every one of your choices.

    1. Apologies in advance for the stand that I am gonna take :
      Anahita I would prefer the first option you presented to us readers. In this way kaira can attain spiritual peace and mortal satisfaction. It would serve as a happy (not really) ending to her well-lived life and give her a chance to meet her husband having the belief that she did not let another fall into the same abyss of pain that she was dwelling in before.

      Continue the story in any way you please. Even the second option is a worthy one for choice. Nevertheless use your wit and enjoy manhattan.
      The metropolitan museum of arts awaits your footsteps….

    2. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Shivani. Ur words makes me feel really good. I am really happy that u liked it…and thanks for the reply. Though option one is not a very happy ending but I think it makes more sense. So Even I go with the first one. Thanks a lot for reading and enjoy!!#?

  6. 1st one is nice
    Nice update dear…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot dwidha…

  7. Hi Annie. Thanks for Beautiful episode. Kriyam scenes really nice dear. I think 1st option is better. Keep writing

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Yura. I am glad that u liked it…. Keep commenting dear…

  8. Aarti32

    I think d first one will b more realistic..Anyways, I’ll enjoy reading in both d cases..N I’m sure of dat!!

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Aaru. Even I think first option is better…

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