Horror in Kriyam’s life by annie chapter 20

Hi guyz its me Annie again. 20th episode. Ah can’t believe I reached with 20 with a tortoise speed. Anyways the Kriyam confession…. In ssel. At last but the confession was too speedy. I mean come on I expected so much from them. Thought confession would be different and all. I am happy that at last they are together but I wanted a grander confession. It was so speedy and simple and Did they really consummate? I mean didn’t look like it. Anyways Have heard the krishna will become pregnant. Come on yaar not so soon. Anyways…. I am really sorry for the late update and its going to be a short one too becoz I am typing this at the LA airport. I am flying to New York for a visit…. I will still try to update though even if I am roaming. My spring has started so we are going to visit my cousin and my childhood bestie from NY.

Okay lets start…..

Saiyyam: What the devil was summoned?

Kaira: Yes.

Krishna: How?

Kaira: remember Suhani u told me about some women performing black magic.

Suhani: Yes.

Kaira: The women took the devil’s help to get a baby and in the process she did a mistake and got herself killed.

Suhani: It wasn’t a murder?

Kaira: No thats people making up stories. She brought up the devil and now it has gained control in this place. It took one innocent soul and the devil needs three souls to rise to its ultimate power. And the devils second target is Krishna’s baby.

Saiyyam: what can we do kairaji? How can I protect krish and the baby?

Kaira: There is a way but its not easy.

Suhani: we are ready to do anything.

Kaira: We need a body to trap the devil.

Saiyyam: we can’t use a human.

Kaira: no not a human. My plan is I want to call the devil inside an animal and then kill it. Thats the only way to destroy a devil.

Saiyyam: sounds good.

Suhani: what are the risks envolved?

Kaira: the devil will try to posses a human and we can’t let that happen. Even if it happens we need to trap that human.

Saiyyam: what?

Kaira: Yes it a full chance it will try thats why we have to maintain our mental balance.

Saiyyam: how r we supposed to do that?

Krishna: she can’t tell u that saiyyam. Ur mental focus solely depend on u.

Kaira: Krishna is right.

Suhani: but what sort of mental balance?

Kaira: like always the devil will play both virtual and other sensory tricks. But u won’t fall into that. U can’t let ur mind divert. U have to remember u have trap the devil. Other than not a single worries should hold u. The devil can only posses a body when its soul is not in full focus.

Suhani: we understood it. Krishna u must need rest after all this. Come I will take u to ur room.

Krishna and Suhani leave.

Kaira: Saiyyam one thing I didn’t tell infront of krishna.

Saiyyam: what?

Kaira: the devil will most likely target to posses her. So u need to stay by her side ok.

Saiyyam: ok kairaji and thanks a lot for understanding.

Kaira: I understand Saiyyam.

She leaves. Saiyyam goes to their room and sees krishna sleeping. Now there is a partial baby bump. After all she is 16 weeks pregnant.

Saiyyam goes to krishna and kisses her forehead. He holds her hand.

Saiyyam: I can never afford to lose u krish. I will protect u. Always.

He goes to sleep but we can’t sleep peacefully as many other thoughts are catching his mind. He wakes up.
Krishna wakes up too.

Krishna: what happened saiyyam why are u sweating?

Saiyyam: I don’t know what should i do krishna. It looks like coming to mumbai is my biggest mistake.

Krishna holds his hand…

Krishna: Nothing is ur fault. Now come on stop worrying and go to sleep.

Saiyyam hugs krishna and lays down.

Saiyyam: we will walk through this Krishna. We will succeed. I will do what ever it takes.

Krishna: I know we will saiyyam

Precap: kaira: everyone be ready….

Sorry guyz for this fillef epi. As I told am at the apirport. Currently I am sitting at the waiting lounge. I can see the plane. We will be getting in any moment. So had to wrap it up quickly. Hope u don’t mind…..

Talk to u from NY. Till than bye….

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  1. Aarti32

    Superbbbbbbbbbbb..I’m enjoying it a lot!!

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Aarti……?

  2. Fenil


    U ppls are unbelievable Kriyaam confess their love that also u ppls have probs so what they rushed it and they didn’t confess nicely but u ppls should Happy that Saiyaam confess and we get clear thing that he loves her.

    About Krishna’s pregnancy then its your ppls fault u all pregnant in your ffs her soon hehahahaha….so writers also fastly make her pregnant…hahaba…be happy yrf.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Fenil we all are watchinf ssel from a long time and I respect ur opinion becoz from ur point of veiw its right but our ff are solely based on a short period of time and totally different from the serial. I my ff is a horror thats why I need krish pregnant. Again u r not telling that the confession was early. We are all saying the way of confession was rushed through. In a second they both confess but we all kriyammates expected a lot more. U wanted them to confess in a different way. I mean the Kaira confession was not rushed. Naira made arrangements they made promises. But with kriyam it like quickly. But we all are very happy to see kriyam. Its not like we are complaining but we just wanted a bit more based on saiyyams character. And thanks for sharing ur views I aapreciate that……?. Sorry if our silly wishes hurted u in any way..

  3. Aaravjaikar

    love ur fff….

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Aarav…. Glad u liked it…

  4. Shaani

    Nice episode waiting for the next episode….

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Shaani…… Glad u liked it??

  5. This episode was seriously awesome annie. The way you describe the procedures undertaken and the risks involved is just commendable. It is a greatly unique storyline and the mention of evil spirits,devils and ghostly spirits makes this all the more eerie and horrifically kriyyamastic…
    Its supremely fantabulous…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Shivani….. Glad u liked it. As always I just love to read ur comment…..??

  6. Have a great time in new york anahita(though i prefer annie). An amazing period of fun and frolic awaits you in the supremely fantastic city of today. Stay safe and blessed there. Enjoy good health and keep updating…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks shivani…… For ur wonderful wish…

  7. Nice…..really love it….

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks lot Ridita….??

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