Horror in Kriyam’s life by annie chapter 19

Hi guyz its me Annie again with the 19th episode. Sorry there the previous episode first went to Yrkkh ff category. Anyways thank u for all the comments. After tomorrow starts my spring break…… So maybe I can upload early.

Than lets start…..

Kaira: We are near right?

Suhani: Yes but how did u know?

Kaira: I can feel the negative energy even from this distance.

Saiyyam: But we are still like 20 mins away.

Kaira: If it can spread its energy this far than I think we have to deal someone very powerful.

Timeskip to 20 mins..

Krishna: we have reached Kairaji. The red 10 storied building at the right.

Kaira: hmmm.

Saiyyam: Yeah our parking lot no is 21.

They park the car and get down.

Kaira: looks like ur apartment is maybe exactly above the parking lot. I can feel it. No more time to waste come on, let’s go.

Kaira and our trio comes near the elevator.

Saiyyam: Kairaji lets not take the elevator. Last time…_(couldn’t complete).

Kaira: That’s I am chosing this way. I need to calculate its energy in every place. Don’t worry nothin will happen now.

They enter the elevator.

Saiyyam: Kairaji did u feel something? I told u elevator was not a good idea.

Kaira: I can feel that an evil energy was here but its not here now.

Everyone sighs a breathe of relief…

They come out of the elevator and go towards the apartment.

Kaira: This is ur apartment right?

Krishna: Yes plz come in.

Kaira enters and a wind blow towards everyone. They get scared.

Saiyyam: Wind? But its blazing hot outside.

Kaira: Krishna can u plz show me every place and I mean exact places where u saw the devil and anything related to it.

Krishna: Yes kairaji.
My first experience was on negative vibes and slowly I find a toy and then I started to see the women in different faces everyday. At first I could just see it from far either on road, dinning room, bedroom etc But within a week it started to talk to me. First it called my name. Later it said things like kill u, don’t leave and things like that.

Kaira: Hmmm. What were u saying about the toy again?

Krishna: the toy? When we came first day at the house I found a clown toy in the baby’s room. Secondly, I found it on the beach where me and Saiyyam went for a outing. And the last was near the dining table. I was having breakfast and than I found near the table.

Kaira: ok. Did anyone else see the toy?

Saiyyam and suhani nodds negatively.

Kaira: Tell me the time when u first Saw the women?

Krishna: ummm, 4 o clock in the evening.

Kaira: ok, we have to wait until than.

Kaira says to our trio that she wants to contact the devil in the baby’s room. So they all start arranging the room. Kaira asks them to put the black and think curtain all over so that a single spark of light is not even seen.

Kaira: If light falls on the devil he will gain the energy to kill all of us. So we have to arrange everything very carefully.

The room is now pitch black. With a torch kaira is fixing the ouijha board exactly in the middle of the room. There is still 15 mins for 4. Krishna in stress starts to feel sick.

Saiyyam: krishna r u ok?

Krishna:( panting) yeah don’t worry.

Saiyyam: krishna everything will be fine… I told u not take stress.

Suhani:( keeps a hand on Saiyyam’s shoulder) what should she do saiyyam? After all the situation is as such.

Kaira: Its time.

They all sit down in circles.

Kaira: as I told its very risky. The demon will play tricks. Don’t fall into it. Whatever happens nobody will leave others hand. If one leaves than all die. I will ask questions and not a single sound should come for others. Anyone who opens their mouth other than me the demon will posses them.

They all nodd.

Kaira: i am starting.

Kaira recites some chants or mantras. After that everyone can feel a huge amount breeze. As if someone is trying to break the bond they created. Suddenly they something.

It was Yuvan. Suhani tried to break thats when…

Kaira: suhani don’t. Its the devil. Plz stay back.

With this Suhani closed her eyes and everyone did to avoid the visual tricks.

Kaira: Devil show urself….

She again started to chant.
Now the time to see the devil.

The devil had red and blood liquids on his head. His teeth was extended from both sides of his jaw. It wasn’t a trunk or a vampire teeth. It was something more hilarious. The devil has nothing below his waist except black smoke. (Authors note- the devil’s appearance is a mixture of entities in insidious and annabelle).

