Horror in Kriyam’s life by annie chapter 17

Ah seventeenth shot…. Hi guyz its me annie back again. I might be ending the ff within 30th episodes but a brand new one will be coming though that won’t be horror. Anyways…… Thanks for all the support that all of my regular commentators are giving me. And special shoutout to Shaani(uththara). Missing ur ff terribly. Plz update soon. And special shout out to hafsaa. I am loving every bit of the suspense of ur ff. Thanks for such a wonderful treat. I am done with my gratitude now lets proceed.

Let the horrors commence……

Saiyyam: wait, She lives here?

Suhani: She lives near two hours away from this apartment. She is an old friend of mine. Her name is kaira.

Krishna: Aunty we should go there soon.

Saiyyam: Not soon but right now. We should start leaving. Wasting one more second means calling on death closer.

They pack up as soon as possible.
Saiyyam takes out the car and they start their journey. Reaching over halfway of the destination suddenly Krishna started to groan in pain.

Saiyyam: what happened Krishna?

Krishna: its the women. She told she will kill me if we try to leave. Now I suddenly starting to feel huge amount of pain.

Suhani: we will Soon reach soon beta. Plz hold on.

Suhani is caressing krishna and helping her to calm down. They reach a medium sized house. The main gate creaks and opens. The house was not too big. It was not old or new. It had a shady ash textured colour.

The trio leaves the car and rings the bell. A women nearly Suhani’s age is seen.

Woman: Suhani…

Suhani: Nishi how r u? (Hugs her).

Nishi: I am fine. Come in. Kaira di is upstairs.

Nishi is the younger sister of Kaira. She leads them through a hallways to room. The room was filled with lots of books. Different signs and paintings were in the wall. A women was seen sitting holding a book.

Suhani: Kaira….

Kaira: (without turning) Suhani I can feel something evil attached to ur family.

Suhani: What is it?

Kaira: Something really evil and powerful.

Saiyyam starts to get angry….. At the same reply.

Saiyyam: we get the evil stuff but tell us the way instead of repeating the same thing.

Suhani: Saiyyam. Let her tell she wants too.

Kaira: I understand why he is desperate?

Now, the lady kaira leaves the book and stands up to them.

Suhani: Kaira we need ur help.

Kaira: I understand. There is a evil spirit that is now attaches to ur lives. Wherever u go it will follow u and eventually feed upon u.

Krishna suddenly hold her womb… And says ahahh.

Saiyyam: Krishna…

Kaira: hmmm. I can feel something harming her. Come here beta.

She takes krishna inside and makes her wear something.

Kaira: ur pain will slowly fade away.

Krishna starts to get normal.

Kaira: Now, Suhani we need to act fast. There is not much time. And the solution to the problem might be risky.
I will explain everything but first take a sit.

They all take a sit.

Kaira: is there anything u know what might help us?

Suhani: I hv heard some stories regarding death and a women’s spirit.

Kaira: plz elaborate.

Suhani explains each incident that was told by her to Monica. About the pregnant women and her murder. Her stories regarding black magic..

Kaira: Any paranormal experiences u all faced?

Kriyam nodds. Krishna tells each and every incident while Saiyyam tells about his time in the elevator. While Suhani tells about her encounter.

Suhani: I think it’s the preganant women’s spirit.

Kaira: No its not. Its something more evil and more scary. Its stronger than a human spirit.

Our trio gets shocked.

Kaira: Krishna beta can u plz elaborate the Physical appearance of the figure u saw. Their time of appearance and everything

Krishna: The women had worn a white Saree. She had bruises and there were blood spots in multiple places of her body.

Suhani: i also saw her once but I noticed one unsual thing.

Kaira: what suhani?

Suhani: that spirit had the power to appear in multiple places at one time and there were some sort of pattern carved in the lips with blood.

Kaira: Like I expected.

Saiyyam: What? Isn’t it the women’s spirit.

Kaira: The structure of human spirit is only a disguise.

Krishna: And one more thing. The women could appear any time. Be it morning, noon or night.

Kaira: as I told. Human spirits are not strong enough to cast their powers before night. They can’t appear at multiple places in the same time either. Its not a human spirit.

Saiyyam: Than what?

Kaira: Its a demon. Stronger than the normal spirits and its purpose is different than revenge or as such.

Suhani: How can we get rid of it?

Kaira: I have to visit ur apartment to find out the demons motives and only than I can find out a way.

The screen freezes with our trio looking at each other in shock and horror.

Sorry guyz for another tiny weeny update. Plz bear with me as I told its due to the story line. Next epi will be the revelation of motives. So I need some time to work on that. May be one day. Soo, tomorrow there might not be any update. I hope the track is not boring. If it is plz tell me to discontinue and I will try to work on other ff. Thats all readers. Hope u like it. Hope to hear ur precious reviews…..

Till than bye….✋

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  1. Hafsaaa

    You slashed it girl ♥️♥️ Thanks for the shoutout??
    Can’t wait for the next one ??☺️☺️

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Hafsaa. Had to u give u a shoutout as u r one of my fav writers…?

      1. Hafsaaa

        Hehee thanks ?

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      Thanks a lot fenil

  4. Awesome thrilling continue your ff

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot sanjana. Glad u liked it.

  5. Aaravjaikar

    Short one … but good one

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot aarav…..?

  6. Aaravjaikar

    Short one … but good one

  7. Nice ep

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      Thanks a lot gulnaz.

  8. Aarti32

    Superb episode dear..U write so well.. Horror!!

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      Thanks a lot Aaru. I am sooo glad u liked it.

  9. You r too good. It is very interesting. Thank you so much.

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      Thanks a lot Yura. It means a lot….

  10. Very interesting really nice

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      Thanks a lot Lavanya….

  11. Shaani

    Woow… Yaar… This is too good … Loved this yaar.. Why r u ending this ff soo soon… Excited for about the next ff… And waiting for the next episode… Ur story will never be a boring story…
    And thank u for the shoutout… ? keep writing… Lv ur work…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Shaani. Actually I can’t drag this story too much as it is a horror so had to end it quickly…… But thanks a lot. Love sooo much…

  12. Oh my god…..
    This was so damn awesome. The horror scenes and descriptions were spine-chilling. The depiction of the ghostly spirit was so horrifying. I literally had goosebumps while reading it. I still feel like the ghost is lurking somewhere nearby and can pounce on me anytime. Its so realistic and ghostly…
    This episode was truly a HORRIFICALLY KRIYYAMASTIC one!!!!!!

    1. Had a great exam today. So decided to check on your ff.
      And the surprise I got was like… WOW!
      Its such a nice story man. Just awesome.

    2. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank soooo much Shivani. I am sooooo happy u liked it… And thank u soo much for taking time to read my ff.

      1. Its not a matter of time anahita
        Your story is of such a nature that it never fails to draw my mind towards it. You go girl…

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