Horror in Kriyam’s life by annie chapter 21

Hi guyz sorry for not updating yesterday… Actually my situation was like this…..

We were at a party in NY and I was near halfway of this episode…

Papa: Annie…

Me: Yes, papa.

Mom: me and ur papa are observing that u r on ur phone for so long. Come on dear its a family party. Enjoy instead of sticking to ur phone.

Me: but I was just typing my ff. U knw i like to be regular.

Papa: You can type the episode tomorrow. But now don’t isolate urself.

Me: ok….?

That was my situation yesterday guyz. The boring party almost took my whole day. Due to mom and papa I had no other choice but to tuck my phone into my jean’s pocket for the rest of the day. Hope u understand.

Anyways… Thought spring break I would update lots but guess what all these travelling took that chance away. I mean my episodes.are so shooort?. I feel terrible. Anyways, lets start… Before parents again plans for another adventure…..

Okay, its morning…..
Everyone is awake and are at the living room.

Suhani: when are we supposed to start everything?

Kaira: not today or tomorrow.

Saiyyam: u mean we have to handle all this for another day.

Kaira: yes firstly I need an animal which has never been used as a pet becoz its important for the ritual. Again the auspicious moment in after two days. That day the devil’s powers starts to drain and they gain their power next day.

Krishna: Kairaji so that means the devil can’t do anything.

Kaira: No he can do lots of things. Again the time has to be at 2 clock in the night. At this time the devil is in the middle of losing and gaining power. At this stage his power will be really less.

Saiyyam: 2 in the night?

Kaira: yes. But onething its also risky as if we delay even a bit. The devils power will come back and we all will be perished.

Our trio nodds….

Suhani: Saiyyam Krishna has an appointment today.

Krishna: but aunty we can’t leave or else….(she cries). I don’t know what to do. What if the baby is facing problems and we don’t even knw it?

Suhani:Krishna, nothing will happen. We will just get through with it soon enough and than we will have full focus on baby.

Saiyyam: After all of this we are leaving Mumbai.

Suhani: but ur…

Saiyyam: no mom. I am done with all this devils. I want to go back to our normal life. It my biggest mistake even to come in this place.

Kaira: nothing is our fault saiyyam. It was our destiny to come here and encounter. U can’t change it.

Krishna: she is right saiyyam. I told u its not ur fault saiyyam. Quit blaming urself.

Suhani: kaira how will we bring an animal if we can’t go outside?

Kaira: I have called one of acquaintance. They will arrange it and bring it here.

Krishna: so people can come inside but not go.

Kaira: Yes.

Time skip to lunch…..

Saiyyam comes with food. Krishna is seen resting in the bed with a pillow in her hand. Since noon krishna has been achy. Saiyyam was scared to death but suhani said it was normal as she near her 4th month. Only than Saiyyam gained peace.

Saiyyam: Krishna is ur pain gone? I mean hope u r not achy any more? Does the baby move?

Krishna: soo many questions at once saiyyam. Ok my pain is now a bit less. Yes I am still achy and ur last one. I think the baby kicked a few while ago.

Saiyyam:( Saiyyam’s eyes were beaming with happiness) really?

He goes near Krishna baby bump and says..

Saiyyam: baby i hope u r ok? I know situation is making u troubled but guess what? Very soon everything will be ok.

He moves back.

Saiyyam: Now krishna my baby says she is hungry. Come on open ur mouth.

Krishna: but saiyyam I am not feeling to eat.

Saiyyam: i will not hear anything. Come eat. Or else how will my princess grow.

Krishna: ok baba. I will eat.

Saiyyam feeds krishna. Kaira observes it.

Kaira’s POV

Looks like Saiyyam loves his wife a lot. I am sure his love will not let anything happen to krishna. But there is a huge danger over her. I have to try my best to save them.After all I know what it is to lose ur partner. Its my mistake that he is not here today. Its my job that killed him. I thought I will never do all this again. Except when I saw Saiyyam in my situation i had to help. I have to make sure none looses their baby like me.

Suhani sees Kaira at kriyam door.

Kaira: suhani.

Suhani: kaira what happened?

Kaira: nothing suhani.

Suhani: u seem upset.

Kaira: well I was just think about Ashish.

Suhani: if u don’t mind me asking kaira, where is he?

Kaira: U want to know. I usually never say this to anyone but since u are my friend I will tell u. But not here. Leta go to that room and I will tell what happened to him.

Precap: kaira’s story and some kriyam moments….

Sorry guyz. Here goes another short one. I feel so bad to do this. I am really sorry for this crappy updates. Firstly I can’t get time to think and than I feel the story is going lamo. So hope to finish this one nicely… And than a new one. Ugh, why did I chose to write horror? Its likes I am getting blank.

Anyways hope to hear ur reviews…. Till than ?….

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  1. Good update. u r doing good. Plz make the next one long. Keep writing

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Yura. I can’t promise but I will surely try to make it long…. Thanks for commenting. It means a lot.

  2. Hafsaaa

    Amazing episode and yah same situation happens with my parents ?? can’t wait for the kriyam scenes ♥️♥️

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Hafsaa. Well parents are parents. Anyways… When r u updating ur ff. I am literally dying to read it…?

      1. Hafsaaa

        I have submitted the next one

  3. Shaani

    Nice episode… Now I’m really interested in kiara ji’s story… What happened to her n her husband….
    It’s ok we can understand… U have to enjoy ur life also Na.. I’m happy that u updated today….. Don’t worry about the length…
    Keep going..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Shaani for understanding. Tomorrow we r going to visit metropolitan museum of art in Manhattan. Hope I can get the time to update…

  4. Hey anahita
    This episode was absolutely fantastic. The processes involved to draw the devil out and to capture it are minutely described with all the precautions to be taken. The story is a hugely unique one and blends horror and kriyam so well. The way sayyam cares for krishna is so adorable. Hope that their bond stays unbreakable even in times of hardships and becomes stronger during peace. The story is lovely…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Shivani. Ur valuable words means a lot to me. I am really glad that u liked… Keep reading and hope u enjoy it…

  5. Please do not feel sorry for short updates. All of yoir episodes however short or long they maybe are unique and fantastic. All your episodes are absolutely SMASHING!

    P.S. – I am really excited to know what led to the death of kaira’s husband and her unborn child….

    Enjoy new york……

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shivani for ur encouraging comments. Its really inspiring and I will update soon about kaira….

  6. u r ff wass superr…. Plzz update Next episode fastlyyy…. I love u r ff…… This is A good episode

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Pavani. I am really glad u liked it. I wish I could update now but we are currently having a barbecue night. My parents leave no time free during vacations. We are either having party for family adventures… Anyways hope u like further episodes and thanks a lot dear for commenting.

  7. Aarti32

    Don’t worry..It’s all going really good..U jst need to update daily..Dats all..We will b very happy wid dat..N trust me, there’s nothing wrong wid d story!!

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thats really sweet of u Aaru. Thanks for ur encouragement. It means a lot… Hope u enjoy reading this…?

  8. Awesome ff dear..
    Nice update…
    N also sry for not commenting last few episodes as I was busy….
    Loving ur ff❤❤

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Why are u apologizing Dwidha. I understand ur situation and thanks a lot for being a regular commenter and am really glad u liked it. Ur words mean a lot…..?

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