The devil spoke something. It wasn’t like normal language. It was different and none could understand. He elongated his hand towards krishna. But something pushed his hands back. He again said something and vanished.

Kaira: everyone pull down the curtains.

The curtains were pulled down and they went out of the room.

Kaira: I understood it. My assumption were correct.

Suhani: what happened Kaira?

Kaira: it wants krishna and her baby.

All of them looks shocked.

Kaira: it needs a innocent soul to gain more power and nothing is more innocent than a fetus. Thats why its targeting krishna.

Saiyyam: What can we do kairaji?

Kaira: First I need to study its origin again. Krishna don’t ever stay alone and now we can’t leave the house. The devil has sealed the exit. The moment we leave he will soak our soul.

The trio was more horrified.

Saiyyam: but how did it come here?

Kaira: This apartment has a history and we all know parts of it. The devil didn’t come on its own. It was summoned.

The screen freezes at kaira and the trio.

Prcap: saiyyam: what? Kaira: yes thats the only way….

Any guesses how the devil came here. I know my story is not going good. Becoz now I think horror is really hard to write. Sorry is it boring.

Hope to hear ur review….

Till than ?….

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  1. Aarti32

    It was not at all boring yaar..It’s all going so interesting..I’m very excited for d next part..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Aaru. It really means a lot that u liked it…? and can’t wait for ur ff dear…. The intro was really good.

  2. Aaravjaikar

    Good onee…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Aarav. Glad u liked it….

  3. Awesome episode dear…
    It’s interesting….
    And plz keep writing…❤❤

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot dwidha… Glad u liked it..

  4. Hafsaaa

    Ayyyyee this is so fun tbh ?? tho one thing is for sure
    You slayed again like usual,keep the work going ???
    And I feel so jealous,your spring break is starting and ours ended 3 weeks ago sadly ⭐️???

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks lot hafsaa. I am soo glad u liked it … And yeah got a one week vacation. Tomorrow we r going to have some sort of rally and then freedom….. And i just love ur ff and its like desperate to read. Hope for the next update?

  5. Good epi I hope ke next epi mai yuvan hi ho Krishna baby’s nuksan pochanewala fast upload plz today

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks Richa but I can’t bring Yuvan as the ghost. Thanks for commenting…?

  6. It was really interesting….waiting for next part

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot sanjana. Glad u liked it. Next part will be uploaded tomorrow….?

  7. Awesome episode dear..
    It’s interesting…
    Plz keep posting..❤

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot dwidha…. I am so glad u liked it… ?

  8. Really exciting…… Post soon

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Ridita…

  9. It wasn’t boring at all…. so good??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Zani…. Glad u liked it ?

  10. You nailed it. Very nice. Waiting for the next one. Update ASAP

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Yura….. Soo happy u liked it ?

  11. Pinkyyy

    It is not boring dear it is interesting dear
    And I would love to read it

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much for ur encouraging comment Tani…?

    2. AnahitaAnnie

      Sorry wrong place….. I mean thank u sooo much for that inspiring comment pinky. Hope u didn’t mind for the mistake.

  12. Shaani

    It was not boring.. It’s too amazing.. I loved it yaar.. Keep writing… Waiting for the next episode…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u sooo much shaani… ????

  13. Not boring but its creepy ? Keep writing, its amazing.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank sooo much Tani….. Hope it was not tooo much creepy?

  14. Anahita you gave me goosebumps girl..
    I really looked around me to just ensure that no evil spirit or ghost was ‘spiriting’ around me. Your story gives me the chills and makes my hair stand on the edge. Your skills are fantabulous and the way you express yourself through your stories is truly commendable. The story is really horrifying and truly SMASHING!
    Loved it from my soul…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      I missed u soo much shivani. Everyday I used to look forward to words of my. Fabulous commenter. Guess what I am eagerly waiting for ur ff. Did ur exams end? Anyways…. I am soo happy u liked it?. Hope it wasn’t tooo much scary…. And thnx a lot for this wonderful review. And plz call me Annie if u don’t mind becoz my parents and my friends call me that. I mean we are friends too right? So its Annie for u…?

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