Horror in Kriyam’s life by annie chapter 16

Hi guyz its me annie back again with the 16th episode. So, lets see what supernatural experiences are awaiting to be unfolded.

Lets proceed…..

It was the morning. Each of the trio had a sleepless night….

Saiyyam: Krishna, ma I am going to talk to the manager and u guyz start packing we are leaving today.

Krishna and Suhani nodds. They all take their breakfast and Saiyyam rushes to the manager. Saiyyam had taken a leave.

Krishna: Aunty, I hope we can get out safely. I was having negative vibes since morning.

Suhani: Think positive Krishna. Nothing will happen.

Krishna: I hope so Aunty.

Suhani: Achcha, Krishna I am going to take a bath now.

Suhani leaves where Krishna is sitting alone in the table. Suddenly a wind blows towards her. She looks back and finds a toy like the previous one.

Krishna: who brought this here? What if….

She starts to get scared and runs towards her room and hides behind the pillar. The pillar was at the edge of the room. All parts of the house can be seen from that angle.
Krishna took steady steps and leaned her face towards the hallway.

She saw a Women in a white saree exactly like in those photos. She was picking up that toy near the table. There were blood extended frm her lips to the jawline of each cheek. Her hair was partially covering her face. She was caressing that little toy and started to walk forward and suddenly she vanished in thin air. Krishna was horrified.

Krishna: (panicking) where did she suddenly disappear?

Suddenly she heard some creaking sounds from the ceiling.as soon as Krishna looked up someone jumped from the ceiling and caught a hold of Krishna’s neck. The ghastly figure started to speak.

Ghost: what did u think u can escape from me? Once a person comes here only their corpse returns back. The moment u step out of this house. U carry me with u. “Agar jane ki koshish ki to abhi mar jaogi. Yeha mere ghar par aye the na. Ab bhukto. Tum sabko ve vaisehi marungi jaisa ki mujhe maratha”. She gives a horrid laugh( sorry guyz, couldn’t put a sound to make it more realistic ?).

Krishna tries to scream but she wasn’t able to produce any sound.
Suhani comes out.

Suhani: Krishna!!!

The ghost looks back and extends a hand towards Suhani and tries to push her back. But she stops and vanishes within the blink of an eye.
Krishna hugs Suhani.

Suhani: Krishna are u ok?

Krishna: Au….Aunty…

She starts to cry. Suddenly, Saiyyam comes at the door, running.

Saiyyam: Ma,Krishna…

Krishna: What happened Saiyyam?

Saiyyam: It is impossible for us to leave this place now, Krishna.

Suhani: Why?

Saiyyam tells them an incident…


Saiyyam was coming back through the elevator after arguing with the manager. He had some papers in his hand. Suddenly he saw the papers in his hand was burning. He let it go.. The elevator lights started blinking( haha, a common thing again?). Saiyyam could feels some hand at his shoulders he looked back and saw an women wearing a white saree.

Ghost: yeha se tum nahi nikal sakte. Agar koshish ki to abhi mar jaoge. Tumhari biwi ko me abhi mar dunga. Bhul na mat yeha se nikalne ke bad bhi me tumlogo ka picha nahi chorungi.

Suddenly the elevator stopped and the door opened at a cellar. Saiyyam saw the elevator closing the door and turning off. He had never been to that part of the building. Suddenly he heard some rattling noises and went to check up. He found a staircase and He ran upstairs now and then.

Flashback ends….

Krishna hugs Saiyyam.

Krishna: What will we do now Saiyyam?

Saiyyam:( kisses her forehead) we will try to figure out a way.

Suhani: I know How.

Kriyam look at Suhani…. Surprisingly.

Suhani: we need to know that women’s motives. For that we need someone who is well acquainted with paranormal experiences.

Saiyyam: but ma where can we find such a person?

Suhani: I know someone who can help us and she lives in mumbai.

Precap: the trio is seen at a house. A women is also seen with a book. She says I can see the evil who is now stuck to all of ur lives. But there is only one way to get rid of it…….

Sorry guyz I will not be able to put large episodes as each incident unfolds a new mystery and I don’t want to reveal everything in one day. Hope all of u understand. I really hope the ff is not getting boring. If it is plz tell me how can I add more life to it. Eagerly awaiting for all of ur precious reviews.

Till than bye……. YuvAnian’s and kriyammates….. ✋

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    Loved itt. Keep posting..

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      Thanks a lot Aarav. Glad u liked it.

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    I love it,simply❤️❤️ But please keep the dialogues in English,I can’t understand

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Sorry Hafsaa. I will try to put all english next time. Even I am not good in hindi. Just learned it through watching serials…. And thanks for commenting.

  3. Aarti32

    Oh my my!! Now I can’t wait for d next episode..I’m so restless u can’t imagine it..

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  5. Very nice and scary. I imagined the story. Super keep writing

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  6. Awwww?that churail?poor kriyyam?

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