Horror in Kriyam’s life by annie chapter 14

Hi guyz. I am back with the 14th epi. I decided that after finishing this ff(which still has a long time to go) i am going to write a new one. I am not as talented as Khushi to handle many ff at once so i will start it after this one. Anyways, yesterday Fenil gave mr a fantasic idea on a scene and I am going to use it tomorrow. Thanks Fenil for ur wonderful idea . anyways, lets start…..

Well it’s not a really good morning in Kriyam world as it was raining. Our trio was having their breakfast.

Suhani: beta, eat this dish. I made it especially for u and its also good for the baby.

Krishna: wow aunty it is also really tasty.

Saiyyam: vah vah. Khatirdari sirf bahu ki aur bete ka kiya?

Suhani: don’t worry saiyyam I also made ur favourate kheer

Saiyyam: dekha krish. Mom loves me more than u.

Krishna: dik raha hai.

Suhani: ok guyz. Now, I needed to say something.

Kriyam: what ma?

Suhani: i was thinking Saiyyam instead of u coming from office I should take krish for the ultra sonography.

Saiyyam: Its a good idea But I wanted to see my baby.

Suhani: don’t worry Saiyyam doctor provides a information clip.

Saiyyam: ok. I am fine with that.

Krishna: saiyyam could u take my car today? I wanted to take ur black one.

Saiyyam: ur pink shaded one car? Never. Lok hassenge Krishna.

Krishna: ( in a urge to cry) u think my car is bad.

Saiyyam: when did I say that? Its just a little girly.

Suhani: its just for a day Saiyyam. Take the car.

Saiyyam: I thought women have food cravings but today I got to know they also have equipment cravings. But fine I will take that car.

Saiyyam takes the car keys from Krishna. He kisses her and leaves with a sulking face. Suhani and krishna laughs at Saiyyam’s attitude.

Krishna: Aunty I had a request. As my foot is hurting Could u plz drive the car today?

Suhani: of course Krishna. Now, u take rest today I will prepare food for my son and bahu.

Krishna: but aunty…

Suhani: no ifs and buts.

Krishna: ok aunty. We have a maid named Monica. She will be here within a hour. She will help u out.

Suhani nodds her head. Krishna goes to the bedroom and within sometime Monica also arrives.

Monica and Suhani is now in the kitchen. Suhani thinks let me ask about this apartment to Monica. She might know something.

Suhani: Accha Monica. How long are u living in Mumbai?

Monica: Since my birth. Its my hometown.

Suhani: ok, Did u ever work in this building before?

Monica: yes I work here since 7 years.

Suhani: Did u work in this apartment?

Monica: No. But I worked in the opposite flat. Everyday I used to hear screams and noises from this flat people said that a pregnant women lived here. People saw her but never saw her husband.

Suhani: what happened to that women?

Monica: I don’t ma’am but people say…..

Monica stops telling, thinking about saiyyam’s warning.

Suhani: what does people say?

Monica: sorry ma’am. Saiyyam sir told me not to speak about it.

Suhani: i won’t tell Saiyyam. Plz plz Monica I need to know.

Monica: ma’am why are u saying please? I will tell u.

She starts….

Monica: People say the women was murdered. She was stabbed in the stomach which killed her baby when she was 7 months pregnant. No one knows who killed her. Perhaps, it was her husband. People also says she cursed saying that she will never leave anyone who comes in this apartment. According to other tales, it was said that she was impotent at first and she did some sort of black magic to get a baby. That’s why her atma is more shaktishali and her curse is also more deep.

Suhani: wasn’t there a police case?

Monica: yes there was. The people for many days couldn’t see the women. But some foul smell came from her apartment. The other people in this apartment reported it to the police. The police broke the door and found her half rotten corpse. She was wearing a white saree and blood spots were over it. The police investigated and they concluded the case saying it was her husband and he ran away. But nobody knows if it is true.

Suhani: what was the women’s name?

Monica: mmmm, it was, it was….. Ha her name was Naina.

Suhani: oh. Scary stories right. Anyways, thanks a lot for sharing.

Monica: no problem ma’am.

Near the start of noon Monica leaves. Suhani gets thinking.

Suhani: what if the stories Monica told is true? That might explains why krishna feels like this. I hv to tell it to Saiyyam. I knw he might believe at first but I will explain.

Krishna calls from behind.

Krishna: Aunty? Its nearly time for my appointment.

Suhani: Yes krishna. I we should leave for the clinic now.

Suhani drives the car while krishna reads a book.They leave towards the clinic.

Precap: Pictures of Kriyam outing is sent. Suhani receives it and gets shocked.

Sorry for the short update guyz. But hope u like it. Waiting for ur feedbacks.

Till than bye!!!!

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  3. Shaani

    Ooo… Nice…. After reading u precap… I remembered about the movie “shutter”… In that movie… Wife received their wedding photos… N she saw the ghost in it… Anyways nice episode… Waiting for the next part…??

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      Thanks a lot Shaani. Yep ur guess is right……

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      Thanks a lot minniee. Don’t worry, there will be real ghosts.

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